shelter services


Lost and Found Pets

Reunited lost or stray animals with their families, or supporting a community member who found an animal, is an essential community service provided by WHS. We encourages pet owners to file lost and found pet reports for animals in Marion and Polk Counties. You can also check the cats and dogs currently serving stray time at WHS. Click on the buttons below to locate our current stray pets or submit a lost/found report.

Dog Training

Teaching a new puppy the ways of the world? Dealing with some frustrating behavior with your family dog? We can help! WHS offers public group training classes and private one-on-one training sessions with our team of certified dog trainers. Click on the buttons below to meet our team, view current classes, and more.

Surrendering a Pet

Willamette Humane Society is dedicated to keeping pets and people together. But we understand that sometimes, it is the best decision for an animal to find a new home. There are many reasons a pet might need rehoming. Whatever the case, WHS provides shelter and care for pets on their way to a forever home with thousands of happy adoptions each year and a 95% save rate. Click the button below for additional information on surrendering an animal and how to book an appointment.