Volunteer Weekly Newsletter

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Just like I promised here is your second one within 7 days!!  There are some great benefits for some of our dog volunteers …  please read the Behavior Nook to see what I mean!
[toggle title=”Kimmi’s Fact of the Week”]In Asia and England, a Black Cat is considered lucky![/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]Just a reminder to you guys not to allow customers to walk dogs without a staff or volunteer present and only in an enclosed area. Customers are not to have access to leashes when visiting with our dogs, unless supervised. [/toggle][toggle title=”Project Fence Update from 3/14″]project fence 3-14-15
Tom Halsey, Lloyd Rhoades, Mary Rumsey, Barb Cash, Marla Briggs, Tamra Barr-Flores, Carol Black thank you all for your time, dedication, and hard work. You guys are an inspiration!!!
We were able to put up 200 feet of fencing along Turner Rd. We had hoped to do more, but it was just too bad weather. I think we were all drenched. But I am so proud of the Thursday dog walkers. All but Carol are walkers on Thursday, and they were wonderful. Tom H has a friend, Darren, who also came, as he has in the past. I wish the day had been better because we had hoped to put up at least 200 more feet of fencing. But I think it looks good, and hopefully we will get more accomplished next Saturday. Please know that these people, especially Tom and Lloyd have given so much time to this project. I am so honored to know these guys and work with them. Thursday Dog Walkers ROCK!!!!!
I hope you will use the picture in some of your publications to show the dedication, even in terrible weather. We’ll be back next Saturday and continue to work until we have fenced that entire area.
-Barb Cash
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Just a reminder that we are not to set up cat kennels in advance. If a staff member has asked for your help to set up one or two kennels for cats that are in processing and about to come to the floor that is acceptable. Setting up entire rows of kennels or sections is not necessary and can inadvertently speed up the spread of disease like upper respiratory infections. Please clean the kennels, leave them empty, leave a clean sign on them, and only set them up when asked to by a staff member. Thanks so much guys!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]I wanted to give a shout out to Judy one of my lunch coverage volunteers. She is so amazing! We had our Community Cat day this past Saturday and we had just planned on closing the clinic during my lunch time since we are not normally open Saturdays. Without us even asking Judy came in to cover my lunch so the clinic lobby could remain open the whole day. Judy always goes above and beyond what is expected and the clinic staff is so appreciative of her. We say it all the time but it never stops being true, we do not know what we would do without her!
Thank you,
Veterinary Receptionist
Marilyn who does the cat photos –they look amazing and she’s so quick at getting them up!
Sara Masser
Development Assistant
Please give my shout out to Linda Crosby and Kevin McLeod for the shy dog video. To Linda and Kevin, the instruction video you prepared on working with shy dogs in the shelter was beautifully done. It will not only benefit other volunteers, it demonstrates such compassion to Hoppy and all the other dogs that anyone who viewed it could instantly see that we provide compassionate services to pets and people. Thanks so much for this extra effort!
Susan Carey
[/toggle][toggle title=”Now a Word From our Sponsor”]Our sponsors are amazing! Pawsitive Kneads, our bandana sponsor for WillaMutt Strut, is doing two things:
1. Donating massage sponsorships. When someone sponsors a dog for $30, they can add a massage for $20. A thirty minute massage is donated by Pawsitive Kneads (a.k.a. Sara Masser, our development assistant).
2. Even more amazing…Whizzard, the senior hospice dog adopted by Melita Vanderbeck, will get two massages a month at his home to ease those aching joints.
Thank you, Sara!
Could your pet use a little TLC? Than check this link out!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Chemeketa Courses at WHS!”]We’re not just for dog training professionals. If you’ve got a passion for dogs, check out the Chemeketa classes hosted right here at WHS on Fridays this spring! Course options and start dates are: Every Dog a Genius (Apr 3), Canine Body Language and Aggression (May 1), Canine Breeds, Behavior and Health (May 15) and Canine Behavior Coaching (May 29). There is a discount and free textbooks if you register for the whole course, but students interested in just one class are very welcome!
Do you believe every dog is capable of learning, if only people were better at teaching? We agree! Every Dog a Genius is the first course offered in the Chemeketa series and you’ll learn great training techniques, the science of changing behavior and all about using fun and engaging methods to train dogs. Check out the new online catalog at this link: https://www.chemeketa.edu/classes/documents/2015springChemeketa_CE.pdf
Oh – and… VOLUNTEERS may be eligible to register at a discounted rate! If you are at least a green tag dog walker, have attended OP 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 training and have at least 24 hours of service over at least a 3 month period, please email Kim to learn about the discount and application process.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Behavior Nook”]Behavior Team Volunteers – Our Behavior and Training Coordinator, Jessi Keller, is scheduling now to have behavior shifts every day of the week! Behavior Team Volunteers will be working the Canine Rx program, learning new protocols at least once a month and participating in post-adoption follow-up phone calls. You are welcome to keep your current duties if you like, but we also welcome Red or Blue Tag handlers who would like to become Behavior Team Volunteers in lieu of their current duties. We’re working out the finer details, but please let Kim or Jessi know if you’d like to participate.
Volunteers with Benefits! We’re excited because we figured out a great way to say “THANKS” to our fabulous volunteers! ALL WHS volunteers in any capacity are welcome to attend any of our group dog training classes for 20% off! All of our Behavior Team Volunteers, that is, volunteers who are working behavior shifts for shelter dogs and post-adoption call backs at least 2 hours per week can ATTEND ANY CLASS FOR FREE during your service. THANK YOU! Register for class via our website and online portal and please see Kim for the super-secret promotional code to get your discount!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]The 2015 White Knight and Debutante Pageant
An adventure in Sherwood Forest with boas and tiaras. Door opens at 4pm and show starts at 5pm.
10$ suggested donation.
May the 16th at the Southside Speakeasy and Dance Pub on Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
We hope to see you there!! https://www.facebook.com/events/1450963321828347
WillaMutt Strut:
Dog games are coming back to the WillaMutt Strut, Sunday, June 14th! The Dog Bark, offering two Salem locations for doggy day care and boarding, is back on board to run all the fun doggy games. Do you think your dog will eat a radish? He could win My Dog Will Eat That. If your pup sits REALLY well on command, she might be the Musical Chair champion. Start training your pup now! OR just show up and have fun!
WillaMutt Strut, Sunday, June 14th, Riverfront Park
Registration opens mid-March
[/toggle][toggle title=”Employment and Volunteer Opportunities”] We are looking for a history buff or librarian type to help us with updating our milestones for our timeline. If sorting through some WHS history and playing super sleuth sounds like a lot of fun to you please let me know and I will get you in touch with our Chief Investigator Jay LeVitre.
 Are you an existing foster? Are you thinking about becoming a foster? Do you love the idea of the cute little tiny baby kittens? There will be a bottle baby training class Saturday March 28th at 5pm in the Ed Hall. You don’t need to register just show up and learn!
 Do you have some free times on Saturday afternoons? Do you want to work with a great group of people? Do you want to help WHS in one of our biggest ways to bring in money? The Thriftstore at 548 High St NE downtown Salem is looking for someone to help out on the register between the hours of 2 and 6pm. Please call the store and talk to Kit or Carrie about getting started. 503-362-6892
 Outreach events Help needed
Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! We will be doing a regular outreach event at the Saturday Farmer’s Market – the first and third Saturday of every month from 10am to 2pm. We will be bringing cats every time, and possibly dogs some of the time. I have one regular volunteer who is planning on being there every month, and I am hoping to find 2 more! Please let me know if you would be interested in attending the Saturday Farmer’s Market to talk about TNR, volunteering, fostering, spay and neuter clinic, and our adoptable animals! May 2nd will be our first time doing this event, so if you can’t commit to doing it regularly, but would like to help on a specific date, please let me know
503-585-5900 ext. 303
 Our TNR program is picking up and we have people calling in to get our help with trapping cats. One of our great volunteers Al Bessol has been doing a lot of these and is very experienced. As we get more requests though he needs some help. If you would like to learn the fine art of trapping cats and would like to help AL and our MPCCP make a difference in our community cat population please send me an e mail and let me know and we can get you started!
 Full Time Intake Specialist
The Intake Specialist (IS) is primarily responsible for ensuring all customers receive exceptional customer service. The IS provides complete information about Willamette Humane Society (WHS) surrender policy, pet care, assisting with adoptions, and resource services. The IS must demonstrate, mentor, and reinforce WHS values, principles and mission-driven culture.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Help Needed”]Does anyone out there in volunteer land know someone who works for Hawaiian Airlines? We’d like to request airline tickets for Bowser’s Boo Bash but need an employee to work with us. Please get in touch with Meredith Kuhl, 503-585-5900 ext. 304 or Meredith.Kuhl@whs4pets.org.
Do you know anyone who belongs to a golf course in Central Oregon? We’re putting together a high end golf package for Bowser’s Boo Bash and need some connections. Please let Meredith know! 503-585-5900 ext. 304 or Meredith.Kuhl@whs4pets.org.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits & Goodies”]You’re Setting Up Your Litter Box All Wrong!!

[toggle title=”Happy Tails”]Well, Steve has been here 1 week today and I have to say it’s going very well. There’s still a little more “smiling” from The Wieners than I’d like to see, but he always gives them their space when that happens. He’s very loving, thinks he’s a lap dog, and is very eager to please although not food-motivated.
I’ve spent a lot of time draining as much energy out of him as possible before we do our daily training sessions, so he spends most of his time looking like this
He needs some work on meeting new people politely, he’s a little bouncy. Tomorrow we’re going to meet my 2 year old grandson who’s actually afraid of dogs, so I’m looking forward to watching them make friends.
I’m so glad we waited for this guy to come along, I couldn’t be happier with him. Thanks so much for all of your help and patience with me, I really do appreciate it.
If you’d like, I’ll send photo updates as they become available. Just let me know if that’s something you’d like to have.
Thanks again,
steve-brody 1steve-brody2