Volunteer Weekly Newsletter for 11/18/14

This edition is quite a bit later than I wanted, as last week  I had a very full plate!!  The great news is that the Christmas tree  at Salem Center Mall  is up and is adorable, a big big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make ornaments   and who put in time to help!  Hope you enjoy this  newsletter and have a Happy Thanksgiving next week!!


gobble gobble,


Please remember to add the date and the log in and out times on the notes you leave on
my board including your first and last names. It’s no problem at all to make sure you are
getting your hours recorded I just need all the correct information to do
so. Thanks guys 🙂
Please make sure you are reading the notes on the board above the walk list. Notes like
“go slow” and “do not allow off leash” are there because we know the behavior of that
particular dog. Other volunteers write these notes to inform you beforehand of an issue
so you don’t have to learn about it the hard way, they are intended to keep you and the
dogs safe, they are also there to make the interaction between you and the dogs as
positive as possible. So when you walk a dog without reading the notes first you are
putting yourself or the dog in a potentially dangerous situation and you could be causing
the dog stress or fear. So please make it a habit to read the notes before you walk dogs
so you are prepared. We appreciate your cooperation!

I had a chat with our animal welfare supervisor and we are in the works on getting
clarification for cat kennel cleaning processes and updating anything that needs to be
updated. Thanks so much for your patience while I get this all sorted out. I also want to
say how proud I am of the cat teams for coming to me and letting me know what is not
working out and going smoothly. You guys are doing a great job advocating for the cats
and helping me to see what needs to change since I cannot be out there myself to see
what’s going on. YOU are the eyes and ears and you are doing a great job. Thanks and
keep up the good work!

Caroline mentored me and I wanted to make sure to go on record with what a great job
she did. She is whip smart, knowledgeable, thorough, and a very good teacher!!!
-Janine Catalino
Taya and Rick from our Animal Welfare Team wanted to give a shout out to Temre Yan
for being awesome and helping out our staff to get things done! Thank you for all your
Thank you Randy for doing laundry, showing dogs, doing dog meets and everything else
that you do!
– Samantha, Adoption Staff

You can start your holidays off right with “A Night at the Museum” dinner party.
The Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University opens just for our
Willamette Humane Society guests during a private dinner party and showing of
the exhibit titled Contemporary Bestiary. Appetizers begin at 5:30. A sumptuous
buffet is served at 6:30 and paired with wines from Honeywood Winery. Director
and Curator, John Olbrantz, will discuss the show during dessert. The museum
is ours to explore before and after dinner. For tickets and more information:

Warm up your texting skills!!! This Sunday night the 16th a group of volunteers and
I will be setting up our Christmas tree at the Salem Center Mall. There will be a few
other non-profits there with trees as well. This will be a contest where you can text
in your vote for your favorite tree. The best part is that you can text in your vote on a
daily basis… calling all family plans- we need your support!!! The voting will start on
11/22 and they will announce the winner on 12/18. Grand prize is $2000!!!! We
were so lucky last year to have BJ Andersen heading up this project and she did
such a fantastic job that we won the grand prize. I am really confident that our tree
this year will be very different but just as fun and we will go for a winning streak of 2
years in a row!

Chico’s in Salem Center is hosting a fundraising fashion show for WHS on Wednesday,
November 19th from 6 to 8 p.m. Some of our very own volunteers are donning stylin’
Chico’s fashions and walking the catwalk (some with dogs!). Do you need a new
holiday outfit? Ready to start shopping for Christmas? Come on down and see what
Chico’s has to offer. 10% of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to your
favorite non-profit—WHS!

As the holiday season approaches, please consider visiting local businesses that
support WHS. These include our annual sponsors; Capital Subaru, Mountain View
Investment Corporation, Hill’s Science Diet, Valley Credit Union as well as our many
other sponsors

As the holiday season approaches, please consider visiting local businesses that
support WHS. These include our annual sponsors; Capital Subaru, Mountain View
Investment Corporation, Hill’s Science Diet, Valley Credit Union as well as our many
other sponsors

“Penny has been part of our family since our first day of summer, and we have loved
every minute! A few adventures she’s shared with us include: learning to walk on wood
floors, backpacking, hiking, 2 trips to the beach, a hotel stay, countless walks, kayaking,
stand up paddle boarding, and much, more! She has two favorite spots where she naps
and waits for us to return when we are gone. She has not gotten in to much mischiefexcept
those darn Hershey Kisses that earned her a trip to the vet. She gives us an
enthusiastic welcome home, even when we are gone less than an hour. She has lost 5
pounds, as suggested by her vet She is a healthy, energetic dog. Some of the
paperwork from the Humane Society says she is 4 and some says 7. We’re going with 4
so that she can have many, many years with us. Thank you for taking good care of
Penny (adopted as Angel) until we could adopt her. And thank you to the wonderful
male volunteer who spent a few hours with us while we got to know Penny. A sincere
thank you to Willamette Humane Society from the Berry family.”penny

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