How to get to Behavior & Training Class

 “Dog Smart” and “Surviving Puppyhood” classes are held in the Education Center

  • The Education Center is located in the lobby area.  Please enter through the front door and look for the Education Center across the lobby.
  • On Wednesdays, the shelter is closed.  For Owner Education classes held on Wednesdays, please wait outside the front door.  Students will be let in the front door shortly before the class begins.

Classes that include your dog take place in the Canine Classroom

  • Drive through the main entrance and park in the parking lot. (Either in front of the shelter, or in the unmarked lot to the left.)
  • Follow the asphalt path to the back of the shelter, go up the steps and into the room marked “Canine Classroom” (door on the right).

How to Get to Class

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