Three Great Cats for Adopt a Senior Pet Month (and Some Surprises, Too)

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Adoptable cat BJ
Did you know that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month? It’s true. And it’s a cause we can all get behind.
Senior pets are easy to overlook, because they don’t call out for attention like their younger counterparts. But seniors have a calm and gentle demeanor that makes them perfect for busy households. And, families that take home a senior can feel good about providing a loving pet with a retirement home. If you’d like to end the year with your hero cred intact, taking home a senior is a great way to do it.
And I have three cats to tell you about that are all seniors, and all in need of new homes. And read to the end, as I have a few surprises for you, too.

Beautiful BJ

Long-time readers of this blog and ardent fans of the WHS Facebook page have seen this face before. It belongs to BJ, and he’s a long-term resident. And at close to 12 years old, he’s definitely a senior.
Adoptable cat BJ
BJ came to us due to the death of his beloved person. The family tried and tried to find a solution for BJ, but no existing family members had room for him. So he came here for a second chance. And he needed a little TLC when he arrived.
BJ has some serious skin allergies, and he expresses those allergies with itching and digging. When he came here, he had some hair loss and scabbing, so he looked a little rough. And, his teeth weren’t in great shape, either.
Adoptable cat BJ
New food and a dental has BJ feeling as good as new. His coat is glorious, his teeth are healed up and his spirits are high. He’s ready to head home. But he needs a special home.
BJ has FIV, so while he can live a long life, he’ll need to go into a home in which he won’t be exposed to any cat fighting. He’s never lived with other cats, either, so it’s unclear if he would integrate into a multi-cat home. He may need to be your one and only. And he has no dog experience.
This guy is a favorite among staff and volunteers (which is why we keep talking about him endlessly). I’m hoping someone will take him soon. He’s so ready to go.

Terrific Twinkle Toes

Oh, man. Take a look at the face on this adorable Siamese mix: Twinkle Toes. She’s 11 years old, and she came to the shelter due to a death in the family. She lived with that family her whole life, and it must be hard for her to lose everything she knows all at once. And Twinkle Toes does seem to be a little confused at her new situation.
Adoptable cat Twinkle Toes
When I worked with this darling girl today, she kept trying to leap out of her kennel and into my arms. I think she couldn’t understand why she was waiting around in the kennels instead of living the good life on a sunny windowsill. And she seemed a little slow-moving and sad. I think her little kitty heart is broken.
Adoptable cat Twinkle Toes
In her last home, Twinkle Toes was described as mellow, very affectionate and loving. She retains that loving attitude with other cats. She had kitty roomies, and she really adored them. But, she does not have experience with either dogs or kids. And with her gentle demeanor, she’ll need roomies that are equally calm. She probably can’t stand up to a bully.

Regal Rudy

I’m a sucker for a pretty tuxedo cat, and Rudy sure fits the bill. He has gorgeous, thick and lush black-and-white fur and his eyes are a really clear and crisp copper color. This is one stunning boy.
Rudy is 12 years old, so he’s very much a senior. And he’s probably very easy to overlook. While he’s affectionate, he doesn’t call out for attention. He waits for you to come to him. That might make him easy to pass by.
Adoptable cat Rudy
And Rudy is hard to photograph, as he likes to roll over on his back to express his openness and affection. Throughout our photo shoot, this boy kept up with a sprawl, purring the entire time. I thought it was more important to help him feel loved (over manipulating him into a great photo position), so I can’t show you his whole body. You’ll just have to come and see it in person.
Adoptable cat Rudy
Rudy came to us when his family decided to take a very long trip. They report that he was mellow, easygoing and affectionate in their home, and that he did well with other cats. Rudy does NOT like dogs, however, so he should go to a canine-free home.
I’m hoping Rudy goes home soon. He’s such a sweet boy!

Bonus Beauty: Morris

Okay, so this cat is not a senior. But he does need a special home, so I’d like to tell you just a little about him.
Adoptable cat Morris
His name is Morris, and he’s a 3-year-old Siamese mix with an adorable milk mustache. See it? So cute. He came in as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about his history. But he is a shy little boy that is spending a lot of time hunkered down in his bed. He doesn’t seem overtly fearful, as he isn’t hissing or lashing his tail. But he does seem worried. It must be hard to go from living independently on the streets to living in a kennel. Morris is struggling with the adjustment.
But, he is very affectionate and open to any kind of human contact. He purrs and rolls and kneads and drools. He’s a lot of fun. But he will need a home that can help him to feel confident and secure, so he won’t feel like he has to stick to his bed at all times.
So that’s it! Please be sure to share this post as part of Adopt a Senior Pet Month. They all need our help.