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Funny Newsletter
[toggle title=”Kitten Kaboodle Update!”]BJ Martinez
I wanted to share my excitement over the 19 ADOPTIONS  this weekend at Kitten Kaboodle. Yowza–how’s that for finding some terrific homes for our foster babies!!!
We were a little shorthanded this weekend but we pulled together and made it happen. Thank you so much!
The last adoption happened just as we were closing. So at 6:10pm. My special thanks to Jordan and our new volunteer Daniel for getting the final clean-up done, the checklist, all the crates and playpens…all this without my help since I was preoccupied with the adoption. You were amazing!!!
I also want to give a shout-out to Peggy for offering to come in for an hour on Saturday to help check in fosters. Couldn’t have done it without you. So thankful!
Revenue generated from cat adoptions:   $7,110.00
Revenue generated from dog adoptions:  $335.00
Kitten Library and other donations:  $603.00
Retail sales:  $1,547.96
Grand Total:  9,596.96
Truly awesome!!!
[toggle title=”Science Geek Needed”]Is there a science geek in our ranks who would be interested in putting together a mad scientist laboratory?
Call Meredith at 503-585-5900 ext. 304 or email meredith.kuhl@whs4pets.org.
[toggle title=”Dog Walkers at Kitten Kaboodle”]In conjunction with Kitten Kaboodle we bring dogs to show off at the mall! If you a trained walker and would be interested in giving us a hand email Katie katelin.decker@whs4pets.org or BJ at bj.martinez@garmin.com
[toggle title=”Fact of the Week”]Dogs do not have an appendix![/toggle]
[toggle title=”Bowser’s Boo Bash Update”]Bowser’s Boo Bash is our biggest event of the year. We could not pull it off without a hearty bunch of volunteers. Please consider volunteering time on Saturday, October 24th. We need help with:
Transport (8 a.m. – 9 a.m.) Move silent auction items to the Convention Center
Set-up at the Convention Center (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Set up the silent auction items and bid sheets
Dog greeters (4:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.) Pick up a dog from WHS, greet out guests, and return dogs to WHS
Check-in/Data Entry/check out (4:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.) Computer stuff!
Silent Auction Crew (4:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.) Watch the silent table bids, answer questions, and close the tables
Live auction recorder & runner (6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.) Run (or walk) winning live auction information to the computer people
Live auction spotter (6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.) Help the auctioneer spot people in the audience as they bid on the live auction items
Item Pick-up (7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.) Pass out the silent auction items to winners
Clean up Crew (9:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.) Self explanatory
After Party Game Keepers (8:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.) Man the games during the after party.
As you can see, we have many spots to fill.
Email meredith.kuhl@whs4pets.org if you’d like to pitch in and what job you’d like to do. We will provide breakfast goodies in the morning and a roasted vegetable dinner in the evening.
Ideally we’d like two people who can  help set up in the morning and return in the evening for pick up. It’s much easier to man pick-up when you’ve seen the items (during set-up).
[toggle title=”Mutts On The Mile With Capitol Subaru”]Capitol Subaru has invited us to a mile loop walk in September. Mutts for a Mile is Thursday, September 17th from 5 – 7 p.m. at Capitol Auto Group. We need five volunteers . Four will be stationed around the mile loop. One will take/sell tickets for wine/beer. If you’re up for spending a cool (hopefully!) evening outside, please email Meredith.kuhl@whs4pets.org. We’ll meet at Capitol Subaru at 4:30/4:45. Refreshments will be served. If you can’t volunteer, bring your pooch for a short walk.
[toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies!”]Click Here for an awesome video about how dogs see with their noses!
[toggle title=”Save the Date!”]We turn 50 this year and we want to PARTY about it! Empty your calendars for November 7th and spend the day with us! Its going to be a BLAST! Stay tuned for more details!
[toggle title=”Yappy Hour”]Friday September 25th we are hosting Yappy Hour here at the shelter from 5-7pm! Bring your dog and your friends, and your friend’s dogs.
Bring your refundable bottles and cans for DIG. We are so thrilled to get sound reducing materials for stray dogs but in order to do that we need some funds! DIG is going to help pay for that so bring your cans and bottles, ask your friends and neighbors as well. Bring them with you to Yappy Hour tomorrow!
Donations collected at Yappy Hour will contribute to the cost of these materials as well.
[toggle title=”Shout Outs!”]Jolene is irreplaceable.
On top of being an experienced handler and working with some of our hard to walk pups, she also regularly takes them for respite.
When we were having a hard time evaluating a dog, she took him on her own dime to a cottage on the coast to give him a break from his biggest stress, the shelter. She came and worked with him every day for more than 10 days, and when a transport was available, she drove him 2.5 hours in her own car herself.
She has a BIG heart for her dogs here, and is always looking to help. She asks questions and keeps herself educated. She joins in our 360 meetings to be a liaison to the shelter staff and volunteers and she is really genuine. Her smile is contagious and I love knowing our dogs get her love and affection. She is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and balances all of this with logic, making her an asset to our shelter. We are beyond fortunate to have her dedicating and donating her time to us and our dogs and mission.
Jolene, we couldn’t do this without you.—Rachel Backer
Marianne-she comes on my shifts on Sundays and she has helped me out so much in becoming a better volunteer then i used to be. –Daniel
BJ Martinez, Vickie Clarke, Janine Catalino, and all the dog walkers who came on Wednesday to make our day fabulous. —Katie Decker
Jolene Jones is a constant at WHS.  She is always pulling for the underdog and putting in her time and resources toward helping our over exuberant dogs back in strays.  She spends so many extra hours aside from her walking shifts either working on the RX dogs or just spending time with those who need it.  She spends her own money making sure that dogs who would perform best in Martingale collars get them and she is patient beyond words.—Krystal
Shout out to Linda Leek– You have put in triple and quadruple a regular dog walker shift for the last three months! JUST in Sub hours outside your regular shift! That is such a heart warming gift to our animals, don’t think for a second it goes unnoticed!—Anna and Kimmi
Marla Briggs–she has not only been a regular Thursday morning Dog Walker, she has trained and worked as a Playgroup person, she subs almost every week on Wednesday and other days when needed and has been there from the very beginning on Project Fence.  he got her husband Brian to join in and they have been such an important part of the Project Fence success.  She continually contributes to WHS and other rescues to help animals, and has a great blog that is dedicated to helping animals.—Barb Cash
Linda Leek. She has a regular weekly dog-walking shift, but during this time of year when people are taking their last trips of the summer, we have many absences. And when the person missing is a Red walker, it’s especially difficult. Linda is a fabulous Red sub. Not only is she a great dog handler, not a bit hesitant to take our rowdy ones out, but she is totally dependable. I have called her so many times in a bind on any of my three Wednesday shifts and she happily agrees to come in and walk. It is such a relief to know that I can ask her and know that I can stop worrying about all the dogs getting out. She is a treasure to WHS.—Martha and Joan and Caroline! 🙂
Also I could nominate Katie ( mother of Laslo and Daniel) who is always taking dogs on respite with her son.  She has been a walker with her sons for quite a while and is so enthusiastic about anything “dogs”.  She and her sons took the red tag classes so they could work with more dogs.  She is so dedicted to the shelter and so positive all the time.  She even brought me an overgrown zucchini so I could make bread out of it.  Nice lady! —Rachel
Jolene Jones for all the work she has done with dogs.  She went that extra mile to take Pal to the beach and then to take him all the way to Redmond.  She has been an OP trainer in the past and also a playgroup assistant leader.  She also has one or two walking shifts each week and comes in to work the Rx program.—Rachel Backer
Mindy is such a blessing! She comes and gives her time to be with the customers and help ease the stress on Adoptions. She stays at the horseshoe and makes sure people are available for customers. When intake is needed: she pages! when a customers time is ready from the wait list, she pages! when we need a staff member to davenports, she pages! Having her to be there to show the customers that we want to help is a big help. And the amount of time she donates is wonderful!
We are grateful for her help!—Rachel Backer
Did you see the bone shaped plaque in the volunteer room? A huge THANKS from Oregon Department of Corrections and the WHS Behavior Program to the following individuals who brought dogs to the inmates and their families at a great Dog Days of Summer event on 8/31. Marianne Fox, Eric Pierce, Linda Crosby, Allen Pfeiffer and Caroline Patton for bringing Cooper, Mr. Miyagi, James, McGruff, Helia, Helena, Blossom, Mathilda and Nugget  to the event – they all were simply amazing!—Catherine
Jolene Jones– Thank you for being an advocate for Pal. Taking him and so many other dogs for beach respite, working with our swim buddies, getting our bite quarantine dogs the love they deserve…is there anything you can’t do?!—Anna and Kimmi
[toggle title=”Calling all Arborists!”]Do you know an arborist? Do you KNOW an arborist? We are in need of a professional trim around here and would love your help! We aren’t in a hurry but if you or someone you know can help, head on over to volunteer@whs4pets.org and drop us a line! You will probably need a bucket lift. 🙂
**This donation of your services is probably a GREAT tax break, we’re just putting that out there…
[toggle title=”Playgroup! It is Important!”]Playgroup is when the dogs can be dogs. They run off leash, sniff and poop and pee where they want to, establish social connections with other dogs and where we can evaluate them for sociability with other dogs. Playgroup is critical for our dog’s mental and physical well-being. Runners, Scribes and a playgroup lead (Wednesday) are needed for 8-10am shifts weekdays. Training provided. Not sure? Drop in and observe!  Playgroups happen 8-10 am every weekday.
[toggle title=”Nature’s Pet Emergency Cards available!”]No More Worries!
What would happen to your pets at home if something happened while you were away for the day? Who would take care of your fur babies if you were in an accident or became incapacitated? We created an “ANIMALS AT HOME” EMERGENCY CARD to give peace of mind to people with pets. Carry it in a wallet right next to your drivers license to be found and used in case of emergency. We will even be glad to laminate it for you after you fill it out.
You can obtain a card at no charge, yes FREE, at
Nature’s Pet Market – located in the SunnySlope Shopping Center.
Sunny Paws Grooming
[toggle title=”Chemeketa Professional Dog Trainer Classes”]Chemeketa Professional Dog Trainer Classes start 9/28 and registration fees are on sale!  Click here for more information or talk to Catherine, our Behavior Program Manager, who is also the instructor of these great, dog-nerdy classes!
[toggle title=”Behavior Nook”]Does your dog need fine tuning?
If your dog is a rock star at home but could use a little polish when you are out on the town, come join us for WHS’s Community Canine class!  It is six weeks of real world, fun practice of important skills like polite greetings, walking nicely on leash, impulse control, and much more that will make taking your dog places so much more enjoyable and relaxing.  Before you register online, ask Chelsea about your volunteer discount!  See you there!
[toggle title=”Notes for Volunteers!”]Please don’t move the Kennel front Markers! They are going scarce and hard for us to replace! Please leave them on the kennel front where you found them!
Don’t forget the counter is no place for dirty stools and garbage can lids! Every time they’re plopped on a clean counter, it has to be re-sanitized! What a waste of valuable time!
Are you interested in becoming a dog walker sub? Email volunteer@whs4pets.org to get put on the list! Better yet tell us your tag color and your availability!
The Kuranda beds are to be left in the kennels not added to the laundry. They get cleaned at the same time you clean the inside of the kennels!
Don’t Forget to put your WHS pet picture up in the big 50! We want to see that beauty FULL!
With so much going on with the dogs at WHS (playgroup, behavior training, camps, etc.), it sometimes becomes difficult to remember what dog you are taking out and what kennel s/he is in.  As of Thursday, September 3, we are going to try to have a new system to help you remember the dogs and their location.  There is going to be a badge holder card in the halter container or clipped to the kennel information at each kennel.  On it will be the color code for the location of the kennel (A dogs, Strays, Infirmary, etc.) and the number of the kennel.  The color code is on the top of the index card container.   On the card in the card holder will be hand printed the dog’s name that is staying in that particular kennel.  When you go to harness the dog, please take the card and put it in your apron pocket or clip it to your apron.  If you turn the dog over to someone (like in playgroup or for some other reason) give the card in the badge holder to the person so they know which dog it is and where s/he is to go.  Once back at the kennel, place the card back in the halter container, along with the halter or clip it back on the plastic information on the door.
There is going to be a plastic index box containing marker pens, extra cards, and color tabs.  If the card is badly damaged, please fill out a new one put it in the badge holder and put it in the halter container.  The card is to stay with the kennel.  When a dog is moved or adopted, etc.  Cross the name off the card and write down the new dog’s name.  We hope this will help keep track of halters, dogs, and provide less confusion, when you are trying to get all the dogs out and can’t remember who you took out last or what his or her name is.  If you have any questions, please contact Barb Cash ccbarb@comcast.net  or if you have suggestions to make it better.   Thanks for your help with this.
[toggle title=”Employment Opportunities”]Volunteer Manager
-Full Time
Intake Specialist
-On Call
Adoptions Specialist
–Part Time
Veterinary Assistant
–Full Time
Animal Welfare Specialist–Part Time/ On Call
Animal Welfare Technician–Full Time
Intake Specialist
-On Call
Certified Veterinary Technician-Part Time
There are quite a few openings right now. Please ensure you read the application instructions and follow them carefully.
[/toggle]Happy Cat