Volunteer Weekly Newsletter

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Hello everyone!  Wasn’t that sunny break just great.  I regret not getting out and doing any disc golf but  now  I know what to do the next time Mr. Sun decides to grace us with his presence again!!    Hard to believe that the month is at an end already,  time flies when you are having fun that’s for sure.  I imagine  March will be just as much of a blur.  I hope that you guys are having as much fun as I am.  Enjoy this weeks version of  the newsletter!!
[toggle title=”Dog and Cat Volunteers”]Remember to smile! Even if you aren’t interacting with customers, they see you . You are the face of our organization. Show everyone how much you love being here!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Please do not set up cat kennels in advance unless staff members ask for you to set up a kennel. Pre-setup kennels confuse other staff and Volunteers.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Kimmi’s Fact of the Week”]It’s a myth that dogs only see in black and white. In fact, it’s believed that dog’s see primarily in blue, greenish-yellow, yellow and various shades of gray.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Out’s”]Giving a shout out to Beka Doeden. She is my co-volunteer in the cat rooms on Thursdays. Her shift is noon-3. She comes in at 11:00 to study each cats’ bio, so she can answer any questions the public has on a particular cat. She also fills her co-volunteers in on the info. She always has a smile on her face, and a positive attitude. She inspires me to want to be a better volunteer!
-Jennifer Arends
Shout out to all of our dog training volunteers you guys give the great dogs with not great behaviors a chance. You give them love without judgment and patience. Two of the most valuable things one has to give away. Thank you for showing the dogs that need it some extra TLC.
Linda Crosby, Thank you for spending all the time you did with Niko. He made a huge turn around and felt like he had friends here because of you. In an environment that is stressful and difficult you were his anchor. Thank you for helping him and all the dogs like him in the past and all the dogs like him going forward. You are truly a blessing.
-Kimmi and Jessi
I need to give a shout out to Marianne Fox, a wonderful dog volunteer who took time out of her day today to bathe Bellamy for us! She did this after helping with
PG and I just couldn’t be more appreciative of her! Great example of how we just couldn’t get anything done around here without our volunteers!
-Whitney Walker
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]So much is changing around here!!! Great things are coming around the corner. There is going to be more options for you to move up in ranks and take on other really cool tasks. We are restructuring the process to become red tag and are working as fast as we can to get that in order and get you guys moving. We are not changing the requirements for halti training or the shy dog video so if you still need that to be red tag please go ahead and get those done as they are available to you. I will be in touch with all the captains and let you all know what’s going on as well. We are so excited to have you all around during this great time of growth and change and we are so appreciative of your continued support and patience.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Employment and Volunteer opportunities”]Animal Welfare Team Full time/Part time/ On call:
The Animal Welfare Specialist (AWS) is responsible for ensuring a safe and healthful environment for the animals, staff, volunteers and visitors to our shelter.
Adoptions Specialist on Call:
The Adoptions Specialists (AS) is primarily responsible for ensuring all customers receive exceptional customer service. The AS provides complete information about Willamette Humane Society (WHS) adoption policy and about the animal the customer is interested in adopting.
Customer Service Representative Part Time: The Customer Service Representative (CSR) provides Willamette Humane Society (WHS) customers and stakeholders with professional and positive customer service, communications and social interactions.
Volunteer Staff should follow the “How to Apply” found on the Employment page of our website at https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/.
There is no relocation benefit for this position. Submit a completed application packet to WHS business office in one of the following ways:
Email: employment@whs4pets.org
Fax: 503-585-7906
Mail: Willamette Humane Society
ATTN: Business Office
PO Box 13005
Salem OR 97309
[/toggle][toggle title=”FYI”]Our spay and neuter clinic doesn’t take in any animal as a drop in or walk in. Even customer with the free roaming community cats that are in traps have to check for availability and set an appointment. If you are talking with any one about our clinic please do not advise that we can take drop-ins or walk-ins. The month of February in particular is at capacity for surgeries on free roaming cats. If someone has a trapped cat and they need to have it fixed they should be directed to clinic staff to check for availability. We cannot even guarantee we have surgery appointments open. Thank you guys for helping us to give out consistent and clear information and helping to avoid frustrating our customers.
On a similar note our surrender protocols are much the same way. We only have 3 staff members to process the animals that come into the shelter, that’s all the community surrenders, any strays that come in, as well as animals we choose to transfer in from other organizations. They have a very tight schedule and there really is no option for drop INS. Customers need to be advised that we accept animals by appointment and they can talk to staff about our available appoint times.
On an unrelated note, the big bin next to the garbage bin out back by the iso dog turn out is meant for cardboard only. It is not mixed recycling and it is not meant for trash. If the trash bin is full and you need a place to put trash please see a staff member. Also the cardboard that goes into that specific bin needs to be flattened first. Thank you for helping keep our place clean and tidy!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Best of the Mid Valley”]Do you think that WHS is the best place to volunteer? Are we the best animal nonprofit in the mid-valley? Do we have the best Thriftstore around? If you think we are then please take some time to vote for us in the “Best of the Mid-Valley” poll. This people’s choice award has been going on for about 8 years here in Salem and has really become a recognized brand. Link to vote.
The voting period does not require registration; however, there are efforts behind the scenes to eliminate ballot stuffing. A user may only vote once a day per category. Any additional votes will be automatically disqualified. Come back once a day to support your favorites. The voting period will be from Monday, February 16th to Monday, March 9th.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]Table scraps and true love!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Chemeketa Courses at WHS”]If you’ve got a passion for dogs, check out the Chemeketa classes hosted right here at WHS on Fridays this spring! Course options and start dates are: Every Dog a Genius (Apr 3), Canine Body Language and Aggression (May 1), Canine Breeds, Behavior and Health (May 15) and Canine Behavior Coaching (May 29). There is a discount and free textbooks if you register for the whole course, but students interested in just one class are very welcome!
Did you know that the Chemeketa Professional Dog Trainer course is not just for people who want to be professional dog trainers? Nope, any dog nerd can take this course – and we promise you’ll love it! Check out the topics and dates, above and notice that the Hands-on Practicum begins 4/3 and runs all 10 weeks from 10a-12p – that’s 20 hours of real-life training! If you can’t get enough of doggie education, this course is for you! Contact Catherine@SensibleK9.com for more information. Hope to see YOU in class!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Behavior Nook”]NOTICE BELLAMY!
Be sure to notice the new signs on Bellamy’s cage. She is still anxious about people being near her food bowl. It is VERY important that you do not go into her kennel on the same side where her food bowl is, for any reason. Please respect Bellamy’s space in this matter so we can continue to help her relax about her food. She’s making great progress, but any anxiety she experiences around her food bowl in her kennel sets us back, tremendously. Thanks for your support in this matter!
Junior Trainer Camp
Big changes ahead! This year, we’ll be highlighting clicker training and working with more than just dogs. Can’t share all the details yet as they are still in the works, but join the team and get the insider info, soon! We will need volunteers to help gather materials, run errands, help with registration, be a “camp counselor”, and much, much more. If you are interested in participating this year, please let Kimmi know so we can invite you to a team meeting soon.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]The 2015 White Knight and Debutante Pageant
An adventure in Sherwood forest with boas and tiaras. Door opens at 4 show starts at 5. 10$ suggested donation.
May the 16th at the Southside Speakeasy and Dance Pub on Fairview Industrial Dr. SE We hope to see you there!! https://www.facebook.com/events/1450963321828347
WillaMutt Strut:
Dog games are coming back to the WillaMutt Strut, Sunday, June 14th! The Dog Bark, offering two Salem locations for doggy day care and boarding, is back on board to run all the fun doggy games. Do you think your dog will eat a radish? He could win My Dog Will Eat That. If your pup sits REALLY well on command, she might be the Musical Chair champion. Start training your pup now! OR just show up and have fun!
WillaMutt Strut, Sunday, June 14th, Riverfront Park
Registration opens mid-Marchlittle black shelter dog
Volunteer needed:
Is running one of your pastimes? The WillaMutt Strut committee needs your help! We have two routes to plan in Riverfront Park, but we only have one runner. The committee meets once a month for an hour and plans all facets of the run/walk….the route, food, vendors, t-shirts, etc. On the day-of committee members take charge of their area. The strut is Sunday, June 14th. If you’d like to help, please call Meredith at 503-585-5900 ext. 304 or e-mail Meredith.Kuhl@whs4pets.org. Thank you!