Surrendering a Pet

Deciding to give up a pet can be difficult.

We understand there are times when families must consider surrendering a pet. An unexpected life event—such as illness, death or unplanned move—may make caring for a pet seem impossible. Other times, people think they must give up their pet because they do not know how to handle a particular issue. 

We encourage you to exhaust all other options. Many issues such as chewing, excessive barking, scratching furniture, house soiling and even allergies can be addressed. Willamette Humane Society can be a resource for behavioral and medical treatment, services, or recommendations that may help you keep your pet.


If you are considering a new home for your pet, please call 503-585-5900, ext. 300. Please leave a message, including a good callback number. Our Pet Resource Specialists can answer your questions and direct you to potential solutions, including making an appointment to bring us your animal, if that’s best.

***Please note: If you have found a stray pet, please visit this page. The information we provide here is not for stray pets.*** 

For the safety of the pets and people:

  • We require appointments to help us balance the number of pets within the shelter. Appointments ensure we can care for the more than 3,000 animals that come to us each year, while giving each one the space and attention needed.
  • We must have permission from an animal’s legal owner. If that’s not you, we require a Release of Ownership” form. If the owner is unable to complete this form, let us know when we contact you, and we will discuss options.
  • We only accept dogs and cats.
  • At the time of your appointment, dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in a carrier. If you do not have a leash or carrier, please leave the animal in the car while you check in and we will provide one.


Instead of a set fee, Willamette Humane Society asks people to donate what they can when surrendering an animal. We rely primarily on donations to care for more than 3,000 animals annually. On average, it costs $750 to care for each pet at the shelter. Your donation helps make that care possible for the animal you are surrendering, as well as thousands of other cats and dogs each year.