Talia's Birthday Wish

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Talia Medlin with her 14 year old dog, Molly
Talia Medlin with her 14 year old dog, Molly

Several weeks ago, Willamette Humane Society started receiving pet sponsorships in honor of Talia Medlin’s birthday. We wanted to thank this mysterious person for her generosity on her birthday, and eventually tracked her down.
It turns out that Talia is turning ten years old today! We asked her to tell us about why she chose to support the pets in lieu of presents, and what she told us was so moving that it brought the humane society office to tears. We couldn’t have said it better.
[blockquote quote=”‘When my Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted or needed. So I decided instead to help dogs and cats at Willamette Humane Society. I did this because we have 3 rescue dogs and 1 rescue cat. When I think about how happy they make me it makes me sad that other dogs and cats who need homes don’t have one. So I asked my family and friends to donate by sponsoring an animal at Willamette Humane Society instead of getting me presents. I want everyone to know that rescue pets aren’t broken- they are great pets- and older pets are just as good as puppies and kittens. I love my senior dogs Molly who is 14, and Maggie who is 10. My senior pups are the best cuddlers!'” source=”Talia Medlin”]
Will you support Talia on her birthday, and share her message about shelter animals by sponsoring a pet? Mention “Talia Medlin” in the special instructions for the option to post your gift below!
[button color=”yellow” link=”https://whs4pets.org/donate/sponsor/sponsor-a-pet/?instructions=Happy%20Birthday%20to%20Talia%20Medlin!” size=”large” icon_before=”star” icon_after=”star” target=”_blank” block=”true”]Sponsor a Pet for Talia’s Birthday[/button]
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Talia, Happy Birthday from the pets, staff, volunteers, and supporters of Willamette Humane Society!
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