The Trinity Effect

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The Trinity Effect

Purchase The Trinity Effect for Amazon Kindle, and the author, Mark Geiger, will donate 50% of his net profit to Willamette Humane Society!

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About the Book

When an ancient, underground group kidnaps and kills a group of tourists in Italy, they use the publicity to announce a horrific plan to wash away sin from our planet by forcing an apocalypse that will kill billions. Still reeling from the death of her sister who was one of the tourists, a female scientist teams up with a priest and an archeologist to thwart the group’s plans, and bring them to justice.

About the Author

Salem resident Mark Geiger was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An attorney who has specialized in criminal law for the past 25 years, he is a big proponent of animal rights and is honored to be working with the Humane Society to help raise funds for the organization by sharing proceeds from the sales of his book – The Trinity Effect. He is currently working on the sequel to The Trinity Effect entitled The Water Bearer. He shares his love of animals with his wife Pam, and they care for their four lovely pets.