Volunteer Weekly Newsletter

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I hope that everyone got a taste of the gorgeous sunshine today.  I was out and about and I loved every minute of it.  Favorite, Vinny,  and Radar went to the dog park and the whole town seemed to be there! I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your weekend!
[toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]Remember to put Kennel locks in the doors of the kennels so that dogs cannot knock them off and get out and go wandering.
Please make sure that you are wearing your name tags so that staff and other volunteers know who you are and what level of training you have. If you do not have a name tag or you don’t have the correct color please send me an e mail or write me a note and put it on the board outside of my office.
There are several dogs in Iso this week so make sure you a lot plenty of time to get them out as long as possible![/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]I sent out a reminder e mail on only using one scoop of litter so that we are not going over budget. I also want to remind you that if there is no urine in the litter box and there is just a present you can use a glove to remove the present and as long as the rest of the box is still clean you can leave it as is. This will also prevent the waste of litter pellets. Thank you guys so much![/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]
Kelsey Popovich, Caroline Patton, Marianne Fox, Jolene Jones, Linda Crosby, Playgroup volunteers, dog walkers, and Dog walk team captains, way to be proactive and set up new arrival, Tucker, for success!
-BJ Andersen
Jolene Jones and Sherrie Andrews just recently hit 1000 hours!!! Thank you so many ladies for all your hard work and all your time spent with us. We are so thrilled and so lucky to have you here as volunteers and supporters!
Linda Crosby a very big thank you to you for helping our volunteer dog walkers continue to learn and move up to red tags. In the last month or so she has helped at least 6 people move up to red tag this is just amazing. Our walk shifts appreciate this extra time and our dogs appreciate having more trained walkers to spend time with!!
Al Bessol, In a pinch on 1/17 he transported some dogs for us when we needed to get them to their foster!! Thank you Al!!
-Kimmi and Ashleigh
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]Tell your friends and family members that this month in Davenport’s Den any of the chew treats and toys in the buckets are 10% off! If there is a product you want and you don’t see it in our store please see me or a member of staff and we will see if we can order it for you and you can still get your discount.
Do you know what TNR is? Trap Neuter Return is the most responsible and most humane way to stabilize the community cat population. Did you know that WHS participates in TNR in Marion and Polk county. Last year the Marion Polk Community Cat Program had a goal of 1700 surgeries and we met that goal. This year the goal is 2500. If you would like more information on why TNR is better watch this from Best Friends Animal Society.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWcCHf3Fmy4[/toggle][toggle title=”Employment and Volunteer Opportunities”]Adoptions Specialist – On Call
The adoptions specialist provides information about Willamette Humane Society adoption policy and animals our customers are interested in adopting.
Volunteer Program Intern (Unpaid)
The Volunteer Program Intern works with the volunteer manager in learning opportunities for volunteer scheduling and database management. In this role, you’ll learn office procedures, how to interview and match skills and talents, and how a specialized database organizes the schedules and service of a thousand volunteers.
Playgroup Runners
I am looking for more playgroup runners still! We would love help from Red/Blue tag walkers but we will happily take help from any trained dog walker! If you can pick up even an extra hour a week to help us get the dogs out please send me an e mail and let me know!
Office Help
BJ Andersen is looking for some office help on either Tuesday or Wednesday. She needs some help with finding paperwork, entering some data, and putting in notes from meetings. You will be her right hand man to help her through the day to day stuff and save her time on the pesky running around. If this sounds like your kind fun send me an e mail and let me know![/toggle][toggle title=”Our Sponsors”]Spring is just around the corner….isn’t it?!?!
If you’re planning a construction project when the weather warms up, please consider talking with WHS sponsors about an estimate. Freres Lumber is a longtime supporter…as is Rich Duncan Construction.
WHS Sponsors support Willamette Humane Society with a monetary donation. In exchange, WHS is proud to announce these sponsorships through signs, Facebook posts, in this newsletter, and more. Please let our sponsors know when you shop with them. They will appreciate knowing their advertising/sponsorship dollars are effective.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Wooftrax”]Wooftrax App:
Download the Wooftrax App on your phone and register your walking for WHS and Wooftrax will donate for every mile you walk your dogs. Volunteers… that’s a lot of walking you are doing, imagine your volunteering to walk dogs is also bringing in money for those very same dogs! To learn more check out their website https://www.wooftrax.com/.[/toggle]