Volunteer Weekly Newsletter

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[toggle title=”Behavior Nook: Playgroup Walkers Needed!“]Playgroups are M-F, 8-10am. We need walkers on every shift but especially M, Th, F.
Playgroups help us evaluate dogs for social interactions and make better decisions about their adoption placements. Playgroups reduce shelter dog syndrome and provide mental health and enrichment for all dogs. Playgroups are great for people, too! Many of our playgroup volunteers share that they enjoy their shift more on days they have playgroup because it’s so fun to see the dogs romping and playing. Will you join us? We need 3 dedicated volunteers for every playgroup to help bring dogs out and back to their kennels. Red/Blue walkers are particularly appreciated.
Thanks for your support![/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Volunteers“]Let’s respect our dog home and help the dogs do the same. They are not to utilize the following as chew toys:
• Leashes
• Harnesses
• Garden hoses
• Chairs
• Bowls
• Chuck its (or their off brand equivalent)
• And you.
Please pay attention to what your dog is doing. If they are not acting appropriately in that area they need to be removed. Please do not remove items from a dog’s mouth with your hands as it can cause a provoked bite and the dog can end up on bite quarantine. Thank you all for your diligence and care for our dogs and their home here.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat and Dog Volunteers“]There are new hold slips. They are still the same color pink. They no longer have all the spots to write things on. This makes it much quicker for us to place a slip in holder. The slips do not advise if the animal has more than one hold or not as we do not want to discourage anyone from coming up to ask. This gives our staff and volunteers the ability to talk to them about another pet if the first one they looked at has three holds. If they see three holds and just leave we lose out on the potential to make another match! So not only is this time saving it keeps us connected with our customers! Please see a member of adoptions if you have any questions during your shift.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Annual Western Show“]Dog Save the Queen[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs!“]Mary Sue Losee: Helping pack up a kitchen with donations for the Thrift Store. Thank you!
Bob: Has been helping a lot in the clinic in the past two weeks, filling in when I have been short. I have really appreciated Bob being in the clinic when it has been crazy busy. Thank you, Bob!
-Jessica[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Opportunities and Events“]Humane Fest!!
To kick off the celebration of WHS’ 50th year we are hosting Humane Fest on July 18th from 2-6pm here at the shelter. If you have been to a Yappy Hour before than you will really love this event. There is going to be food and drinks, live music, playgroup, vendors, and its family friendly. Pack all the kids in the car (both two and four legged) and come on down to enjoy some sunny fun to celebrate with us! Bring your dog to the Humane Fest on July 18th and show your volunteer badge to enter any Dog Training Workshop for FREE! Learn new skills and meet our Behavior and Training team! Topics may include:
Stop Jumping On Me! (Default Sit to greet)
Magic Trick Training (Hand Target)
Walk This Way: Loose Leash Skills
Get Clickin’: How to Begin Clicker Training
Shy Dog Confidence Building
Nail Trim Training
Find an Ask a Trainer booth—we’ll be over by the play yard shed—and register. We will have workshops on the half hour.
Pet Tech First Aid Certification and Training Program
The class will be held Saturday, July 25th from 8am-5pm and the fee is $125.00 at Natures Pet Market 4555 Liberty Rd S.
The course is designed for shelter employees, rescue personnel, kennel staff, groomers, obedience trainers and pet sitters, and pet parents. Those attending will learn how to effectively deal with chocking, breathing issues, bleeding, poisoning, muzzling, heat injuries, senior and dental care as well.
Classes are hand on and taught by Suzanne Brean a certified instructor and professional dog trainer.
Register online here:
Bring your lunch on the day of the course. Snacks and Drinks will be provided. For more information, Call Suzanne Brean at 541-974-0324 or mylittledogtraininbiz@yahoo.com
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers“]We have recently seen a lot of Catnip in the shelter. We have been informed by Dr. Harter that cat nip for cats in the shelter is actually more harmful than good. Catnip gets a cat really riled up generally it doesn’t have the calming affect people think. So basically it is like giving a small child a lot of sugar and then putting them in a strait jacket in a small room with no outlet. Mentally this is not a good experience for our kitties. So we have been asked to remove all catnip and stop using it. Thank you for looking out for our kitties’ best interest and working to improve their quality of life while they are here. [/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits & Goodies“]Maru the Cat loves boxes: https://youtu.be/Ii6NDonk9oc[/toggle][toggle title=”Fact of the Week”]Ostriches can run faster than horses.[/toggle][toggle title=”Employment Opportunities“]Employment Opportunities
Check the log book and website for current openings at WHS: https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Team Captains“]There have been an awful lot of absences lately! Please contact your team captains in advance. Respect the time and work it takes for your captains and your teammates. Thank you !!
Sunday– Sherrie Andrews Sgandrews1@comcast.net 503-910-5429
Monday- Krystal Kraig Krystalkraig@gmail.com 503-584-1711
Tuesday – Joan Fraser Joanfraser48@yahoo.com 503-931-9318
Wednesday – Martha Russell Martha@salemrussells.com 503-540-8723 or 503-508-1716
Thursday – Barb Cash CCBarb@comcast.net 503-581-8685 or 971-444-0058
Friday – Caroline Patton carebear014@hotmail.com 541-908-2115
Saturday – Taylor Meyer Meyer_taylor10@yahoo.com 503-910-9681
[/toggle][toggle title=”Meet the Staff“]Rachael Fredericksen
Rachael Fredericksen
Rachel is a part of the animal welfare team. She can constantly be found buzzing about completing tasks that help the animals in our care. She is a really great resource if you have any questions about the animals, cleaning procedures, or where supplies are kept.[/toggle][toggle title=”Humane Fest“]Fifty years of adoption is a great reason to celebrate! Help us kick off our 50th anniversary at Humane Fest on Saturday, July 18th from 2 to 6 p.m.
Bring your dog for playgroups, pictures, and behavior workshops (FREE for volunteers).
Bring your cat for pictures! It’s hard to host cat events, but volunteer Marilyn takes wonderful cat photos. Bring your fuzzy in a carrier and have their picture taken in our quite photo room.
Come by yourself or bring a friend and have a beer and visit with vendors. There’s something for everyone.
Kid’s activities 3 – 6
Dog playgroups 2 – 6
Smoothie bar 3 – 5
Santiam Brewery beer 4 – 6
Food by Jimi Rigged 4 – 6
Pet vendors 2 – 6
Adoptable animals from various organizations 2 – 6
Clicker trained horse-various times
Behavior and Training demos – agility, play training your dog and more 2 – 6
Canine Good Citizen tests 2 – 6
Some activities are free, some are by donation, some are for purchase.
Save $5! Is your dog a Canine Good Citizen? Let’s find out! We’re running the AKC CGC test at the Humane Fest on July 18th and you’re invited to register! Click here and enter Save5 at the checkout for a volunteer appreciation discount of $5 off the registration price.
We’d like to provide some shade for our Humane Fest guests on Saturday, July 18th. Do you have a pop-up canopy we can borrow? Please bring it to admin, any time before Saturday the 18th at noon, with your name on it. We’ll set it up and take it down. They will be available for pick up Sunday, July 19th….also in admin.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Kitten Kaboodle“] Grand opening 7/25/15
We still have openings for volunteers to come help us adopt out kittens and supervise our kitten library! Weekends from 11-6:30pm as well as shorter shifts from 12-3 and then from 3-6:30pm.
Please contact Ashleigh if you would like to help out!
503-585-5900 ext. 303
Foster@whs4pets.org[/toggle][toggle title=”Supplies Needed“]The clinic needs fleece blankets/ fabric and towels
Playgroup needs more squirt bottles and a new hose as a dog chewed up the one in the yard.