Volunteer Weekly Newsletter

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ITS HOT OUT!!!! As if you didn’t already know that.  Stay cool by any means necessary, swimming pools, splash pads, slip ‘n’ slides, sprinklers, popsicles, ice cream, air conditioners etc.   Sorry I went off on a tangent there imagining all the cool options.   I hope you  have a splendid weekend! Stay safe everyone!
[toggle title=”Red Tag Tidbits”]We are working on setting up dates for the next series of Red Tag Classes. If you are getting ready to come in to these classes please make sure that you have already watched the shy and fearful dog video. This video is available to be checked out from the volunteer library in the volunteer room. [/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Volunteers “]It is going to be very hot over the next 10-11 days. Please consider wearing a hat to protect your face from the sun. Wear sun screen. Drink plenty of water. There is water in the coolers by the dog walk desk. Make sure the dogs have access to plenty of water as well. Take breaks in the shade as needed. Avoid the concrete as much as possible Even with the heat the dress code of long pants, close toed shoes, and no tank tops, still applies. Thank you for pushing through the heat to help our dogs! You all are so generous and kind. We wouldn’t be the amazing shelter we are if it weren’t for you!
Remember to give your team captains advanced notice when you are taking time off. They use their personal time to find subs and calling out last minute is not fair to them, the dogs, or the rest of your team. Be responsible, call in early![/toggle][toggle title=”Playgroup Updates”]Just a couple of really neat things that we do with our dogs in playgroup, we help to understand their playstyle and their social level with other dogs.
Playstyles like:
Gentle and dainty is where dogs will bounce and hop and almost dance around each other with very little physical contact. It’s very polite play.
Push and pull where the dogs take turn chasing back and forth, they will give a play bow and entice a game and then it’s the other dogs turn invite play.
Rough and rowdy is exactly how it sounds, dogs who like to play very physically, wrestling and pouncing and running into each other even.
This helps us to make better matches with potential adopters as well as helps them to understand what kind of play drive their new family member has. This also helps us to match them up with play mates while they are here so we can get the most out of playgroup time!
Here is a darling picture of playgroup that Jessi sent me from Thursday’s group this week!
Playgroup 6-25-15
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]Carol Cahill thank you for being a Kennel buddy for every single dog you can during your time here. I heard that you timed it and spent 7 minutes with each available dog to ensure no one missed out on some love and attention! What a great goal to have! Our dogs are so lucky to have you!
Randy, Muriel, Laura, Pam, and Mary Sue, thank you all for jumping in to help pack and transport an entire household of donations to our Thriftstore. It was a big donation and we are thrilled at your willingness to help us take on the task! Lynn thanks you and so do all our furry friends here at WHS!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Did you know??
We have a great relationship with Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood Or. They work closely with our Foster and Rescue Coordinator Ashleigh to take on cats from us that need help. Sometimes its help with just how many animals we have. They take cats from us regularly and this opens up space for our community to bring in cats that need help. They take in cats as well from us that have medical or even behavioral concerns that we are unable to resolve here. We are so lucky to have such a resource for our kitties. Did I mention they are not only a helpful resource they are clever as well? Check out this really cute video I found of theirs.
Volunteer Central Board
Please remember to use the volunteer central board to report your absences as well as check for who might need a sub if you have some free time to come out and help us all out. It is kitten season and the adoption team is really pushing the envelope as far as adoptions go and they could use all the customer service help they can get! https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/volunteer/volunteer-central/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Opportunities and Events”]At Natures Pet Market 4555 Liberty Rd S
Offering the area’s first Pet Tech First Aid Certification and Training program. The class will be held Saturday, July 25th from 8am-5pm and the fee is $125.00
The course is designed for shelter employees, rescue personnel, kennel staff, groomers, obedience trainers and pet sitters, and pet parents. Those attending will learn how to effectively deal with chocking, breathing issues, bleeding, poisoning, muzzling, heat injuries, senior and dental care as well.
Classes are hand on and taught by Suzanne Brean a certified instructor and professional dog trainer.
Register online here
Bring your lunch on the day of the course. Snacks and Drinks will be provided. For more information, Call Suzanne Brean at 541-974-0324 or mylittledogtraininbiz@yahoo.com
Humane Fest!!
To kick off the celebration of WHS’ 50th year we are hosting Humane Fest on July 18th from 2-6pm here at the shelter. If you have been to a Yappy Hour before than you will really love this event. There is going to be food and drinks, live music, playgroup, vendors, and its family friendly. Pack all the kids in the car (both two and four legged) and come on down to enjoy some sunny fun to celebrate with us!
Humanefest Logo
Pints for Paws!
Monday the 29th of June is our favorite kind of Monday, the 5th Monday. That means beer with BJ, fundraising for fuzziest, and hanging out with some of the coolest cats I know, the staff and volunteers I mean. We will be at Santiam Brewery from 4-9pm and we hope to see you there. You must be 21 years old to attend.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs28yXdgEYY
This is why we have different kennels here!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Things to Get Excited About”]
Things to Get Excited About!!
• This is Willamette Humane Society’s 50th Anniversary Year! Keep your eyes peeled for celebrations and ways to particpate in making memories all through the next year.
• Our fiscal year ends Tuesday June 30th. There will be some wonderful things to celebrate when all the financials come back! Stay Tuned!
• Kitten Caboodle is going to be a pop up kitten adoption center in the Salem Center Mall starting next month. I feel like shopping!!
• I will be getting an assistant! I haven’t met them yet but I cannot wait to introduce you all to my new friend!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Meet the Staff”]
Sara Masser is our Development Assistant. This is a woman with many talents, a big heart, and creativity that never ends. She is a key player in ensuring our events are all top notch, that our donors are all thanked, and that the monetary donations
that comes in goes where it should.
Sara is what we lovingly call a “foster failure” and is the proud mommy of an amazing dog named Ginger. She also is certified to do animal massage and when you sponsor a massage for a pet through WHS, this is the gal who delivers!
Stop by the Super Cube in admin (or pints for paws) and say hello!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Join Me on an Adventure”]There is a mountain that I and my colleagues will be climbing and you are encouraged to join. It’s going to be quite the journey. It will take team work and dedication but I feel we are all strong enough to conquer this mountain. The mountain I am talking about is Laundry Mountain. Some of you have already taken this challenge on and some of you are already a pro. We recently have seen how daunting this mountain has become and we cannot traverse it on our own. If you have extra time after your shift for a few minutes please stop in to fold some, to swap from the washer to the dryer ( with training of course) and even grab a stack of clean folded laundry and go put it away. If we all pitch in this mountain will quickly become a minor bump!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Pet Safety Tips for the Heat Wave”]
Pet Safety Tips for the Heat Wave!
• Pets dehydrate quickly, provide frequent access to clean fresh water, have shady places to hang out, do not over exercise
• Do not leave your pets in a hot car, if you are uncomfortable in the car they are probably more so
• Don’t let your pet linger on the hot asphalt not only can it burn their foot pads, they are low to the ground and feel the heat coming up off the ground much more than we can.
• Brush your pets more to help reduce the excess shedding coat. Avoid shaving them as the undercoats act as insulation to keep them cool.