This Week's Featured Cats- Independent Felines

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In the spirit of Independence Day, we’d like to take the time to feature a few of our most independent minded cats!  You know, the ones that can get by on their own, and even prefer their own companionship to that of other pets.


MouseThis unique brown and black 10-year-old tabby came to WHS after his owner passed away, as part of our Hospice Angel program. He has been with us over 2 months, and he is ready to find his new angel. He is quite a talker, and often sounds like he is shouting “hello” from his kennel! He is playful, intelligent and LOVES crunchy cat treats. He wants you to know you CAN teach an old cat new tricks! He will tell you in clear cat terms when he is displeased with your choices, especially if it means putting him back in his kennel. Like the rest of this group, he would be best as an only cat, with plenty of room to roam your home on his own terms.


VitaVita is a sweet 10-12-year-old gal, with us almost 3 months. She is easily overlooked, a polite older black cat with flashy young cats all around her and kitten season hitting full swing. She prefers the company of people to other cats, so she would love a home with adoring people to appreciate her sweet and playful nature. She came to us with symptoms of flea allergies, but regular flea control will keep her coat and skin in great shape. She is a pretty zippy gal who enjoys toys, treats, talking with people and silly selfies!


BuffyThis 8-yr-old Himalayan/Birman girl is GORGEOUS…and like most royalty, she knows it! Dogs and cats just can’t seem to give her proper respect, so she’d like to be the only furry creature in your home. She is responsive, talkative, independent and playful. She appreciates a good listener, and enjoys some serious cuddle time in the evenings. She needed some substantial dental work, but that has all been done for her majesty, and she would love it if you picked up a bag of Greenies crunchy cat dental treats from the store at WHS before you head home together.


CloudyThis 1-2-yr-old guy is darling once you give him time to get to know you. Shy at first, he turns into a purring cuddle bug when he feels safe. He is so beautiful, with his grey and cream tabby coat and his stunning gold eyes! He wants to be an indoor cat, since he is FIV+, but he is young and healthy and has a LOT of love to give the right person. He could be happy as an only cat or he could live with other gentle, non-violent types like himself. He is looking for the right person, with time and patience to let him learn his new home one room at a time, and who will hang out with him for long talks and chin scratches, maybe a bookworm who wants to cuddle up with a cat and a book for hours of just hanging out together.


StavrosDon’t let the intense eyes mislead you—this guy is a sweetheart! A 4 year old Maine Coon mix, he came in with some litter box issues. Well, our vet discovered crystals in his urine, and with his special diet and some medication, we got that cleared up and now he just needs maintenance on food formulated to prevent crystal formation. Now that he feels better, he loves tummy rubs and brushing. He also really likes attention and has become a staff and volunteer favorite. Special needs cats can have a hard time competing with all the cute kittens up for adoption. He is looking for the kind of person who wants to be a kitty angel/hero, someone whose heart is big and kind and willing to keep him safe and healthy. In return, he will provide love, companionship, a great ability to listen, and some world class purring. He has had some scary encounters with dogs, so would prefer a dog-free lifestyle.
Check out these cats and many more on our website and in our shelter, and at our off-site locations: Nature’s Pet Market and Petco stores.
This month, the first 50 adult cats adopted are FREE!!! So hurry down and visit with your next cat—we are celebrating our 50th anniversary and we want every adoptable pet to have a great home as soon as possible!
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