Smokehouse Sister Update: Special Cats Still Need a Home

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Our beautiful Smokehouse Sisters are all back at Willamette Humane. These three girls were all adopted by loving homes, but unfortunately, they didn’t quite fit in with their new families, so they’re back with us for another chance at a good home.
I thought I’d dedicate a special blog post to these girls, in the hopes that we can get them settled for the holidays.
The Past
Kitty kisses
A lot has been said about what happened to these cats in the past. (If you haven’t read anything about it, read the original blog about the cats right here.)
These girls do not have physical scars from the fire they survived, or the time they spent on their own trying to recover from that fire. They’re all healthy.
However, they do seem to have some emotional scars. This means they’ll need a patient home that can provide them with love, attention and care. They’ll need a bit of time to adjust, and they might not seem like perfect cats right off the bat.
We all feel confident, however, that they can move on from their past tragedies and on to a better life. Here’s what they have going for them.
Bridgette’s Future
Bridgette took a spin in the blog spotlight in October. (You can read that post right here.) At the time I wrote this blog, this kitty was living in an open room with her sisters and another cat. She did well with all three of these roomies, providing them with drive-by cuddles and nuzzles. You can see some of that in this video:
But she is a shy and private sort of cat. She likes to hide, and she likes to check things out before she chooses to interact. She’s not a party animal. She’s a quiet wallflower.
She was adopted into a multi-cat home, and those hiding tendencies didn’t serve her very well. She spent a lot of time hiding under furniture, and she was not interested in making friends with the resident cats. Her family tried to give her time to adjust, but she just wasn’t making a smooth move into this home.
Sweet Bridgette
Now, Bridgette is in one of the cages in Cattery A. When I visited with her last week, she was hiding behind her litterbox, way in the back of her cage. At first, she looks simply terrified, and I can see why an adoptive family might overlook her.
But open up that cage, and her friendly self comes shining through. She loves to be petted, and all of that purring and rolling I remembered from the suites is still very much in evidence.
This is a very loving girl that needs a very quiet, very patient, very gentle home. She might also benefit from a little one-on-one work with a trainer (which we have at WHS; ask an adoption counselor about that). In time, with love, she could be a perfect couch buddy and loving companion. She just needs someone to give her space, love and (above all) time.
Alberta’s Future
Confident Alberta
Alberta and Colette are a package deal. From the moment these two girls stepped into the shelter, it was clear that they had a tight bond that simply could not be broken.
Alberta is the boss of this group. She’s quick to talk, to hop out of her cage and to accept petting. She’s brassy, sassy and a little pushy. Typically, cats like this have the confidence that can see them through an adoption with ease. They know who they are, what they want and where they are going.
Not so with Alberta.
In her new home, she struggled to adjust. She was somewhat resistant to the idea of 24/7 cuddles, and she longed for some alone time. She didn’t like to be held. And she seemed shy and a little lost.
Thoughtful Alberta
All of that kitty bluster might be a coping device Alberta uses to hide her past pain. She also needs a family that will give her the patience and space she needs in order to remember that life can get better.
I visited with Alberta over the weekend at Petco Keizer (where she is resting, at the moment), and she was a real joy. She came right out to greet me, and she played happily with both me and my husband. She also did a great deal of posing and modeling for the camera. But when we went to leave, she ducked back into her hiding space.
She has a future, and she can make someone happy. But she is still dealing with a little scarring.
Colette’s Future
Like her sister Bridgette, Colette can be quite shy. She likes to let Alberta interact first, and once she sees that those interactions are going well, she’ll also join in.
There is one exception, however, and it involves catnip. This girl goes wild for catnip. Check that out on this video.
In general, I haven’t seen Colette do a lot of playing, and I’ve never seen her interact with people unless her sister is nearby. She relies on her sister for comfort and confidence.
It’s important to note, however, that these sisters can sometimes squabble, like a lot of sisters do. I saw them get a touch slappy in Keizer over the weekend, for example, but the moment soon passed. That might be another thing a trainer could help with, if it becomes an issue for a new owner.
How You Can Help
Do you know of someone who might be interested in working with these cats, and giving them a patient home? Please share this with them.
And if not, please consider coming to visit them. All of these cats need reminders that the world is full of kind, loving, caring people who want to help. Visiting them, petting them and loving them could do wonders.