Sheeba: A Bengal Cat With Sass

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Sheeba Sometimes, cats end up in the shelter due to circumstances that are out of the hands of the cat owner. That’s the case with Sheeba, I think. She’s a 3-year-old Bengal mix, and it’s clear that she was loved by her previous owner. But it’s also clear that she needs a new home. I hope she’ll get that chance soon.
A Born Superstar

Striking a pose!
Striking a pose!

Many of the cats I photograph simply hate the camera, and it takes a lot of patience and tricks in order to get them to comply.
Not Sheeba.
She simply loves to model. She posed and posed and posed for me. If you’ve been looking for a cat to blog about or to help you rise to Pinterest fame, this is the cat for you. She’s amazing.
Sheeba’s Specifics
More posing!

IMG_0196IMG_0196Sheeba is in a room by herself at the moment, and it’s possible that this solo arrangement is preferable for Sheeba’s long-term home. That’s something to confirm with the shelter staff, should you come to visit her.
This girl can also be a little head-shy, and she tends to flinch if you move a little bit too quickly. That’s something she might need to work on, if you have rambunctious kids who either live with you or who come to visit. Maybe she won’t be so jumpy when she’s not in the shelter, but maybe she will. Again, that’s something worth discussing with the staff.
The Catnip Cam
Rolling on some catnip.

Sheeba has a loud and wonderful purr, and it’s really only on display when she’s petted. But she does love her catnip, as this video makes clear. Adding that into her home environment would very likely make her a happy girl.
Sneak Peek to Next Week
Waiting patiently for a new home.

Juno will be the focus of next week’s blog, unless she happens to be adopted first (hint, hint!). And I sincerely hope she will be adopted. She seems a little lost and sad to me, and perhaps that’s because she’s been waiting for a home for nearly a month now. This 5-year-old girl really deserves a place of her own, and with her striking dilute calico markings, she’s sure to catch the eye. I’m hoping someone gives her a chance.
Good News!
Wendy Bird out in the open!

I haven’t seen Wendy Bird in about 2 weeks, and I’m absolutely thrilled with her progress! She’s out and about in the suites now, talking to the other cats and snacking on food. I even saw her interacting with a small child when I left, which seems like a huge leap for this shy girl. I’d love for someone to take a chance on her. Clearly, she’s willing to do what it takes to change in order to fit into her environment. How much better will she be when she gets home?
A Reminder
“Maybe they’ll choose me.”

All of the cats I mentioned here qualify for the price special WHS is holding, which ends when July ends. That means all of these cats can be adopted for less than $20. Wendy Bird can come home for $18, for example, while Sheeba could slide home with you for $17. Juno could be yours for just $15. Now’s the time to visit these sweeties.
That’s all for this week! Please share these cats anywhere and everywhere you can think of, and better yet, come and visit them if you’re even a tiny bit interested. They’re all so much sweeter in person.