Volunteer Newsletter

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unnamed[toggle title=”Thank you for helping us win $2000!”]Your Voting Paid off!
We were notified after the voting ended…We won first place with almost 200 votes! Thank you for the $2000 we can now use on our animals thanks to your participation! Thank you again to Salem Center mall for including us in this contest!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Letter from Jessi Keller”]To all volunteers:
Thank you so much for giving your time to help the animals here at WHS.  You guys are amazing and without you this shelter could not run.
The staff appreciate everything you do!  I know I have for over ten years!
My last day is Friday the 11th.  I enjoyed working with all of you very much and I am always so grateful that you give your precious time to the animals.  Keep up the hard work and I will be seeing you around!  My e-mail address is heyjessi21@icloud.com Stay in touch!  Love you guys.-Jessi Keller
[/toggle][toggle title=”Fun Fact on Alpha/Dominance positioning”]Is it useful or harmful? Click here to find out!
[/toggle]Adoption Day[toggle title=”Positive reinforcement video”]Click here for a great video on positive reinforcement for dogs!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Kudos!”]Thank you Terry McKay. You’re amazing to work with, and always positive and upbeat. I love working when you’re here because you’re so willing to help me do anything I need-Bodda
Thank you Vicki Kellner for helping me at Subaru! Having someone to “wrangle” Baxter was extremely helpful.-Meredith
Robin Bramble thank you for everything, we love you-Hilda
Marianne Fox– you take it upon herself to see who needs medicated baths on a regular basis.  You are amazing!  You also assist Martha whenever possible with photos and you helped the groomer with Charlie Chaplin this weekend so she could focus on grooming. Thank you!-Bodda
Thank you laundry elves! I see about 8 of you all the time…but all said there are probably more like 30 that I’ve seen sneaking around here and there doing laundry! It is such a hard thing for staff to stay on top of, I can’t get enough of your selfless acts in doing laundry. Who wants to do that at home? Let alone mountains of it at a shelter. You are superheroes, there will never be enough thanks for all you do-Anna
Thank you Martha Russell– You helped me keep Oscar’s medical progress documented by taking pictures for me on a regular basis.  You take the time to take fantastic pictures of the dogs (she recently took photos with dogs in Christmas hats!).  Thank you-Bodda
Randy Mills- No matter what time I call you, you’re always willing to transport animals where ever I need them to go. Thank you-Bodda
To all volunteers-I can’t tell you how easy you make it for me to brag about the volunteer support at WHS when I’m out talking to businesses about sponsorships. It’s very simple to glow about the time and love you spend at the shelter.-Meredith
Terry McKay-Hilda loves you! Nicest person ever! Absolutely love you!
Sherrie Andrews-I am so grateful for all you’re doing for Opie. He did so well with you that he became a surgery candidate. NO ONE saw that coming, we were sure he’d be too hyper for more than the brace. Your exceptional service has changed his life. The fact that you’re going to take off time from work, and that you will spend weeks keeping him still enough to let his leg heal. I know you have hours and hours ahead of you, and I’m so appreciative for your investment in this boy!-Anna
[/toggle]Shirt display two[toggle title=”New T-shirts in Davenport’s Den”]We have new navy blue cat and dog WHS tee shirts in Davenport’s Den! We have carried them in eggplant and forest green, and we just added navy! Go check them out!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Bayer Promotion Expiring”]-Davenport’s Den-
Many of you know that Bayer has had a promotion the past two years called the Free Tube Program (you got a 5th tube free when you purchase a 4-pack).  That program is being discontinued on 12/31 so if you use Advantage II, you might want to make a purchase before the end of the year!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shelter Elves mini-camp”]”It’s not too late to sign your 11-14 year old youth up for our Shelter Elves mini-camp. We have openings 12/28-29! They’ll get to spend two afternoons making the holidays merrier for all our shelter dogs and cats. For more information and registration, click here: https://whs4pets.org/winter-break-youth-camp/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Rescue/Pet Owner home for sale!”]Home for sale-IDEAL FOR SOMEONE FOSTERING/RESCUING DOGS, OR DOGGIE SITTERS, $375,500.  This nearly 2500 sq. ft. is on a single level.  Three outside kennels lead to an indoor kennel room.  This home has a totally fenced in yard and a gate leading onto Croisan Creek. Minto Brown Park and Golf Courses and shopping is very close by, and is across the street from Nelson Park. **More details and picture in the volunteer room!**
[/toggle][toggle title=”Last Stretch for pulling up old flooring!”]We’re in the final stretch of getting the old floor surface removed in the Canine Classroom!  If you have time, please help us by scraping up what’s left!  Tools are available in the classroom.  Once it’s up, the new rubbing matting can go down!  We’re excited to make the floor more comfortable and inviting for our shelter and community dogs!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Puppies and Kitties at work, oh my!”]Have you heard of our Corporate rescue program? It is where we bring dogs and maybe even kittens to other work places around Salem to reduce work related stress and get our name and cute animals out in the community! Wouldn’t you just love to take those animals out for some fun face time with potential adopters? Email volunteer@whs4pets.org to get started!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Free Spay and Neuter coupons!”]Could you go door to door explaining our TNR program with the help of our staff? We need some volunteers on January 9th. We will be going to door to door in a 97301 neighborhood to hand out free spay and neuter coupons for cats and to educate about TNR in the early afternoon, for 3-4 hours.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Pet Supplies needed”]It’s not too late to sign your 11-14 year old youth up for our Shelter Elves mini-camp. We have openings 12/28-29! They’ll get to spend two afternoons making the holidays merrier for all our shelter dogs and cats. If you have any gently used toys, treats, collars, leashes, etc. that are in like-new condition and would like to participate, we can use them! Please bring them to the basket in Chelsea’s office in Admin by Monday morning. The kids will get to choose from these items to fill personalized stockings that the new adopters will take home with the pet.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Substitute volunteer-short term needs”]We need substitutes for all animal related volunteer jobs! If you are interested in working outside your scheduled shift please contact volunteer@whs4pets.org
[/toggle][toggle title=”Unused hospital towels needed in clinic”]Do you have access to any unused hospital towels? Our clinic is in need of them! The towels are blue surgery towels, otherwise known as huck towels, measuring approx. 18×25 or less. *They are not bath towels*
[/toggle][toggle title=”Putting down new flooring!”]MUSCLE needed – We’ll need some help moving the rolls of flooring when they arrive and muscling them around during installation. Each roll weighs more than 300lbs! We’ll be using hand trucks but there will still be some heavy lifting and pushing going on. Please let us know if you’d like to help and we can let you know specifics when we have them.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Come watch and learn at playgroup!”]We need a few play group volunteers! Playgroups can make your walk shift so much easier, not to mention more fun! If you are interested in helping, contact
Jessi Keller at heyjessi21@icloud.com
[/toggle][toggle title=”Deep cleaning needed”]Deep Cleaning Urgent Need
Will someone to help us keep important areas clean? We have public classes held in our Training Room Saturdays and Mondays, and it is imperative that the classroom is deep cleaned before those classes. We have a need for help with our laundry and dishes as well! If you’re willing to share these skills with us, please contact volunteer@whs4pets.org to get started!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Come work with us!”]Employment Opportunities
Please ensure you read the application instructions and follow them carefully.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Notes”]If you have not already, please participate in the survey below. We are updating our training model with the new year and would really value your opinion! Thank you for participating, we’ve had a lot of great and useful responses already!
Remember when you are approached by the public: Volunteers are supposed to direct all customers back to the staff if they want to see dogs. It is a liability issue to discuss our animals with them, or allow them to pet and interact. There are shifts open for Dog Adoption Ambassadors, if you would like to be trained and scheduled for this team let us know! Otherwise please direct the public to our lobby to schedule meets with dogs they’re interested in. Thank you!
You may have noticed that there are new sheets where the blank respite forms and dog notes are. These are our new groomer request forms! We are so blessed to have 3-4 retired and experiences groomers who have volunteered their services to our dogs! Charlie Chaplin got groomed last weekend and was adopted a half hour later! If this does not seem like a coincidence to you, please participate! The sheets are pretty self explanatory. Please be as detailed as you can in these notes so our groomers will have a better idea of how much time they need to set aside pre each request. Thanks!
Remember not to step between dogs who are upset by each other. It is an excellent way to land them in bite quarantine!
We need a Dog walker Tuesday mornings at 7am to bring surgery dogs to the clinic. If you can come in at that time and walk them to the bathroom and then into the clinic let me know! volunteer@whs4pets.org
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Notes”]We don’t have many signed up to help Christmas day with Cat Hospitality. If you can spare the time, we’d really appreciate the help! The more hands, the faster the work!
We have retired or experienced groomers volunteering their services to us now! If you see a cat in need, grab one of the groomer notes under the cork board in the cat room, fill it out, and pin it to the volunteer manager’s cork board.! Remember, the more specific you can be, the better we’ll be able to judge how much time to ask our groomers for! Thank you for participating!
Remember to post your absences on the Volunteer Board online, and email the volunteer manager at volunteer@whs4pets.org. The Volunteer Central Board is at https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/volunteer/volunteer-central/
You all have done such a great job keeping our cats and kittens social and happy during their stay here! We so appreciate your hard work and love to our felines!
You may have noticed we have cork boards in the cat rooms! This is a great place to let your fellow volunteers, staff, and public know a little more about each cat’s personality and unique stories which can help us better care for them and get them adopted! Please take advantage of these notes, and let the volunteer manager know if you need more blank notes printed.