Top 10 Classes at WHS of 2015

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We’ve got so many new offerings, we can’t fit them all into a single blog! We’ve got a fantastic new team of instructors ready to bring you the best in education, classes and playgroups.  Here’s our Top 10 list for your summer fun! We’ll start with the hoomans-only classes because, well, dogs always have more fun than we do.  However, they don’t have fingers for clicking on the links below but you do – simply click the titles to find out more and to register for these summer fun classes!
10. Camp Little Paws – For the little ones (1st/2nd grade)who love animals! Many themes to choose from . Register with a friend to double the fun.
9. Camp Paw Paw: Spend a week of afternoons engaging in crafts and animal adventures for the 3rd to 5th grade crowd. Plus, parents get a break and enjoy these afternoons off!SPS Seminar
8. Sensible Pet Sitter: Teens who love animals can make their own summer jobs! This one-day course will get them off to a great start with their own pet sitting businesses, including first aid, forms and learning all they need to know about a multitude of pets.
7. Pet Saver First Aid and CPR: This one’s for GROWN UPS – would you know what to do if your dog or cat faced a medical emergency? This is a brand new offering and we’re thrilled about it! Save lives! Just a one day seminar and you’ll get hands-on training and a take-home reference!
6. Tricks and Treats: Bring your dog to this fun, fun 6-week class to build new laughter and skills into your relationship. Tell a friend and invite her to join you – doubles as “girls night out!” 😉
5. Dog Smart: This is our pre-requisite class to every other dog training class we have, but it’s so much more. First time dog owner? Hear our tips for success! Got dog problems? Get quick answers here! Best deal in the city, we’re sure.Family Dog Manners Series
4. Family Dog Manners Series: You just want a “good dog” who listens? This gentle training series will get your dog the skills you need him to have. Enjoy your dog more when he does what you ask!
3. Sensible Puppy: Got a new puppy? There is no better puppy curriculum out there than this 6-week customized path for you to follow through 7 essential puppy priorities. Our instructors are giddy about this one – bring your 2-3 month old baby puppy and make the most of those early days!
2. Community Canine: Adventure Seekers! Brand new this year, this 6 week class takes your training on the road. Enjoy learning from a committed positive reinforcement trainer about how to get great obedience in the real world. You are going to love the destinations and the fellowship in this fun class!
And our # 1 new offering (because, YOU asked for it!) ….Chase Me Playgroup
1. Chase Me! Playgroup: You asked for this one and we’ve heard you. Now, you can bring your dog for supervised play and observe how professionals interpret and respond to dog body language. Your dog will LOVE the play and you’ll love how he sleeps the rest of the day. Classes are Sunday afternoons!