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Volunteers!!! Has anyone told you lately that you are amazing.   Every time I leave my office and walk through the shelter it’s a buzz with activity.  I see smiling,  sharing, laughing, working,  collaborating, advocating, loving, and customer service galore.  I am constantly reassured  that I am in the right spot here at WHS.  I am so proud to be your  support, your friend, and your manager.  I just want you to know that  even if i don’t  always remember your name or your assignment, if you don’t see me all the time, even if we work different days,  I see what you all do here.  I see  the impression you leave on the staff and the relief you provide. I see the tired dogs who have had exercise, the bouncy dogs who have had training, the shy cats who are coming out of their hidings spots, and the dusty corners of the shelter that have been cleaned.  You all do amazing things. Keep up the great work, every single one of you makes a difference here.  On that note….  here is your weekly newsletter.  ENJOY!
[toggle title=”Dog and Cat Volunteers”]We currently are ordering unscented hand sanitizer but it is costing the shelter more to do so. We are looking into going back to a scented sanitizer but were concerned about our volunteers needs. If there is anyone here who would no longer be able to volunteer if we switch to scented please let me know by next Wednesday the 25th. Thank you guys. [/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]Kennel buddies are no longer taking dogs out for a potty break. If you have been trained to do so and would like to continue taking dogs out please see me about a dog walk shift. Thank you guys! [/toggle][toggle title=”Best of the Mid Valley Awards”]Do you think that WHS is the best place to volunteer? Are we the best animal non profit in the mid-valley? Do we have the best Thriftstore around? If you think we are then please take some time to vote for us in the “Best of the Mid-Valley” poll. This people’s choice award has been going on for about 8 years here in Salem and has really become a recognized brand.
Best of the Mid Valley Banner 2015
There will be a consolidated voting page where you can vote for us in each category. The voting period does not require registration; however, there are efforts behind the scenes to eliminate ballot stuffing. A user may only vote once a day per category. Any additional votes will be automatically disqualified. Come back once a day to support your favorites. The voting period will be from Monday, February 16th to Monday, March 9th.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Promotions”]Dog Gone Wine Contest
Attention all dog owners! Honeywood Winery, Oregon’s oldest winery, is searching for a canine to appear on an addition to its exclusive Dog Gone Wine collection.
To enter, owners simply need to submit a digital photo of their dog and a short essay (no more than 100 words) describing why their pet should be the next face on a new Dog Gone Wine label. Submissions must be sent via email to contest@doggonewine.com by 6 p.m. PST on February 28, 2015.
Visit Honeywood Winery’s website for more information and contest rules. Dog owners must be at least 21 years of age to win.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]”I wanted to let both you and Tom know that myself and AWT greatly appreciated him coming in to film our AWT safe dog handling session with Catherine on Thursday! I am overwhelmed by his kindness and willingness to take time out of his own day to help us. Please share that with him when you see him next and I will certainly thank him again in person. Also, shout out to the gal that’s helping with the Intake team, Katelyn! She is exceptional and has helped that team SO MUCH in the short while that she has been here. She is a very efficient and helpful girl and we’re very lucky to have her here. I have just seen a lot of amazing volunteers that really stood out to me and I just wanted to send an acknowledgement of their selfless support of the WHS animals and staff! Thanks Kimmi, we really do have the best volunteers at WHS!!! ”
-Whitney Walker (Animal Welfare Team Supervisor)
“I’m a new (Dec. 2014) volunteer on the Thursday morning dog-walking shift, and I just wanted to send a note telling you how great Barb Cash is. I know you already know this, because you told me when I signed up for Thursday mornings that Barb is awesome. But I have been so impressed by her low-key, natural friendliness and her sense of humor. She fosters a nice cooperative spirit on our shift, and is always encouraging.”
-Mary Rumsey (Dog walker Volunteer)
“A shout out to three dedicated volunteers: Lee Nichols, Jolene Jones and Richard Wasserman who have completed training for working with Bellamy to help her overcome her food guarding issues. Between these three volunteers, Bellamy will be worked with 6 days every week, once or twice a day!! Bellamy is making great progress and I’m thrilled to have such teachable, wonderful, experienced volunteers who are willing to take on this additional responsibility with such skill and professionalism.”
-Catherine Comden (Behavior Program Manager)
“I would like to add a shout out to Tom Halsey
for going with MaryAnn, on very short notice,
to pick up Tyson from a sketchy situation. He is
such a trooper, and I love the fact that I could go
find him, ask for his help, and see him heading
out with MaryAnn 10 minutes later to rescue a
local dog!”
-BJ Andersen (Executive Director)
[/toggle][toggle title=”Behavior Nook”]
Be sure to notice the new signs on Bellamy’s cage. She is still anxious about people being near her food bowl. It is VERY important that you do not go into her kennel on the same side where her food bowl is, for any reason. Please respect Bellamy’s space in this matter so we can continue to help her relax about her food. She’s making great progress, but any anxiety she experiences around her food bowl in her kennel sets us back, tremendously. Thanks for your support in this matter!
Welcome Jessi Keller as Behavior and Training Coordinator!
Jessi is joining the Behavior Department at WHS starting March 5th and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Jessi will be essential in conducting Behavior Team training, coordinating follow up phone calls in our new Behavior Nook office and will be available as a behavior and training resource 5 days a week! Be sure to congratulate her on her new position!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Chemeketa Courses at WHS”]If you’ve got a passion for dogs, check out the Chemeketa classes hosted right here at WHS on Fridays this spring! Course options and start dates are: Every Dog a Genius (Apr 3), Canine Body Language and Aggression (May 1), Canine Breeds, Behavior and Health (May 15) and Canine Behavior Coaching (May 29). There is a discount and free textbooks if you register for the whole course, but students interested in just one class are very welcome!
Feb 20 – Did you know that the Chemeketa Professional Dog Trainer course is not just for people who want to be professional dog trainers? Nope, any dog nerd can take this course – and we promise, you’ll love it! Check out the topics and dates, above and notice that the Hands-on Practicum begins 4/3 and runs all 10 weeks from 10a-12p – that’s 20 hours of real-life training! If you can’t get enough of doggie education, this course is for you! Contact Catherine@SensibleK9.com for more information. Hope to see YOU in class!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]2/21 Saturday 3 pm, DENTAL HEALTH
What is dental disease? Can you keep your pet’s teeth clean, their breath fresh and avoid dental cleaning? What can you possibly do besides having to brush your pet’s teeth every day? We’ll explore all the options available for plaque and tartar control, keeping your pets breath fresh and how you can possibly delay or put off those dental cleanings at the vets. Cost: just a $10 donation to Willamette Humane Society. Seats are limited so please register at Nature’s Pet. 503.362.4555.
2/26 Thursday 4:30 pm, SMALL DOG YAPPY HOUR
Join us with your small dog for a fun play date at Nature’s Pet. While our dogs play and socialize, we’ll have a glass of wine! Lola Carey, Lucky Leash will be there to help us get started. Limited to 6 small dogs. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and flea control. Cost $10. Registration required.
2/24, 3/3, 3/10 SOUL COLLAGE
What- a process for accessing your intuition and creating an incredible deck of cards with deep personal that will help you with life’s questions and transitions.
Who- BJ is going to be there as well as myself and our Workshop leader Jean. It’s going to be such fun to see the amazing cards created this time around. Spots are limited so please sign up soon!
Where- We will be hosting this event in the Ed Hall at WHS.
Cost- Total cost for the 3 session workshop is $79. That’s just over $26 per session and that includes all of the materials all you need to bring is yourself and perhaps a friend if you register fast enough to get a spot for them too. There are only 3-5 spots left!
Show, auction, and raffle benefitting WHS!
3529 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem, OR
Night of a Thousand Leis
[/toggle][toggle title=”Employment and Volunteer Opportunities”]Animal Welfare Team Full time/Part time/ On call:
The Animal Welfare Specialist (AWS) is responsible for ensuring a safe and healthful environment for the animals, staff, volunteers and visitors to our shelter.
Adoptions Specialist – On Call:
The Adoptions Specialists (AS) is primarily responsible for ensuring all customers receive exceptional customer service. The AS provides complete information about Willamette Humane Society (WHS) adoption policy and about the animal the customer is interested in adopting.
Intake Specialist – On Call
The Intake Specialist (IS) is primarily responsible for ensuring all customers receive exceptional customer service. The IS provides complete information about Willamette Humane Society (WHS) surrender policy, pet care, assisting with adoptions, and resource services.
If you are interested in applying for any of these positions please click on how to apply from this page https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]Just for Giggles.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Fosters Needed”]Have you ever considered volunteering from HOME?!
WHS relies heavily on our foster program to allow us to help more animals than we can fit in the shelter. Our foster program runs short on long term foster. One month you might be caring for some underweight rambunctious kittens who need lots of play time, the next month you may be taking care of a shy older dog who needs a break from the stresses of kennel life. We have a variety of shelter needs and you can choose which option you would prefer! We provide training, tools, and supplies needed to be a foster parent and we would LOVE to chat about it! For more information email our foster coordinator at Ashleigh.Young@whs4pets.org or call Ashleigh at 503-585-5900 ext. 303.
[/toggle][toggle title=”A Word From our Sponsors”]Businesses all around Salem donate tens of thousands of dollars to Willamette Humane Society every year. Please consider shopping with them and letting them know why you chose their business.
Just a few:
• Capitol Subaru
• Valley Credit Union
• Parr Lumber
• Roth’s Fresh Market
• Nature’s Pet Market
• Garrett Hemann Roberton
• VanDuzer Vineyards
• Country Financial
• Parr Lumber
• The Marble Center
If you’re considering a big purchase and would like to price something at a sponsor’s business, please call Meredith Kuhl. She can let you know if we have a sponsor to match your project. 503-585-5900 ext. 304.