Volunteer Weekly Newsletter

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Is it fall yet? All this heat is just a bit much for me.  I need to learn how to work remotely from the river or the beach  then it won’t be so bad.   For those of you who have air conditioning… I am free to come over every  evening and on weekends.    I hope you all stay  cool in whatever way you can!
[toggle title=”Cat and Dog Volunteers”]
Clean pet bedding. Please make sure that if you are cleaning up bedding from an animal that you are putting any feces in that bedding into the trash and not into the laundry. If it needs to be picked off the blanket please use a glove and remove it from the laundry. DO NOT put soiled blankets or towels back into a kennel with an animal they always get clean ones.
Just imagine you are the one going to throw in a load of laundry and you reach your hand into a pile of poop. Not a pleasant experience. Laundry is already one of things that people don’t love to do, let’s not turn them off of it anymore!
All animals need to have beds! Kuranda beds are the preference so that the pets all have something get them up off the cold metal kennel bottom or the concrete floor.  A couple of blankets on the floor can easily become cold as well so getting them up off of the floor makes them much more comfortable.  If you know of a clean kuranda bed not being used and there is a dog without one please move it to the kennel with the animal that needs it.  All kuranda beds for cats and dogs are to be cleaned inside of the kennel in the same fashion that the kennels are cleaned.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]There have been an awful lot of absences lately! Please contact your team captains in advance. Respect the time and work it takes for your captains and your teammates. Thank you!!
Sunday– Sherrie Andrews Sgandrews1@comcast.net 503-910-5429
Monday- Krystal Kraig Krystalkraig@gmail.com 503-584-1711
Tuesday – Joan Fraser Joanfraser48@yahoo.com 503-931-9318
Wednesday – Martha Russell Martha@salemrussells.com 503-540-8723 or 503-508-1716
Thursday – Barb Cash CCBarb@comcast.net 503-581-8685 or 971-444-0058
Friday – Caroline Patton carebear014@hotmail.com 541-908-2115
Saturday – Taylor Meyer Meyer_taylor10@yahoo.com 503-910-9681
Red Tag Training Classes
Things just got really awesome! Russ just opened up another series of trainings for red tag! There are so many classes right now that I urge all of you dog walkers (even brand new walkers) to take advantage of these classes. They are free to you and they will teach you some excellent dog handling skills. You can never learn these skills too early and have too much time to practice them. You can even take the classes more than once if you feel you need or want to. Then once you hit your 50 hours you will be a pro and the assessment will even easier than it already is! There are sign-up sheets in the volunteer room for all of these classes! The classes are as follows:
Friday July31st 4-6pm Lesson 1:Shy dogs
Thursday August 6th 4-6pm Lesson 2: Bouncy dogs
Saturday August 15th 2-4pm ASSESSMENT
Friday August 21st 4-6pm Lesson 1:Shy dogs
Thursday August 27th 4-6pm Lesson 2: Bouncy dogs
Tuesday August 4th 6-7pm Lesson 2: Bouncy dogs
Tuesday August 11th 6-7pm Lesson 1:Shy dogs
Tuesday August 18th 6-7pm Lesson 2: Bouncy dogs
Tuesday August 25th 6-7pm Lesson 1: Shy dogs
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout outs”]A big, big thank you to Andy Byers who built the beautiful Kissing Booth for our Willamutt Strut. He took the creative license and ran with a beautiful and extremely functional design. This is going to be a really fun attraction to have at many events to come. We are so impressed with your talent and appreciative of you help! Thanks for coming through with an excellent build! -Kimmi
Jolene Jones, Caroline Patton, Marianne Fox and all the afternoon Sunday Dog Walkers who helped me catch up with taking pictures of 22 new dogs on the 12th. Jolene, Caroline and Marianne came expressly to help me by bringing out the dogs, and the Sunday walkers are always so willing to help me as they walk the newbies. I’m so grateful!
-Thanks, Martha
Carol Black is doing an amazing job working on Rx with our dogs. She comes prepared with plenty of supplies which she has purchased herself. I saw her spend close to two hours with Pal the other day which he really needed and thoroughly enjoyed. She is just fantastic.
-Marianne Fox
[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Opportunities, Events, Promotions”]Chico’s (Dog and) Catwalk!
It’s time to shop for WHS! Chico’s at Salem Center is hosting a fashion show for your favorite shelter! Swing by Salem’s downtown mall on Wednesday, Aug 5th at 6 p.m. to see all the latest fashions. WHS volunteers (we still need a few folks if you want to participate) and dogs! will walk the catwalk. 10% of proceeds from the evening benefit Willamette Humane.
To model or for questions, contact Meredith at meredith.kuhl@whs4pets.org or 503-585-5900 ext. 304.
If you are able to volunteer as a model for our fashion show you will need to come in early and you have the option of bringing your own dog to strut their stuff alongside of you in the show!
Dog Days of Summer
Check out dog friendly events at Salem center mall on Wednesday nights. Here is the events page to see what’s coming as they post it! https://www.salemcenter.com/events/ Fashion hounds will be first on Wednesday the 5th of August. You can check out the Kitten Kaboodle Store while you are there and toss in a little bit to rent a kitten cuddle to support WHS! We will be there will you?
Pick Your Price!
August will have a “Pick Your Price” adoption special for adult cats! If you or someone you know has been looking for just the right friend now you can get one at just the right price! Help us reach our goal of 50 extra cat adoptions for the month of August. Share with your friends and family!
Back to School Sale
The thrift store will be having a back to school sale on Friday and Saturday August 8th and 9th. I bet you could get a lot of cool supplies and some nice clothes for a great price! Talk about easy on the budget! Plus as a volunteer you are getting 25% any other day as well!
Yappy Hour
Friday Aug 28th we are hosting Yappy Hour here at the shelter from 5-7pm! Bring your dog and your friends, and your friend’s dogs. Have a beer, eat some food, and let the dogs run around making new friends. Hey you could even make a new friend. I will be there and I would love to see you there too! If you would like to volunteer to help with set up of this event please let me know!
Pints for Paws
August 31st from 4-9 pm at Santiam Brewing. Black Sheep catering next door has some amazing nachos and you should all come out and eat nachos with me, have a beer with BJ and play with some kittens! We would love to have you. It’s always a great event. If you haven’t signed up to be a Golden Hearts member that would be a great time as well, you can get a free pints for paws pint glass with a ticket for a free fill of Santiam’s finest brew!
August Outreach Events!
We have a lot of outreach events planned for August if you haven’t signed up to go hang out with some awesome volunteers, talk about how great WHS is, and potentially show off a furry friend looking for a home then now is the time! Please contact Katie at katelin.decker@whs4pets.org
Bowser’s Boo Bash
I heard today that Bowser’s Boo Bash is only 13 weeks away. That may sound like a lot. I don’t know about you, but my weeks fly by with as much fun as I am having here. It’s going to be party time before we know it. One step at a time Kimmi! Right now we are focusing on donations for auction items. I know that I will have great handmade ornaments!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]We are hearing again that the Virkon is being left in cat cages. If you spray a kennel and you have not wiped it down you need to make sure there is a sign that says 10 min soak. Once it has soaked for 10 minutes then you come back with a clean damp rag and wipe out the Virkon. When Virkon dries and is left on a kennel it can cause chemical burns to our kitties. It is very important that we follow all the steps to a clean cat kennel.
Every step is there because every step in important. If you are on your way out and unable to finish please make sure the next volunteers or members of our animal welfare team are aware that there are soaking kennels that need to be wiped out.
You all are wonderful for taking care of our cats. I know that we need a reminder once in a while about processes here. If you need a refresher the 7 steps to a clean kennel are posted on the inside of the upper cupboard doors in A and B cats. Thank you all for being thorough from here on out!
[/toggle][toggle title=”The Big 50″]Have you seen the Big 50 in the hall by the kitten room? If not go check it out. The goal is to fill in the 50 with pictures from happy tails. Pictures of pets adopted from WHS. If you have an adopted pet from here please bring in and put up a picture. If you have a friend or a family member who adopted from us ask them to give you one to bring in as well. We will not be contacting anyone to come back in to get the pictures so make sure it is a copy you do not necessarily need back. I am getting a few pictures of Vinny together to decide which one will be the best one!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Humane Fest”]Humane Fest was a great way for us to connect with other rescue organizations and vendors. Smoothies were very popular, and we had a decent turn out overall. The heat was kind of a bummer, and there was no playgroup for dogs due to the heat. Thank you for those that came out to show your support, and we hope to see you at Yappy Hour!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Behavior Nook”]This video is dedicated to Jean Dion cause we know she would love it. Also this is a great idea for enrichment for dogs! Pugs in a ball pit!
pug in a ball pit
[/toggle][toggle title=”Kimmi’s Fact of the Week”]On average, 25% of shelter dogs are purebred!
Remember the two rotties we recently had? Remember Cindy Lou? Many of the dogs that come through here are purebred. Tell your friends who are looking for just the right dog that there is a chance it will come through here and the best way to know… is to be a volunteer! [/toggle][toggle title=”Meet the Staff”]Sarah Steele 2
Sarah Steele
Let’s take a minute to congratulate Sarah on her recent promotion to Intake Supervisor. She started out as a dog walker and helped Martha with blog pictures. She has a heart for senior pets with sweet dispositions. Feel free to ask Sarah for help with any animal care task as she really knows her way around WHS and how we do things!
Sarah enjoys crafts and thrift store shopping adventures! She adopted her sweet dog from here here, pictured above is Sarah and Gimli.