Volunteer Weekly Newsletter for 12/27/14

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I am imagining you all sitting  around this weekend really stuffed and really tired from all the food and fun and travel.   I kept my newsletter short and sweet this week so as not to overload you in your weakened, post holiday state.   Next week is new years!  Crazy that a week from now  we will be in 2015.  Oh how the time flies!  Enjoy your tidbits and goodies this week guys!!
– Kimmi
[toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]Some friendly reminders for the dogs favorite people here!! Make sure that you are
putting the locks back in the kennel doors. During open hours that means those locks
are also supposed to be locked. Also make sure that you are returning the volunteer
keys when you are finished with your shift. We are missing quite a few sets of
keys. Check the pockets of your aprons as well at the end of your shift. Remember you
are supposed to be leaving your personal keys in the spot of the shelter keys so that
you have to go back to trade them in order to leave. We like the freedom you guys have
to go and swap your own keys but we won’t be able to maintain that freedom if the
keys stop coming back to us. Thank you for all that you do guys you are the best!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Hey cat hospitality volunteers. I know that you all love cleaning and caring for our
kitties. Remember that the social aspect of your assignment is just as important as the
cleaning. If you come in and it’s a fully staffed day and the cleaning gets done in record time please stay for your full two hours and socialize the kitties. Sit in the suite with the shy kitty just reading to them until they are comfortable enough to come to you and build up their confidence with people. For those kitties reaching out through the bars meet their frustration with some petting or grooming or treats or playing. For those kitties hiding behind their litter boxes or under their beds, stand next to their kennel and talk softly to them for several minutes and encourage them to come out and show them that people at the front of their kennel is a good thing. You guys are the kitties best friends while they are here, you are their family, they want so much from you but they don’t know how to ask, they don’t wag their tails like dogs they don’t run up and greet you and jump up on you (at least not all of them do) but they all want the same love and attention and affection and they want it on a schedule to make them feel safe and happy. Please stay your full two hours, there is no such thing as too much attention for the population of cats we have. Thank you guys for loving our pets as if they were your own you all are an amazing bunch and I am proud of you![/toggle][toggle title=”Job opportunities”]The following positions are currently open at WHS!
-Shelter Manager
-Intake Specialist
You can check out the job descriptions and find applications for these positions here https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/[/toggle][toggle title=”We Won Text2Give”]Wonderful news everyone, we won the Text2Give Christmas tree contest from Salem
Center!!! Thanks to everyone’s texting their votes in and sharing the contest with friends we won $2000! We were over 800 votes ahead of second place, so thank you guys for helping us make sure our animals are well taken care of this holiday season.[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]After a scare with their small dog at an off-leash park, Bill and Lynda Bush took action. They received permission to raise funds for a small dog off-leash area at Orchard Heights Park in West Salem. The go-getting couple are now raising funds and hope to have the area open by the Spring of 2015. One linear foot of fencing costs $15. Can you help? You can also donate in your pet’s honor. The pet’s name will go on a sign at the park. Donations can be made at SalemParksFoundation.org or sent to Salem Parks Foundation, P.O. Box 5764, Salem, OR 97304. Please indicate the donation is for the small dog park. If you have any questions, please contact Bill or Lynda at 503-391-6267
orchard heights dogs
Remember this is the last month that we will be doing the buy 4 get 1 tube free for Advantage2. Come to Davenport’s Den and get yours with your volunteer discount of 20% before it’s too late.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]Thank you to Francis Kessler for getting Parker out this weekend and really running
down his energy. He did great in playgroup today with a soft body and was not at
all phased by dogs all around him…. An amped up Parker doesn’t have that kind
of self control. Thank you to everyone who works with him on his control and his
mental and physical stimulation you all are doing great things for him.
Thank you to Rebecca Hellman and Stephanie Robinson in cat hospitality for taking
charge and ensuring that all the cat rooms got cleans on your last shift. Taya from
the staff really appreciates how thorough you guys are.
Dell and Regan in cat hospitality as well taking on extra rooms to ensure all the
kitties needs are met. – Taya
The whole of cat hospitality has really impressed me lately. You guys have been
working closely with me to make sure that not only the cats are getting what they
need but the teams are as well. Each day has a different dynamic but you guys are
doing such a good job working with me to maintain some exceptional teamwork
and keep things running smoothly and efficiently. You all are amazing and I am so
proud of you guys for working so hard and being willing to take on some extra
tasks and new rooms and support each other and the staff. Keep up the good
Jolene Jones hit her 1000 hours last week, join me in congratulating her achievement of Blue Tag!! Thank you for all of your time and effort spent with WHS!!