Volunteer Weekly Newsletter for 12-3-14

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I know you guys missed your newsletter last week.  I was a very busy with the  holiday and such  and I figured I wasn’t the only one whose  place was a little full.   I figured it was  a safe bet to skip dessert… the newsletter.   I hope you enjoy these leftovers and  have an awesome week guys!
Thank you,
Kimmi[toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]A little pitty told me that some volunteers are not reading all the signs, notes, or instructions on
our dogs before they are taken out for a walk. Make sure you are paying attention to the
information on the walk list, the notes on the cork boards, the green sign on the dog walk desk,
and the signs on the front and the back of each kennel before you take a dog out. This will help
keep you and the dogs safe in a number of ways. Notes and signs are there to remind you who
needs a short leash walk, who is reactive with other dogs, who is a strong puller, who is jumpy
and mouthy, who needs to be walked a specific way out of the dog hallway, who can and cannot
be off leash, when and where dogs should be walked, and any other special instructions. If you
are unsure of the meaning of a sign or a note please see your shift leader, a red or blue tag dog
walker, or a staff member, before you take the dog out for a walk.[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Whispers from our whiskered friends say that seems like we have been making our own clean signs
for the cat kennels. You can find “clean/10 min soak” signs in the hallway, in the cupboards above
the cat sinks, and in the pen/paper organizers on their counters. If you run out and can’t find
anymore you can ask any staff member in exam to find some for you.[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]Thank you to Nancy Sanchez, Laurel Hines, and anyone else I have missed that have
brought us more leashes. You guys are great. It s so nice to have such a supportive
bunch of volunteers providing us the tools we need to keep doing what we do so well!
A very, very big thank you to Debra Davidson who has spent 8 hours over the last week
working with me to get my data entry caught up. You have made a big dent in my evergrowing
pile of information and I am so thankful. It makes the rest of my job so much
easier and smoother now that my information is all in one place. Your flexibility, your
ability to learn and to take initiative is greatly appreciated!
This shout out is for a huge group of people. The volunteer staff at the thrift store
have really outdone themselves. We have had such a wonderful turn out for the Holiday
Bazaar and it couldn’t and wouldn’t have been nearly as profitable without the help of
some really dedicated volunteers!
Ryan Wilkins is really good at writing playgroup notes -> SHOUT OUT for Ryan!! 🙂
-Jennifer Bodda
“I walked dogs on Thanksgiving 4-6. There were 21 dogs and we had 6 walkers. I noticed this morning, that some of
the dogs got 2 walks. During the evening, we also were able to get a lot of dogs a second walk. If you could just give a
shout out to all of those walkers and let them know how thankful I am and the dogs are that they gave part if their day
to our lovely hounds. 🙂 They made me proud.”
Jolene F
Please give a huge “Shout Out” to Caroline Patton if she hadn’t stepped up on Friday the 28th to man the horseshoe
desk, direct traffic and manage paperwork we would not have survived!!! She was amazing and was an integral part of
the Black Friday adoption special’s success.
-Marion Brandt[/toggle][toggle title=”Pints for Paws: 5th Monday Party”]Do you have any end of the year plans? BJ and I do!! On December 29th we
will be getting the volunteers and staff together to have some fun while
supporting WHS. Pints for Paws will be the event at Santiam Brewing and
they will be donating to us for each pint purchased. There is going to be some
great stuff in store including some special Pint Glasses made just for the
event! Mark your calendar as busy for Monday December 29th since you will
be at Santiam with the rest of us![/toggle][toggle title=”Text to Give Christmas Tree at Salem Center Mall”]The texting has begun!! Have you been voting? It’s not to late to start! Every day you
can vote for our Christmas tree that we have set up in the food court at Salem Center
mall. Send “Give4″ to 444222 every day to vote for us, from now until December the
15th. Last year we won $2000 let’s do it again this year!! Remind your friends and family
to text their votes too! It’s the easiest way to give back during the best time of year to
give![/toggle][toggle title=”Popovich Comedy Pet Theater”]The Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre comes to the Elsinore Theatre on Wednesday, Dec.
Tickets are still available!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wend3FgTJ7E[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]Adoption special! From December 7th to December 22nd we will have our 12 days of Christmas
holiday special. Adult cats will be $25 there will be 12 specific dogs highlighted for adoption
during this time.
Only through the end of the month of December is the Advantage II free dose program in
Davenport’s Den. If you buy a 4 pack of Advantage II you can fill out a coupon
and get a free tube instantly. So its 5 tubes for the price of 4 and you still get to
use your discount. Not a better deal in town anywhere – with your 20% discount it
works out to $8.48 a tube!!
Preliminary adoption numbers for November (finalized numbers to come out in a few weeks)
-We adopted out 181 cats and 74 dogs totaling 255 adoptions our goal was 225
last year we adopted out 241
-We transferred out 13 dogs and 51 cats totaling 64 animals and last year we
transferred out 59 animals
We couldn’t have done it without the dedication of the staff and volunteers. You guys are amazing!
Seasons Greetings From WHS!!!
list=PLSUQ1gg6M78XamD3htK_aBtTIEKzEmX_k&index=5[/toggle][toggle title=”Shelter and Clinic Closures”]The shelter will be closed to the public Christmas day and New Years day this year.
The clinic will be closed Wednesday December 24th through Friday January 2nd.[/toggle][toggle title=”Happy Tail”]BJ Andersen got a call from Jo Levine today. She adopted Rocky, and renamed him
Ricky (Ricardo). She called to tell us that he is the love of her life, they are working with
a trainer to provide him with the structure he needs and they go to dog parks for fun
together. She lost her chocolate lab girl 3 months ago, and was grieving terribly. Then
she met Rocky, and her heart has a new furry beloved. She can’t say enough about how
happy she is with him, and with her experience here. She mentioned Cassidy and Jessi,
and several others whose names she couldn’t remember.
She and Rocky/Ricky came to the shelter for playgroup recently and to get some
pictures done with Martha. Look at this happy pair. Thank you so much to the volunteers
who really pulled for this dog and worked with this dog. He gets to spend the holidays
with his new best friend. What a lucky boy!Ricky[/toggle]