Volunteer Weekly Newsletter

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[toggle title=”Salem Center Mall Holiday Tree Contest”]Is still going on! PLEASE keep texting GIVE4 to 444222 to vote for our tree through December 15th. Remember – Standard messaging rates apply. Get the word out to earn our shelter $2000! [/toggle]
[toggle title=”Check Presentation 12/11/15 10AM Keizer Petco”]HOLIDAY WISHES CHECK PRESENTATION: WILLAMETTE HUMANE SOCIETY
You’re invited! Come help us celebrate! December 11th at the Keizer Petco location, WHS is being presented with a check for $10,000 at 10am. HUGE thanks to Tom Midgely and his sweet dog Sally for winning this contest on our behalf! To watch his touching video which won the contest, click HERE
[toggle title=”Outreach need!! This Saturday!”]We still really need volunteers this weekend! If you are interested in walking in Keizer’s Festival of Lights Holiday Parade, please email volunteer@whs4pets.org. We will not be able to bring shelter dogs, so you’re encouraged to bring your own rescue dog especially if it is a WHS alumni! We have two banners we need carried in this parade.
[toggle title=”Fun Fact”]Dogs don’t enjoy being hugged as much as humans and other primates. Canines interpret putting a limb over another animal as a sign of dominance
[toggle title=”Pet Owner home for sale!”]Home for sale-IDEAL FOR SOMEONE FOSTERING/RESCUING DOGS, OR DOGGIE SITTERS, $375,500.   Gorgeous South Salem Home in parklike setting; This nearly 2500 sq. ft. is on a single level.  Three outside kennels lead to an indoor kennel room.  This home has a totally fenced in yard and a gate leading onto Croisan Creek and a stone sitting area under the trees next to the creek. Minto Brown Park and Golf Courses and shopping is very close by, and is across the street from Nelson Park. **More details and picture in the volunteer room!**
[toggle title=”Shop WHS for the holidays!”]Remember Davenport’s Den when you are doing holiday shopping for a loved one–either human or furry!  We have a broad array of cat and dog supplies as well as gifts for people such as tee shirts, mugs, photo frames, magnets and door mats.  Volunteers receive 20% off regular price.
[toggle title=”Will your boss donate because you volunteer?”]There are a growing number of employers who will donate when an employee volunteers!
So far, we know Wal-Mart, Verizon, Macy’s, Kaiser Permanente, CenturyLink/Qwest, Chevron, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Office Depot, and Wells Fargo will donate at least $250 just because you volunteer with us!  What a HUGE impact you could make on top of your huge donation of time!
This is just the tip of the iceberg!
We’d like to encourage you to find out if your employer participates.
If you know anyone who works for one of these companies, get them to volunteer!
Here’s a link you can click to check:
If you find your employer in the list it will tell you if they match gifts and give for volunteer hours.
[toggle title=”Dog Walker Needed”]The surgery staff needs a volunteer who can bring the dogs in for surgery from their kennels, to the clinic. This happens Tuesday mornings at 7am. If you are interested please email volunteer@whs4pets.org
[toggle title=”Corporate Rescue!”]Have you heard of our Corporate rescue program? It is where we bring dogs and maybe even kittens to other work places around Salem to reduce work related stress and get our name and cute animals out in the community! Wouldn’t you just love to take those animals out for some fun face time with potential adopters? Email volunteer@whs4pets.org to get started!
[toggle title=”Trap, Neuter, Release, free vouchers!”]Could you go door to door explaining our TNR program with the help of our staff? We need some volunteers on January 9th. We will be going to door to door in a 97301 neighborhood to hand out free spay and neuter coupons for cats and to educate about TNR in the early afternoon, for 3-4 hours.
[toggle title=”Help! New Behavior and training flooring!”] Bring your scrapers and have a party! The paint on the floor in the Canine Classroom has got to go before we can install the new floor matting! Please feel free to scrape away with a friend or on your own. Deposit the scraped paint in the large trash can. Best times: Tuesday-Friday mornings; Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Friday evenings.
Classes are taught Monday mornings, Monday nights, Wednesday nights, All day Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Please be respectful of others needing the room at other times.
[toggle title=”Help! New Flooring is HEAVY!”]MUSCLE needed – We’ll need some help moving the rolls of flooring when they arrive and muscling them around during installation. Each roll weighs more than 300lbs! We’ll be using hand trucks but there will still be some heavy lifting and pushing going on. Please let us know if you’d like to help and we can let you know specifics when we have them.
[toggle title=”Substitutes wanted”]We need substitutes for all animal related volunteer jobs! If you are interested in working outside your scheduled shift please contact volunteer@whs4pets.org
[toggle title=”Join us for playgroup! Great training opportunities!”]We need a few play group volunteers! Playgroups can make your walk shift so much easier, not to mention more fun! If you are interested in helping, contact
Jessi Keller at Jessi.keller@whs4pets.org
[toggle title=”Deep cleaning shift?”]Will someone to help us keep important areas clean? We have public classes held in our Training Room Saturdays and Mondays, and it is imperative that the classroom is deep cleaned before those classes. We have a need for help with our laundry and dishes as well! If you’re willing to share these skills with us, please contact volunteer@whs4pets.org to get started!
[toggle title=”Come work with us!”]Employment Opportunities
Please ensure you read the application instructions and follow them carefully.
[toggle title=”Kudos!”]Priscilla thank you for the chocolate!-Rachel
Randy Mills-Thanks for getting our dogs transferred here safe and sound!
Jolene J-Thanks for loving all those scared pups! They and I appreciate it!
Ashley M– Thank you for getting me to help a member of the public!-RB
Thank you for taking pictures for us Martha R!-Bodda
Randy Mills-Thank you for driving the animals at short notice and always tending to our laundry!-Bodda
The Kudos board is getting a little bare! Make sure you go post your KUDOS and spread a little Holiday Cheer!!
[toggle title=”Dog Notes”]Do you want to be a K-9 Adoption Ambassador? We currently only have NINE volunteers who are trained to work with the public to help animals get adopted. Behavior and Training team are looking forward to training more walkers for this task in the near future! Email volunteer@whs4pets.org if interested!
Remember when you are approached by the public: Volunteers are supposed to direct all customers back to the staff if they want to see dogs. It is a liability issue to discuss our animals with them, or allow them to pet and interact. There are shifts open for Dog Adoption Ambassadors, if you would like to be trained and scheduled for this team let us know! Otherwise please direct the public to our lobby to schedule meets with dogs they’re interested in. Thank you!
Remember:  The only Tags allowed in strays are Yellow, Red, and Blue!  No green or Purple Tags in strays!  Definitely no public access. Not even to say hi or to Open Paw from the front of the kennel.  We need to provide uniformity, especially for newly trained volunteers, so make sure you are where you are supposed to be to set a good example!
Remember not to step between dogs who are upset by each other. It is an excellent way to land them in bite quarantine!
We need a Dog walker Tuesday mornings at 7am to bring surgery dogs to the clinic. If you can come in at that time and walk them to the bathroom and then into the clinic let me know! volunteer@whs4pets.org
Have you accidentally taken some kennel keys home?  Please bring them to Anna in the Volunteer Manager office!
Kennel Cleaning Protocol: After picking up feces, spray the dirty spot down with Simple Green spray (there should be a bottle every dog room; simple hand spray bottles). Then wipe the simple green off with a damp rag. Toss the dirty rag into the laundry and done! Gloves are also available in all animal room for cleanliness.
[toggle title=”Cat Notes”]Please do not take it upon yourself to move the animals to different kennels. If you notice a kennel open and ready and you have a cat you want to have moved, please ask the staff! They have many processes attached to relocations, please defer to them for these choices.
If you are on shift and have time, Molasses could use some extra loving!
Remember to post your absences on the Volunteer Board online, and email the volunteer manager at volunteer@whs4pets.org. The Volunteer Central Board is at https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/volunteer/volunteer-central/
If you notice something amiss please notify staff. Do not add or remove signage unless a staff member asks you to.
You all have done such a great job keeping our cats and kittens social and happy during their stay here! We so appreciate your hard work and love to our felines!
Have you accidentally taken some kennel keys home?  Please bring them to Anna in the Volunteer Manager office!