Volunteer Newsletter 4/27/2016

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the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-100__700[toggle title=”State Farm Fundraiser”]Help State Farm raise $500 at no cost to you. Save money on your insurance and raise money for Willamette Humane Society! It’s simple:
If you don’t currently have State Farm insurance:
-Contact Bob Cegon State Farm at
503-364-7754 & get an insurance quote.
-Tell us you’re supporting WHS.
-Bob Cegon State Farm will donate $20 per household to Willamette Humane Society up to $500 through June 30, 2016.
State Farm accepts all breeds of dogs
[/toggle][toggle title=”Special Order Royal Canin through Davenport’s Den”]We can now order Royal Canin pet food through Davenport’s Den, or e-mail lynn.chriestenson@whs4pets.org to place your order.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Take Volunteer Dog Training Classes”]Red Tag and Shelter Dog classes are open to all dog volunteers and fosters, regardless of tag color.  Come review your Head Halter skills, learn how to teach a dog to say please with sitting, get a head start on handling reactive dogs, and more.  Join us!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dispawsal Pet Waste Services”]Are you tired of scooping poop in the rain? Do you wish magical fairies would come to your house and clean your back yard? Wish no longer! Willamette Humane Society’s newest sponsor does the dirty work for you. Presenting Dispawsal! https://www.dispawsal.com/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Employment with WHS”]There are a number of job openings at WHS. If you’ve ever wanted to work for us, check out the opportunities at https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: President’s Club Volunteers 4/29″]PRESIDENTS CLUB:
The President’s Club will be from 5:30 – 7:30 this Friday April 29th.  There will be a short program at 6:30.
We have several volunteer positions we need filled:
Tour guide: show people around the shelter. Two tours, one at 6 pm one at 7 pm.
Food and beverage server: 5:15-7:30
Craft supervisor: Two craft tables- one will be for making a cat toy (fleece on a stick), and one would be for making a cat picture from newsprint.  5:15 – 6:30.
We also need donated fleece. Contact volunteer@whs4pets.org to get involved.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Need new ramp”]We have a trailer out back with a faulty ramp. We are looking for help getting a new ramp fabricated or donated, and sized to fit the height and width of our trailer. Must be weatherproof. Contact us if you can help: volunteer@whs4pets.org
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Start and Finish Arch”]We need a start/finish arch for WillaMutt Strut. Something portable, easy to store yet tall and steady enough for runners/walkers to see and be safe. We have some design ideas but are open to others. Can you help? Please contact Meredith at meredith.kuhl@whs4pets.org or 503-585-5900 ext. 304
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Open Paw mentors”]You may not know this, but our Open Paw Green Tag Dog Training is now open to all volunteers. It is being hosted by www.eliademy.com and is invitation only. What we are needing from RED tag volunteers is a group of mentors who are willing to do a “first walk” training with our new volunteers. If you are available to do this during your walk shift (or any other available time!) you will need to take the course yourself, and receive a training guideline from the Behavior and training team. Pretty simple! If you’re interested PLEASE email volunteer@whs4pets.org ASAP.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Playgroup Runners”]Desperately need playgroup runners for
Sunday 8-10 am, Thursday 9-11am, and Wednesday 10-12am
Advantages: Getting to watch the dogs be dogs with other dogs. Getting to reduce shelter stress for the dogs. Getting to learn canine body language and handling skills. Getting to learn how and when to diffuse aggression before it escalates. Disadvantages: none. All tag levels needed.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Outreach Volunteers”]Do you like to talk about how great WHS is? We have a hearty band of volunteers who go to fun outreach activities like parades, dog walks, and pet stores. Sometimes they take adoptable animals, but they ALWAYS talk about all the great things here at WHS. Want to be a part of this fun group? Dates and times vary, so it’s easy to fit into your schedule and is not a regular commitment. Please contact Outreach Volunteer Cassie Pierce @ clpierce73@gmail.com to get started.
[/toggle][toggle title=”KUDOS”]Allison Houck- dropped everything to help Catherine use little Chloe to comfort and reach out to scared Puff. Because of Alison’s help we were able to get Puff to trust us within a few days and then move her to another rescue where she will have more space and hopefully find her forever home.
Russ Dimberg and Randy Fraser- For all the transporting dogs you do and how you care so much that each one has the best experience possible during the stress of moving. Thank you for your compassion and availability.-Catherine
Jolene Foster-for being that foster mom who has time for the scared littles. So grateful and happy to see that each time we get a dog back from you, he’s better, often MUCH better than he was when he left. Thank you for your gentle and patient handling and training.-Catherine
Jolene Jones- for being the swim dog mom. We so appreciate your willingness to get dogs wet and tired! Thank you too for building Jax’s confidence and for all the work you do with our most challenging dogs.-Catherine
Jean Dion- for participating in our Cat 360 meeting with such a great depth of information about our cats. I appreciate your passion and knowledge. Thank you for your involvement and heart!-Catherine