Volunteer Weekly Newsletter 11/21/14

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Its a blustery day here at the humane society…  I am amazed how the dogs  don’t seem to mind   the wind and the rain!  I  hope you all are staying as warm and dry as possible.  Thank you to the volunteers  who walk the dogs in this weather you guys are an amazing and dedicated bunch we are  so lucky to have you! This weather is definitely getting me in the mood for  the holiday season though.  Thanksgiving is next week and  I can’t begin to tell you how  happy I am for  time with friends and family and food.  I hope you all have something special planned. Enjoy this weeks edition of  the newsletter!
Kimmi[toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]Hey everyone I wanted to give you a heads up that our new Behaviorist Alana has been
in meetings with me and with much of the other staff. We have some very exciting and
positive changes coming down the line for our animals and our amazing volunteer
programs. So keep your eyes peeled for new information and updates! Through these
meetings I have learned that dogs are not all getting their walks during our walk shifts.
When you come in to walk dogs the priority first is to walk all the dogs, within your tag
color, for a 7-10 minute potty walk. Once all of the dogs within your tag color have been
walked then you can go back and take the dogs out for longer walks for some fun and
socialization time. Your goal as dog walkers is to get the dogs out to potty as fast as
possible in order to preserve or create some semblance of housetraining and then to
help them enjoy themselves and interact with people positively while they are in our
care. With this goal in mind it is necessary to stay for the full two hours of your shift!! We
need you here to make sure all the dogs get the minimum potty walk and have as much
fun with us as possible. It’s important that you don’t leave early and leave the rest of your
team scrambling and staying late to finish what is started. If you need to leave early from
a shift, come late to a shift, or miss a shift you need to contact your team captain so they
can notify the rest of the team in advance and plan for that by requesting substitutes if
necessary. Lastly please only come in during your own walk shift, if you show up during
other walk shifts and you are not a sub and are not filling in for someone and it has not
been communicated with a team captain or shift lead or me then it sends the message to
the other walkers that you are part of their team. They start to think that they have a
bigger team then they actually do and that’s when we see people deciding to leave early
or not come at all as they assume that the team will be fine without them. So in
-Potty walks first 7-10 minutes
-Take dogs out for fun and socialization after potty walks are complete.
-Stay for your full 2 hours shift the dogs and your team are counting on you!
-Do not walk on other shifts unless you have arranged to do so in advance.
-Do not assume that the team you are on will be ok without you there.
If you have any questions about this information please contact your team captains or email
me directly! Thanks so much for working so hard to make WHS a fun and safe and
productive place to volunteer, we love having you guys here!
Side note- Tom Halsey and Lloyd Rhoades are really pushing forward with Project Fence. They dug 90
new postholes this last weekend. If you see them please give them a pat on the back
and a big thank you. Also since there are now holes on the property please watch where
you are going we don’t want anyone tripping or hurting themselves.[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Hello friends I want to remind you guys that the round-bottomed bowls we use for water
in the cat rooms should only be used if there is a holder on the door for it. The round
bottomed bowls do not sit well in the kennel without a holder, they end up falling over
and the kennel gets soaked and then we have kitties hanging out on cold wet towels.
Please remember to use hand sanitizer in between each kennel you deal with. Also
please make sure you are also kindly reminding the customer to do the same thing so our
kitties can stay healthy while they are here with us.[/toggle][toggle title=”Night at the Museum”]You can start your holidays off right with “A Night at the Museum” dinner
party. The Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University opens just for
our Willamette Humane guests, on December the 5th, for a private dinner
party and showing of the exhibit titled Contemporary Bestiary. Appetizers
begin at 5:30. A sumptuous buffet is served at 6:30 and paired with wines
from Honeywood Winery. Director and Curator, John Olbrantz, will discuss the
show during dessert. The museum is ours to explore before and after dinner.
For tickets and more information: https://willamettehumane.ejoinme.org/?[/toggle][toggle title=”Text to Give Christmas Tree at Salem Center Mall”]Warm up your texting skills!!! This Sunday night the 16th a group of volunteers and I
will be setting up our Christmas tree at the Salem Center Mall. There will be a few
other non-profits there with trees as well. This will be a contest where you can text in
your vote for your favorite tree. The best part is that you can text in your vote on a daily
basis… calling all family plans; we need your support!!! The voting will start on 11/22
and they will announce the winner on 12/18. Grand prize is $2000!!!! We were so
lucky last year to have BJ Andersen heading up this project and she did such a
fantastic job that we won the grand prize. I am really confident that our tree this year
will be very different but just as fun and we will go for a winning streak of 2 years in a
row![/toggle][toggle title=”What Are You Thankful For?”]Take a moment to stop in the hall outside of the Education Hall and see what the staff is
thankful for. Then fill out a slip yourself and tell us what you are thankful for. Is it for the
companionship of your pet you adopted here? Is it for the friends you have made
volunteering here? Is it for what WHS does for the community? Tell us why you are
thankful for WHS![/toggle][toggle title=”Do You Have any End of the Year Plans?”]I do! On December 29th we will be getting the volunteers and staff together to
have some fun while supporting WHS. Pints for Paws will be the event at
Santiam Brewing and they will be donating to us for each pint purchased. There
is going to be some great stuff in store so keep your eyes peeled for more
details coming down the line and mark your calendar as busy for Monday
December 29th!![/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]·Just a reminder for those of you who haven’t done so yet…. If you have a Fred Meyer
rewards card you can link your card to WHS and when you shop we earn rewards.
Check out this link https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4
·If you are doing any holiday shopping on Amazon remember to check out https://
smile.amazon.com/ you get all the same great deals but you earn money for WHS for
all of your purchases. It’s like double the giving during the giving season… feel good
about shopping!
·Any outdoor/feral kitties in your area?

At Natures Pet Market in salem 4555 Liberty Rd S.
Holiday Pet Photos
Saturday, November 22, 11 am to 3 pm
Professional Photos to Capture a Lifetime of Special Memories
$45 for 1 5×7 and 1 8×10 prints
$30 for 1 5×7 or 8 wallets
$10 for 1 lo res image for Facebook & email
50% of proceeds will go to support the Willamette Humane Society
Prints will be available at Nature’s Pet in approximately 2-3 weeks after the photo[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]A very, very big thank you to three great volunteers who have really helped me to keep
sane this last several week. Sydney Phelps, Larissa Schiewe, and Emily Tom.
Organizing files, filing, making copies, getting creative with projects, doing data entry, all
of that has been a huge help and you guys have been quite consistent and reliable and
productive all while having fun. Keep up the good work!
Tom Halsey and Lloyd Rhoades a huge thank you for spending so much time and
energy on Project Fence. This last weekend you dug 90 holes for posts. You guys are
an inspiration! Thanks you from all the dogs for working relentlessly to make this a safer
place to be.
-The dogs of WHS
Claudia, a kennel buddy volunteer helped me fill up waters in A and B cats, Thank you!
-Jean Johnson[/toggle][toggle title=”A Big Welcome To…”]Alana our new cat and dog behaviorist. She is currently offering behavior consults and in home training sessions. She is working on getting puppy classes going again soon and after the first of the year we should hear more about other training classes. Keep your eyes peeled on our website for new information! [/toggle]