Can I Perform Court Ordered Community Service?

  • Community service hours can be fulfilled at Willamette Humane Society (WHS) unless your crime is violent in nature, involved theft, or is animal related.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to perform community service at WHS.
  • Applicants must complete and sign a service contract, available here, or at the shelter front desk.

    Community Service Contract
    Community Service Contract
  • Orientations for new applicants are held at the shelter on Sundays at 1 pm.  Check in at the front desk before that time.
  • Duties will primarily involve cleaning.  Animal handling is not a part of community service duties or permitted.
  • If you have questions about performing Community Service at Willamette Humane Society, please call 503-585-5900 ext. 309 or e-mail to customer.service@whs4pets.org.

How can you work or volunteer at an animal shelter? It seems so sad.

Visit our shelter and you’ll find that it’s an inviting, bright, and clean facility. Thanks to hardworking staff and volunteers, pets in our facility receive quality care, social interaction, and exercise. We see the work we do as both rewarding and inspiring because we have a positive impact on the lives of many animals and on the people who adopt them. While we occasionally see sad cases of cruelty or neglect, we also experience the joy and satisfaction that comes when neglected animals are rehabilitated and find a loving, new home.