How do you decide which animals are put up for adoption? Why can’t every animal be put up for adoption?

Animals are thoroughly evaluated for both health and temperament for our adoption program.

In the case of dogs, we have no breed discrimination rules for pit bulls or other bully breeds, but rather we assess each animal’s potential on an individual basis using the ASPCA’s SAFER test, which measures how well the dog reacts to people, touch, sound, toys, food and other dogs.

Animals that are suffering mentally and/or physically due to injury or disease, vicious or aggressive animals whose adoption placement would constitute a danger to the public, and animals that pose a public health hazard are not put up for adoption. The decision to euthanize an animal is never taken lightly, and each case is thoroughly assessed on an individual basis. If an animal must be euthanized, he or she is treated humanely and with respect.

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