Volunteer Weekly Newsletter 11/05

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You guys are amazing.  If no one has told you this recently then  come to my office so that I can tell you in person please.   I get so excited when you guys work together to get  your job done,  when you guys offer to come in  on an extra shift  so that a volunteer can take a vacation day and the animals still have their needs met, and when  you guys give your ideas and opinions  with the best of intentions to help our organization. I am thankful for each and every single one of you guys and for  all the big and small things you guys do on each of your shifts and in your spare time. I am thankful in general to have a job but  I am even more thankful that is working with a group of  like minded and kind hearted people like yourselves.  Welcome to November folks… what are you all thankful for?
[toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]Remember volunteers that we are not to walk dogs that do not have an ok to walk sign on the
kennel if they are back of house in strays, incoming, holding, infirmary etc. If a dog doesn’t have
an ok to walk sign you need to find a staff member and ask them which walk sign that dog should
have and then go get that sign and put it up. If they are unsure they should be contacting a lead
to get that information so that it can be resolved right then and the dog can get as many walks as
possible. Do not walk the dog until it has a sign. If you cannot find anyone and I am here in the
building feel free to come get me and will help you out. I know that in the morning when the dog
walk chart needs to be made that can be frustrating if the dogs do not have tags. Do not add
them to the walk list until they have a sign so that other walkers do not assume they are walkable
if they have not yet been deemed ok to walk. Thank you so much for playing it safe and sharing
best practices guys. You are awesome keep it up.[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Just reminders to the cat volunteers that the green Kuranda beds that are in the cat kennels need
to remain in the kennels. They get sprayed down with virkon at the same time as the kennel and
we do a 10-minute soak on those as well as the kennel. You can move clean Kuranda beds from
empty kennels to a kennel with a cat that needs one so they are most comfortable but when
you clean a kennel out keep the Kuranda in there. We don’t have enough room to put those beds
in our dirty dishes bin in exam and they will get ruined if they are put in and out of that bin and
through the wash over and over. They will last us, and the kitties, the longest and be less
maintenance if they just stay in the kennels. If you have any questions feel free to contact me
any time. Thanks so much guys for keeping the kitties comfy!![/toggle][toggle title=”Can You Help?”]The shelter is short on leashes. Not sure where they are all going to but we are interested in
more leashes with clasps like this leash clipand preferably the leash be an inch wide and 4-6 feet long (we
prefer the 6 foot leashes but are happy with what we get). If you guys have some extra leashes at
home you aren’t using or you happen to see some at the thrift store or garage sales or cheap
online somewhere please consider spoiling us a bit. Thank you Laurel for buying a good-sized
batch we really appreciate your support and giving us the tools to keep doing the job we love
doing.[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Updates”]Tim found his glasses. Thank you guys for keeping your eyes peeled. Remember to check the
lost and found each time you come in to make sure that you are taking home your items if the lost
and found gets full those items will be relocated to our thrift store to be adopted by a new family.[/toggle][toggle title=”Job Opportunities”]There is currently and opening for Veterinary Assistant part time in our clinic. If this sounds like
something you would like to apply for please head to our employment page on our website at
https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteers needed”]Guess what guys? We get to decorate a tree at Salem Center Mall again this year!! I
am so excited to run with this, BJ and you guys did such a fantastic job last year I
definitely have work cut out for me but I think with your guys help we can make this
tree amazing. The theme of this years tree will be ” Say Yes” we will be reusing
some of the ornaments and décor from last year but updating and revamping and
adding in some new ideas. I will need help with Christmas tree decorations and set
up. We will have a grab and go option where you can come in and grab a project
and do the project on your time and then bring it back so we can decorate the tree.
We will have the projects available to grab from me starting Tuesday the 11th, we will
be setting up the tree the evening of the 16th at the mall. I will need volunteers on
both days to get things organized and transported and created and for morale
support! If you can provide any of these please let me know. Keep your eyes peeled
as well for e-mail with more details. We will have to work quickly but I am not
worried…. As I do my best work under pressure!
Do you have a Subaru?
If you are the proud owner of a Subaru we ask you to come down for some fun in
honor of our sponsor. On Tuesday, November the 18th at 11 am we will be
gathering volunteers, supporters of staff, friends, and ours who have a Subaru. We
will all meet here at the shelter in the main parking lot and line the cars up so we can
get some great shots of the WHS family, their furry friends, and their cars. We will
use this opportunity to help promote an event coming later in the month where we
have the chance to receive donations for each Subaru purchased (more information
to come later on) we decided to take this opportunity for a mini get together! Bring
your dogs, your Subaru, and your smiles folks. We will have some
tasty refreshments and weather permitting an impromptu playgroup for our furry
friends. SAY YES to a photo and SAY YES to some fun! This also means I will need
some playgroup help for those of you who are playgroup volunteers!! Please let me
know if you are able to help out with playgroup at that time.[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]The thrift store is having their Holiday Bazaar This Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th.
Stop by and see all the smokin’ deals on decorations and gifts. You will be blown away
by the selection and the awesome prices I promise.
The catwalk is going to the dogs!
Chico’s in Salem Center is hosting a fundraising fashion show for WHS on Wednesday,
November 19th from 6 to 8 p.m. Some of our very own volunteers are donning stylin’
Chico’s fashions and walking the catwalk (some with dogs!). Do you need a new holiday
outfit? Ready to start shopping for Christmas? Come on down and see what Chico’s has
to offer. 10% of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to your favorite nonprofit—
WHS![/toggle][toggle title=”Flowers To Save Shelter Pets”]Support WHS while adding a little beauty to your life. By clicking
pets , you can view and purchase the lovely work of Salem,
Oregon flower photographer and long-time WHS volunteer Richard
Wasserman. Both prints and digital downloads are available, and
20 percent of net proceeds will come to Willamette Humane
Society to support the care and rehoming of dogs and cats in our
community.Dahlia 16 small[/toggle][toggle title=”News From Davenport’s Den”]-Buy 4 get one tube free promotion for Advantage 2 ends at the end of
December, as a volunteer you get your 20% off! This is the best deal anywhere so
makes sure you get yours before it’s too late.
-This month all of our apparel items for customers are 10% off.
-I was in the store on Tuesday and I saw some new product that I haven’t seen
before. Make sure if it has been a while since you have been in that you take a few
moments before or after your shift or on the weekend to come in and peek around
to see what’s new!
-Remember that if an item you want is not available in the store it doesn’t mean we
cannot order it for you. There is no extra charge for special orders, you still get your
discount, and you know that your hard earned money will make a big difference
here! See staff for more information.[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]April and Caleb Mitchell,
Thank you so much for finishing up A cats on 11/5. You guys are
such a big help. Thank you as well for being consistently there for
your shifts and communicating so well with us. You guys rock!!
-Kimmi and Taya
Ryan Wilkins, Thank you so much for filling in for Lee on
Wednesday morning playgroups. You are doing a great job and we
are so lucky to have you here making a difference for our dogs!
-Kimmi[/toggle][toggle title=”P.S.”]Keep your eyes peeled for an e-mail about a meet & greet with our new animal
behaviorist, Alana Stevenson.[/toggle]