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So this newsletter is 4 days late…  but it is all still relevant information and  this week you will get two newsletters!! It must feel like your birthday to be getting two newsletters within  days of each other.  Please contain your enthusiasm!  Thank you for all the excited screaming and jumping up and down but really…. it’s just a newsletter.  Nevermind… continue with your jumping up and down, the idea of it makes me happy.
[toggle title=”Pet Talks”]Every second Thursday of the month, we’ll open our Education Hall to entertain and inform you by bringing quality speakers and a variety of topics. We’ll serve light refreshments and provide meaningful social time as well as a private shopping experience in our well-stocked pet supply store. Join us for these engaging Ed Talks for only a suggested donation of $5! Fee waived for you!![/toggle][toggle title=”Kimmi’s Fact of the Week”]February Shelter Stats!
In the month of February we had a save rate of 90.54%for cats 100% for dogs and overall for the whole shelter combined the save rate was 93% that’s exceptional and you guys are at the forefront!! This brings our year to date (YTD) combined of 81.75% now we have taken in about 82 less animals than last year ( about 2% less animals total) so that leaves us with an 8% jump in lives saved over this time last year!! We are on fire guys!! Keep up all the good hard work and know that you guys are directly impacting these numbers.
You guys are saving lives!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]If you have checked out the shy dog video from the library in the volunteer room in order to move up to red tag please make sure to bring the video back. There are several hundred volunteers in this program all moving up through the color tags and there are only 6 DVDs made. We won’t be able to keep moving these volunteers up through to red tag if the DVDs are left at home. Take a minute right now to put them safely in your car or in your purse so that the very next time you come out to the shelter you can put the DVD back in rotation. Thanks so much for your understanding guys.
Here is a great video of our very own Linda Crosby working with a very shy, under socialized and fearful dog. A very educational video under 10 minutes long. The power of high value treats!

[/toggle][toggle title=”Promotions”]Pets add Life is giving away a total of $50,000 to 50 shelters/rescue organizations across all 50 states! One lucky organization per state will be awarded $1,000 and we’re doing it all in 50 days!
Winners will be notified and announced daily on PAL’s Facebook page beginning March 16, 2015!
To enter, complete the entry form below between March 1 – March 15, 2015 and tell us what your organization would do with an extra $1,000 and complete the following information. For a complete listing of rules, click here. Good luck!
Some ideas of what we could use that money for
• Our 50th Anniversary Celebrations!
• Veterinary care for our pets
• Spay and Neuter Surgeries
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]Kristen Kelly
Thank you for keeping up with some of the Petco south tasks even after you stepped down to make sure that things continue to run smoothly even while I look for your replacement. You are much appreciated and set an excellent example of keeping a commitment, being thorough, and being reliable.
-Kimmi Berg
To Kaytlyn Zowie who just made her first monetary donation and when asked what inspired her to give, she said: “I volunteer, and believe that I could help some more!”
-Sara Masser
Jen Petesky, thank you so much for stepping up to help out on the morning teams that are lacking the support right now. Taking on several weeks of subbing. You are such a great example of what it means to be a red tag and support your fellow volunteers!
-Kimmi Berg
Stephanie and Rebecca Thursday morning Cat Hospitality volunteers helping to bathe two kitties and taking on a new task with new training. Thank you for stepping up!! We appreciate you helping us get the job done!
Tamra Barr-Flores and Sandi Manion, Thank you so much for checking in with customers and taking dogs out for potty breaks when I got caught up and distracted on 3/12/15.
-Sam Adoptions Counselor
Thanks to super cat photographer Marilyn! I asked her to take some special shots of Troy for me, as I hoped to feature him in the blog. This guy just tugged at my heart from the first time I met him, and I had hoped to give him a special treatment so he could get adopted. Marilyn was so gracious about including him in her planned shoots for the day, and her photos were really special. She just managed to capture his personality, and my husband and I were really touched by them. We were so touched, in fact, that we knew we needed to add Troy to our family. So we adopted him! So thanks, Marilyn, for providing that last little push we needed to take the plunge. Without you, we may not have taken this special guy home.
– Jean (and Troy)
[/toggle][toggle title=”Behavior Nook”]Just Wait – You know those big and bouncy dogs who just can’t wait to get outside and who are so excited that they grab your apron, your arm and shove you into the kennel gate? Just wait. Stand outside their kennel and do nothing. At some point, they will stop moving and wonder why you aren’t opening their kennel. Toss in treats, way to the back. If you have time, repeat this 3 times. This gives the dog a chance to settle and to learn that being nutzo is no way to get you to come in. Demonstrate this technique to other dog walkers and be a behavior-changing superstar!
Junior Trainer Camp – Big changes ahead! This year, we’ll be highlighting clicker training and working with more than just dogs. Can’t share all the details yet as they are still in the works, but join the team and get the insider info, soon! We will need volunteers to help gather materials, run errands, help with registration, be a “camp counselor”, and much, much more. If you are interested in participating this year, please let Kimmi know so we can invite you to a team meeting soon.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Chemeketa Courses at WHS”]We’re not just for dog training professionals. If you’ve got a passion for dogs, check out the Chemeketa classes hosted right here at WHS on Fridays this spring! Course options and start dates are: Every Dog a Genius (Apr 3), Canine Body Language and Aggression (May 1), Canine Breeds, Behavior and Health (May 15) and Canine Behavior Coaching (May 29). There is a discount and free textbooks if you register for the whole course, but students interested in just one class are very welcome!
Here’s what one student had to say about the class: “Information was excellent, but class interaction, role playing, and group bonding and sharing was the best part.” We’re having an Open House on March 24th at 6:30, right here at WHS in the Ed Hall – hope to see you there! Contact Catherine@SensibleK9.com with questions.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]The 2015 White Knight and Debutante Pageant
An adventure in Sherwood Forest with boas and tiaras. Door opens at 4pm and show starts at 5pm.
10$ suggested donation.
May the 16th at the Southside Speakeasy and Dance Pub on Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
We hope to see you there!! https://www.facebook.com/events/1450963321828347
WillaMutt Strut:
Dog games are coming back to the WillaMutt Strut, Sunday, June 14th! The Dog Bark, offering two Salem locations for doggy day care and boarding, is back on board to run all the fun doggy games. Do you think your dog will eat a radish? He could win My Dog Will Eat That. If your pup sits REALLY well on command, she might be the Musical Chair champion. Start training your pup now! OR just show up and have fun!
WillaMutt Strut, Sunday, June 14th, Riverfront Park
Registration opens mid-March
[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Opportunities”] We are looking for a history buff or librarian type to help us with updating our milestones for our timeline. If sorting through some WHS history and playing super sleuth sounds like a lot of fun to you please let me know and I will get you in touch with our Chief Investigator Jay LeVitre.
 Are you an existing foster? Are you thinking about becoming a foster? Do you love the idea of the cute little tiny baby kittens? There will be a bottle baby training class Saturday March 28th at 5pm in the Ed Hall. You don’t need to register just show up and learn!
 Are you grateful for the support we get from our community, from our donors, from our volunteers? Do you have nice handwriting? We are looking for a thankful individual to help us with hand written thank you notes for the gifts we are receiving that help us to keep going with our lofty goals and fantastic successes. If you are interested in helping us reach out to say thank you please let me know and I will get you in touch with the Queens of Thank You Meredith and Sara!
 Outreach events Help needed
Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! We will be doing a regular outreach event at the Saturday Farmer’s Market – the first and third Saturday of every month from 10am to 2pm. We will be bringing cats every time, and possibly dogs some of the time. I have one regular volunteer who is planning on being there every month, and I am hoping to find 2 more! Please let me know if you would be interested in attending the Saturday Farmer’s Market to talk about TNR, volunteering, fostering, spay and neuter clinic, and our adoptable animals! May 2nd will be our first time doing this event, so if you can’t commit to doing it regularly, but would like to help on a specific date, please let me know
503-585-5900 ext. 303
 Our TNR program is picking up and we have people calling in to get our help with trapping cats. One of our great volunteers Al Bessol has been doing a lot of these and is very experienced. As we get more requests though he needs some help. If you would like to learn the fine art of trapping cats and would like to help AL and our MPCCP make a difference in our community cat population please send me an e mail and let me know and we can get you started!
 Is running one of your pastimes? The WillaMutt Strut committee needs your help! We have two routes to plan in Riverfront Park, but we only have one runner. The committee meets once a month for an hour and plans all facets of the run/walk….the route, food, vendors, t-shirts, etc. On the day-of committee members take charge of their area. The strut is Sunday, June 14th. If you’d like to help, please call Meredith at 503-585-5900 ext. 304 or e-mail Meredith.Kuhl@whs4pets.org. Thank you!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits”]Adopt a pit bull mix breed or another dog with a bully breed listed as the primary or secondary breed on their kennel card, and take 25% off your adoption fee. Valid all of March, 2015!
In addition to the standard 25% off your adoption fee, adopters in the special get to draw from the Pot-O-Gold in Davenport’s Den for a guaranteed prize!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Goodies”]This will go down in history as the most intense, yet slow game of tag a cat and turtle have ever played.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Best of the Mid Valley”]Thank you so much to everyone who voted!!!!
The voting period has ended and they are currently compiling the winners.
The names of the winners and runners-up will be posted at StatesmanJournal.com on Sunday, May 3, 2015. All winners will be honored in the Best of the Mid-Valley special section publishing in the Statesman Journal on Sunday, May 3, 2015. In addition, the special section will also be published in the Stayton Mail and Silverton Appeal on Wednesday, May 6th. In the event of a tie in any category, more than one winner or runner-up may be awarded.
Thank you
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Just a reminder of the 7 steps to a clean cat kennel. We are seeing the virkon streaks in the kennels again guys and we want to make sure that the tools we use to clean up after the kitties aren’t being left behind to cause the kitties any harm. Please let me know if you have any questions!
1) Remove ALL litter and food from the kennel
2) Spray down the sides, top, door, and back of the kennel with Virkon
3) Place a “10 minute soak” sign on the kennel and put your initials on it
4) Once 10 minute soak is complete wipe out Virkon with a clean damp cloth
5) Dry kennel with a dry cloth
6) Flip “10 minute soak” sign over to the clean side
7) Use a different cloth for each kennel
Please do not set up kennels for cats in advance. Please wait until a staff member asks for your help in setting up kennels. Setting them up in advance causes confusion with staff and other volunteers as kennels labeled as clean have always been completely empty. Also kennels partially set up are exposed to other cats and customers and could be contaminated by illness before a cat gets to it. Thank you guys for your dedication to our kitty’s health as well as a positive volunteer experience for everyone!