Stray Cats Need Homes Too!

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In many of my cat blog posts, I talk about pets that had families and lost them somehow. When that happens, we get a lot of information about what these cats knew, what they loved, and what they disliked. But sometimes, cats come to us as strays.

These cats may have lived in very loving homes, but they got separated from their families. And sometimes, they got pulled from their families for sad reasons. We don’t know a lot about what these kitties are accustomed to, but we know they deserve loving homes.

This blog is devoted to four very special stray cats looking for homes right now.

Meet Tiny Kitten Twinkles

The first stray cat I’ll tell you about has a sad backstory. But we’re hoping we can connect her with a happy and healthy future with a forever family. Her name is Twinkles, and she’s about 3 months old.

Twinkles came to the shelter due to a very disturbing event. She was thrown from a moving car, and a witness stopped to scoop her up before something else happened to her. Twinkles came to the shelter with a broken leg due to her injuries, and she went right into a foster home for care.

Kittens can be very resilient, and while Twinkles did have broken bones, we hoped they would heal without surgery. They did, but now Twinkles has very weak muscles. She also knows it’s quicker to run on three legs than to hobble on four.

She will need a family that helps her to heal fully. And while it’s unlikely, she might also need surgery as an adult on her leg. Her family will need to be prepared for that.

Despite her injuries, Twinkles is a very active kitty. She loves to chase a ball, bat at a camera lens cap, and otherwise get parties started. She gets along nicely with other cats, including grumpy cats that don’t seem to appreciate her. All in all, she’s a peach.

We’re hoping she can go into the right home soon. Can you help?

Senior Cat Nancy

Next up is this beautiful tortie cat named Nancy. She’s 7 years old, and she has such a beautiful coat. With a little brushing and TLC, she’ll be a real beauty!

Nancy was found as a stray cat, and she waited and waited at the shelter for her people to find her. We’re sure she had a family at one point, as she is incredibly gentle (and, ahem, quite a bit overweight). But no one came to get her. So we’re trying to connect her with a new family.

Nancy is pretty retiring in the shelter, and she doesn’t make a lot of muss or fuss. But coax her gently, and she comes right out to say hello and give a little mewl of greeting. She loves to be petted, and she seems to want some lap time to call her own.

Nancy is living with other cats in her suite, and while she can get a little cranky with them, she gets along with cats that leave her alone. If you have gentle feline friends, she might like them. We’re not sure how she feels about dogs.

Senior Sweetheart Thomas

Next up is this gentleman named Thomas. He’s 10 years old, and he has such a distinguished face. Don’t be thrown off by the speckles on his nose. That’s part of his natural coloring.

Thomas was found as a stray cat, and he was a little stressed and worried when found. He did a little nipping and biting when he arrived. But now that he’s settled down into his home-away-from-home, he’s very gentle and kind. He sits patiently by the door to his kennel and waits for people to come and visit him.

Thomas likes to be part of what you’re doing. If you’re snapping photos, he wants to help remove the lens cap. If you’re taking notes, he’ll help write down details. He is a very curious older guy, and he’s so funny and charming. He’s just the kind of cat every family needs.

Thomas is living in a suite with other cats, and he does fine with them. He can join a feline family easily. But we’re not sure how he feels about dogs or kids.

Shy Adult Cat Valeria

The last cat I’ll tell you about is 8-month-old Valeria. She looks a little grumpy in this photo, but that’s just because she doesn’t like my camera. Don’t hold it against her!

Black and white cat in kennel

Valeria had a home with a loving family. But her person grew very ill, and Valeria found herself living on the streets. A caring neighbor brought her to us for the chance at a happy ever after. We’re so glad that she’s here and safe.

Valeria can seem very shy, especially since she’s just a kitten. But give her a little time to blossom, and she’ll wow you with her purrs and snuggles. She really does love people. She just doesn’t know how to ask for attention. She also has a shy and retiring nature, so she’ll do best in a quiet home with few surprises.

Valeria has lived with other cats, so she can join another family with cats. But we’re not sure about dogs or kids.

That’s it for this week! If you see a cat you’re in love with, be sure to come down and say hello very soon. Cats get adopted quicker than you thought possible. And if adoption isn’t right for you, consider joining our Golden Hearts Club program! Your monthly donation will make happy endings possible. Find out more about it here.