Volunteer Newsletter 7/5/16

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[toggle title=”New Volunteer Manager”]Sad to say this is my last newsletter to you all! I’ve enjoyed this position immensely, but I will be relocating to Prescott AZ where my husband is currently residing! Worry not…you are left in wonderfully capable hands! You may also recognize this familiar face…Janine
Former volunteer Janine Catalino turned out to be a perfect fit and we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce her as your new Volunteer Manager.
Janine has an extensive background in human resources, including working in the Arctic oilfield on the North Slope of Alaska. Janine has lived in Alaska, upstate New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Texas. She began volunteering with WHS two years ago as a dog walker. Since then, she has done numerous outreach events, fostered kittens and dogs, and partnered with Jean Dion to write cat bios for the WHS website. Janine’s earliest memories involve hours spent playing with her neighbor’s kittens. She is excited to put her passion for animals to work in her new career.
There will be an open house style Meet and Greet for Janine (and a send off for Anna) next Tuesday July 12 from 3-4:30 in the Education Hall. Drop by and say your hellos and good-byes!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Kitten Kaboodle is open!”]Kitten Kaboodle is officially up and running and we’re off to a great start! We could still use some volunteers Friday, Saturday Afternoon, and Sunday so contact volunteer@whs4pets.org to get involved!
Training is 1p-3p on Thursdays through August. Training sign-ups are only available through Julianne or Janine in the volunteer office.
**We will also need an on call emergency transport assigned to each open day.  What that will look like is one person a day who during all open hours for that day, can be on call as an emergency transport.  If we have a kitten pop a suture, run out of boxes or food, have any snafu that requires trekking between the mall and the shelter, that person would be the runner.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Apparel”]Twice a year volunteers can purchase their own apron for $12. We now also have a year round option! Visit the site below to purchase any number of volunteer tops you are permitted to wear INSTEAD of an apron! https://www.zazzle.com/whs4pets
*The shelter aprons will remain available. Alternatives are optional.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Thank you Salem Hospital!”]
Here are a few pictures of the Salem Hospital volunteers that worked in the turnouts on Sunday. They did a truly amazing job. I’ve heard a few compliments that the turnouts haven’t looked this good in months. They also collected a very generous donation from other staff at their hospital as well as a number of vital donation items including wet food and toys. They were led by Alex Morrison, a nurse with the Neuro-Trauma unit.  The dog in the outside picture is Kona and you might recognize Vinnie as the inside dog.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Classes Open to all Volunteers”]Red Tag and Shelter Dog classes are open to all dog volunteers and fosters, regardless of tag color.  Come review your Head Halter skills, learn how to teach a dog to say please with sitting, get a head start on handling reactive dogs, and more.  Join us by emailing volunteer@whs4pets.org
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Outreach Volunteers”]Would you be willing to help with outreach? We have Fair dates this week July 7-10 and we could really use some volunteer power. Email Julianne.dunn@whs4pets.org to get involved!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Kitten Camp Helper”]One of our summer camps this year is focused on Kitty Training. We will have a full house of campers! Catherine, would really love one of our cat savvy volunteers to come help with camp. Someone know knows about our safe handling actions, and good presentation in front of a group, would make a great assistant! Camp Starts July 11th, so be sure to email Catherine.comden@whs4pets.org ASAP if you’re interested!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Help us Clean!”]We need a helper Wednesday evenings to help us clean crates! When crates sit dirty, we do not have enough to run our intake operations starting on Thursday morning when we become overwhelmed with public animals. This is a great opportunity for a fast worker who isn’t afraid of a little water!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Cornhole set made”]We need a Cornhole set made for WHS events. If you’re crafty feel free to let us know that you’re on it at volunteer@whs4pets.org. If you’d like a little help start here for a couple of templates. Frames: https://www.diynetwork.com/ how-to/outdoors/structures/how-to-build-a-regulation-cornhole-set Bags: https://www.cornholehowto.com/sew-up-some-bags/how-to-sew/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Free Classes in exchange for a favor…”] Would you like to attend dog training classes for FREE? Our behavior department would be so grateful for your assistance in cleaning the training room. Our thanks to you is FREE attendance at 4 weeks of Family Manners 1 or Chase Me–Playgroup for every four deep cleans. We host shelter dog classes, public dog classes, and public puppy classes in that room–important resources for the shelter and community! It is critical that this room is sanitary for everyone’s safe use! Contact volunteer@whs4pets.org to get started.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Playgroup Runners”]Desperately need playgroup runners for
Sunday 8-10 am, Thursday 9-11am, and Wednesday 10-12am
Advantages: Getting to watch the dogs be dogs with other dogs. Getting to reduce shelter stress for the dogs. Getting to learn canine body language and handling skills. Getting to learn how and when to diffuse aggression before it escalates. Disadvantages: none. All tag levels needed.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Ramp”]We have a trailer out back with a faulty ramp. We are looking for help getting a new ramp fabricated or donated, and sized to fit the height and width of our trailer. Must be weatherproof. Contact us if you can help: volunteer@whs4pets.org
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Wanted: Green Tag Mentors”]You may not know this, but our Open Paw Green Tag Dog Training is now open to all volunteers. It is being hosted by eliademy.com and is invitation only. What we are needing from RED tag volunteers is a group of mentors who are willing to do a “first walk” training with our new volunteers. If you are available to do this during your walk shift (or any other available time!) you will need to take the course yourself, and receive a training guideline from the Behavior and training team. Pretty simple! If you’re interested PLEASE email volunteer@whs4pets.org ASAP.
[/toggle][toggle title=”KUDOS”]Fourth of July Dog Walking Crew-So many people have come to me telling me what a wonderful time they had walking! Shout out to Patty W., Linda L., Diane J., Violet H., Nancy G., Joan F., Jolene F., Susan F., Ann F., Erin D., Vickie C., Holly C., Carol B., Kim B., Gerri B., and Amber A.! A Message from Jolene F. to the night crew: This group of gals gave their afternoon for the love of our dogs. I hoped they would stay for the full 2 hours and they all said, ABSOLUTELY! They were a wonderful, cooperating team. Some, if not most, of the dogs got out for a second little evening walk. These gals were all respectful and helpful to each other. It was a pleasure and fun to be there walking with them.  Thank you all! What a great team!!!
Shout out to Fran Neavoll for being an in-kind donation entering rockstar?! She’s so much fun to see each week and does anything to help our department… even tackling the often mundane task of entering our in-kind donations. She’s the best 🙂 -Sara
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Notes”]-Cat Adoption Ambassadors!- We’ve got some long timers around! Remember to spend your shift up and ready for customers not socializing! We definitely have some cuties and it is easy to spend our time with them. There are also some long timers who are more sassy, or more shy who really need your help finding their home! Please make sure you’re talking about these ones to adopters so that they can go home. A helpful trick you may want to try is to check all the kennel cards for “Intake date” at the beginning of each shift! It will give you a good idea of who has been around the longest!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Notes”]Cones = no off leash exercise. Whether or not they are walked on leash IN a turnout vs. around the loop doesn’t matter. Harnesses do not dictate where or how dogs are walked.
Kennel buddies: Use the stools located under the water coolers across from the volunteer room when you sit during a kennel buddy shift.
You should never grab a dog by his collar to get his attention or get them under control if he is barking, lunging, fighting, or otherwise behaving in an over-aroused state. Please give them space, keeping hands off, and wait until they are calm again before trying to reengage. The most you should try is a treat toss in front of them or picking up a dragging leash or line (if already attached) to calmly move them away. If you need a refresher course on how to prevent and/or handle these behaviors, you’re welcome to join a Red Tag Bouncy class or a Shelter Dog Training Class.
Here is a simple hot dog treat recipe: Cut up a pack of hotdogs into small chunks, or coin shaped slices. Put them on a baking sheet. Cook in the oven at 200 degrees for 1-2 hours. Let the pieces cool, then place in a Ziploc bag or other air tight container.