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[toggle title=”Volunteer Apparel Store”]Twice a year volunteers can purchase their own apron for $12.  We now also have a year round option! Visit the site below to purchase any number of volunteer tops you are permitted to wear INSTEAD of an apron! https://www.zazzle.com/whs4pets  *The shelter aprons
will remain available.  Alternatives are optional.[/toggle][toggle title=”Last Minute Willamutt Strut Sign-Ups Still Available (Plus Bid on your Dream She Shed!)”]You can still sign up for Willamutt Strut this weekend! You can even sign up that day (June 12) but a t-shirt will not be guaranteed.
Have you heard of the latest She-Shed craze? She Shed’s are perfect backyard getaways for crafts, yoga, or just alone time! Designed by Dale’s Remodeling and built by high school students in the CTEC program, we have a She Shed being auctioned for charity.
The online auction starts Sunday, June 12th at the Strut and will end Sunday, June 26th! Sign up to bid today. You can get notifications if you’ve been outbid.  tinyurl.com/bidonthesheshed  This luxurious 8′ x 12′ She Shed retreat features a black shingle roof, scalloped trim and planter boxes on two slider windows, gable window, shutters, a cute Dutch door, and will be painted gray and white with magenta accents. The inside is decked out too, with luxury vinyl plank herringbone flooring and designer fabric walls. When it’s finished it will be fully insulated and outfitted with an electrical box for your wiring. The only thing left will be the final touches to turn this She Shed into your Dream Shed! The proceeds will go half to CTEC, half to Willamette Humane Society![/toggle]
[toggle title=”Get your Appointment with Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Erika Raines”]Dr. Erika Raines, DVM, CVA, CVSMT, CVTP, CVF, will be at Nature’s Pet Market on Saturday, June 18 from 10 am to 5 pm.  She will meet with patients by appointment (541-740-9106)
Dr. Erika offers:
 Integrative Veterinary Services
 Traditional Chinese Medicine
 Acupuncture
 Gold Bead Implantation
 Herbal medicine
 Aromatherapy
 Essential Oils
 Chiropractic
 Conventional Medicine
 Geriatric Care
 End of Life Transition Care
 Palliative Care
 Dietary Consultations
Dr. Raines Schedules visits on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Nature’s Pet June 18, from 10 am to 5 pm July 16, from 10 am to 5 pm
unnamed[/toggle][toggle title=”Nature’s Pet: Crazy Kitten Camp”]On Saturday, June 11 from 11a-3p Nature’s Pet will hold it’s 2nd annual CRAZY KITTEN CAMP. There will be a CRAZY amount of kittens to visit, play with and hopefully fall in love with. The kittens will be available for adoption at Nature’s Pet through the Willamette Humane Society. Vendors will be available with food samples and a live demonstration of Do It Yourself Vaccines. You may also drop off point donations for Willamette Humane Society, and we will transport them to the shelter for you. Items needed are Kitten milk replacement: Litter, Towels, Canned Cat Food, Kitten kibble, Cat toys for stimulation, Cat furniture, new or gently used and of course, Money. To help with the great need, we are offering 20% off all items purchased for donation.
unnamed[/toggle][toggle title=”Nature’s Pet: Emergency Planning with Carol Mitchell”]What if fireworks or thunder frightened your pet enough to run away? What if you got  separated during a natural disaster or emergency evacuation? How would you reconnect? Where would your pets go if you couldn’t you take them with you? Learn how to make a plan that works for your family and pet. Hear from American Red Cross volunteer Carol Mitchell on June 25 at 1 PM at Nature’s Pet Market. 4555 Liberty Rd S, in the Sunnyslope Shopping Center.
unnamed[/toggle][toggle title=”Order a Memorial Brick”]Get a Memorial Brick put in our Lila Kay Peace Garden with little to no wait! The engraver is coming, and you can get yours made during the upcoming installment. https://whs4pets.org/donate/make-a-one-time-gift/reserve-a-brick/[/toggle][toggle title=”Work with us at WHS”]There are a number of job openings at WHS. If you’ve ever wanted to work for us, check out the opportunities at https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/
employment/[/toggle][toggle title=”Red tag training for all active volunteers”]Red Tag and Shelter Dog classes are open to all dog volunteers and fosters, regardless of tag color. Come review your Head Halter skills, learn how to teach a dog to say please with sitting, get a head start on handling reactive dogs, and
more. Join us by emailing volunteer@whs4pets.org to get started.[/toggle][toggle title=”Summer Day of Service June 18: Raffle Included!”]We are having our first Summer Day of Service June 18 from 10am-2pm. Every hour you stay is worth one raffle ticket toward a Dutch Bros. gift card. If the weather  cooperates we will be working outside, so bring work gloves! If you have questions please contact Julianne at julianne.dunn@whs4pets.org[/toggle][toggle title=”State Farm benefiting WHS”]Bob Cegon State Farm will donate $20 per household to Willamette Humane Society up to $500 through June 30, 2016.  Save money on your insurance and raise money for Willamette Humane Society! It’s simple:
If you don’t currently have State Farm insurance:
-Contact Bob Cegon State Farm at 503-364-7754 & get an insurance quote.
-Tell us you’re supporting WHS.
State Farm accepts all breeds of dogs[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Cornhole”]We need a Cornhole set made for WHS events. If you’re crafty feel free to let us know that you’re on it at volunteer@whs4pets.org. If you’d like a little help start here for a couple of templates. Frames: https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/structures/how-to-build-a-regulation-cornhole-set Bags: https://www.cornholehowto.com/sew-up-some-bags/how-to-sew/[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Data Entry and Office Aids”]We are in need of some data entry volunteers! If you like office work, come ask Julianne to get started with Sara in Admin, Ashleigh our foster coordinator, or to work in the volunteer office! We’d love to use your skills to help keep the shelter organized and running smoothly.[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Free dog training classes in exchange for cleaning services”]Would you like to attend dog training classes for FREE? Our behavior department would be so grateful for your assistance in cleaning the training room. Our thanks to you is FREE attendance at 4 weeks of Family Manners 1 or Chase Me–Playgroup for every four deep cleans. We host shelter dog classes, public dog classes, and public puppy classes in that room–important resources for the shelter and community! It is critical that this room is sanitary for everyone’s safe use! Contact volunteer@whs4pets.org to get started.[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Compost Bin Repair”]We need our compost bin repaired. We had it installed years ago and it is in bad shape. If you’re a willing handy carpenter, email volunteer@whs4pets.org[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Playgroup helpers”]Desperately need playgroup runners for Sunday 8-10 am, Thursday 9-11am, and Wednesday 10-12am
Advantages: Getting to watch the dogs be dogs with other dogs. Getting to reduce shelter stress for the dogs. Getting to learn canine body language and handling skills. Getting to learn how and when to diffuse aggression before it escalates.
Disadvantages: none. All tag levels needed.[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Ramp made for our food trailer”]We have a trailer out back with a faulty ramp. We are looking for help getting a new ramp fabricated or donated, and sized to fit the height and width of our trailer. Must be weatherproof. Contact us if you can help: volunteer@whs4pets.org[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Green Tag Mentors”]You may not know this, but our Open Paw Green Tag Dog Training is now open to all volunteers. It is being hosted by eliademy.com and is invitation only.  What we are needing from RED tag volunteers is a group of mentors who are willing to do a “first walk” training with our new volunteers. If you are available to do this during your walk shift (or any other available time!) you will need to take the course yourself, and receive a training guideline from the Behavior and training team. Pretty simple! If you’re interested PLEASE email volunteer@whs4pets.org ASAP.[/toggle][toggle title=”Kudos”]
Taylor– Thank you for wanting to learn so much and learn new things and being
willing to help intake out. We really appreciate it!
Suzanne- Thank you for your smiling face. You are always a joy to see.
Margie and Randy- Thank you for helping us with laundry. We appreciate it so
much!-Animal Welfare Team
BJ Martinez– Thank you for making all the things you touch at the shelter more
Brendan– Thank you for offering to bathe a stinking dog.-Sarah
Ann– Thank you for being so kind and helpful@ the clinic!
Gracie and Jessica Hall- Thank you for your volunteer service! I wish I were
here on Sundays to say hi!-Rachel
Sunday ISO Cat Volunteers- Thank you for always cleaning so well, and loving
our kitties![/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Notes”]Cat Adoption Ambassadors!- We’ve got some long timers around! Remember to spend your shift up and ready for customers not socializing! We definitely have some cuties and it is easy to spend our time with them. There are also some long timers who are more sassy, or more shy who really need your help finding their home! Please make sure you’re talking about these ones to adopters so that they can go home. A helpful trick you may want to try is to check all the kennel cards for “Intake date” at the beginning of each shift! It will give you a good idea of who has been around the longest!
Reminder, when there is a “No Food Pull” (NFP) sign on a kennel, the food can be left there at the end of the day! That is just to let the clinic know what cats are supposed to go for surgery in the morning.
Are you willing to help our cat photographer when her support volunteer is out sick? It involves carrying cats to and from their kennels to the photography room, and getting them to be cute and happy for pictures! If you’re interested, contact volunteer@whs4pets.org[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Notes”]Make sure the easy walk harness is tucked all the way into the tub in the back of the kennel. Any loose ends hanging over make it easier for the dogs to reach and use as a chew toy.
For Kennel Buddies: Please come between, not during walk shifts. The walk shift schedule is: Monday/Thursday/Friday: 8-10a, 12-2p, 5-7p, and Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday: 8-10a, 12-2p, 4-6p.
Here is a simple hot dog treat recipe: Cut up a pack of hotdogs into small chunks, or coin shaped slices. Put them on a baking sheet. Cook in the oven at 200 degrees for 1-2 hours. Let the pieces cool, then place in a Ziploc bag or other air tight container.
Kennel buddies: Use the stools located under the water coolers across from the volunteer room when you sit during a kennel buddy shift. They are now mandatory as a safety and sanitary precaution. It should be easier to get up from sitting should there ever be an issue. The stools are collapsible so they
won’t add to your profile as you enter and exit the kennels.
We REALLY need substitutes (or permanent moves!) on Tuesday at noon (red tag preferred) and Thursday at noon (strong walker preferred!). We have many short shifts so if you’ve been looking at taking another on, email volunteer@whs4pets.org.
From the Behavior and Training Team:
Gear changes are to be made by staff only (typically BT staff). If you do not feel comfortable using the prescribed equipment, do not walk the dog at all.  You are welcome to come to a Shelter Dog Training class, offered twice weekly, or a Red Tag Bouncy class, to practice your skills so that you can better assist
those dogs in the future.
Read and follow kennel signs for your safety and the safety of our animals. If a current protocol or instruction no longer seems to apply because of a behavior change, please let B&T or a staff supervisor know. We will then take steps to re-evaluate the dog’s needs in a timely manner.
You should never grab a dog by his collar to get his attention or get them under control if he is barking, lunging, fighting, or otherwise behaving in an overaroused state. Please give them space, keeping hands off, and wait until they are calm again before trying to reengage. The most you should try is a treat toss in front of them or picking up a dragging leash or line (if already attached) to calmly move them away. If you need a refresher course on how to prevent and/or handle these behaviors, you’re welcome to join a Red Tag Bouncy class or a Shelter Dog Training Class.
In the past we have been inconsistent with whether or not our volunteers could give our dogs chew treats. There’ve been oral rules floating around, but we realize that is unfair and unreliable. As such, please observe this new policy. Volunteers are not to give out any chews to the shelter dogs. If you have chews you want provided to the dogs, you may leave them with the AWT supervisor, shelter manager, or BT to determine appropriateness and potentially distribute. Why the new rule? Certain toys or chews may be appropriate in a home setting where there is more ability to supervise, but they are a risk here.
Unsafe chews or toys can cause gastrointestinal upset, tears, or blockages, some of which can lead to the death of a dog, dental fractures, and more. Well-meaning people have been giving dogs extra toys or
treats that are not always a safe choice. If you see the following type of treats in a kennel or see anyone distributing these, please alert staff immediately:
· Rawhides
· Cooked or smoked bones
· Raw meaty bones*
· Antlers
· Any chews in a dog marked with “Caution: Guards Resources.” These
dogs have shown aggressive behavior when a person approaches the
“valuables,” which is a hazard for staff and volunteers who need to
enter their kennels.
*On occasion, a dog on Bite Quarantine or Do Not Walk might have a raw
meaty bone in his kennel provided by AWT only. There is no general need to
remove these bones.[/toggle]