Volunteer Weekly Newsletter 8/15/14

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Here is another volunteer weekly newsletter.  This weeks newsletter is brought to you by the letter G and the number 849! G as in Giving, like all of you fabulous volunteers giving your time, money, love, and dedication to our mission.   There are 849 active and amazing volunteers as of today!!! That’s like having 849 family members you see on a regular basis!  WHS loves you guys!
Enjoy!Kimmi Transparent
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Just an FYI – since we will be doing playgroup workshops all week long there will not be our normally scheduled playgroups for Tuesday the 26th and Friday the 29th of August.

 Make sure to read all the notes on the board on the wall above the dog walk desk.  If you aren’t reading those notes thoroughly and carefully you could miss a very important piece of information.   Which dogs do better with chain leashes,  which dogs  need to have a toy given to them to prevent mouthing while harnessing, which dogs can jump short fences,  who cannot be let off leash,  etc.  If you miss one of these important notes you could be putting yourself as well as others and the dogs at risk.   I am currently in the process of updating that board so that it will be easier to read and use.   In the mean time take the extra few minutes  before you start walking to read all the notes.   Thanks guys lets be safe and have fun!

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There was a closing shift this last week where  clean kennel cards had been placed on kennels that were not clean.  Thankfully a member of our Animal Welfare team  caught this the following morning and the kennels did get cleaned correctly before any animals were placed in them.  Please make sure that you are following the standard cleaning protocols  before placing  a clean sign.  If we put a new animal in a kennel that was not correctly cleaned they could be exposed to illnesses  and heighten the risk of them getting sick and extending their stay here.  Also if you  do not wipe out the virkon after you have let it sit for 10 minutes the animals can actually get chemical burns from it.  It is very important that we follow these processes correctly to make sure our animals are safe and healthy  while they stay with us.   If you have any questions about this process please see me or contact the nearest Animal Welfare Specialist for details.
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Cat iso
Hey everyone Iso cats is full again.  We are looking for a few good families to give our  recovering kitties a break from a full room!   Please contact Alix if you have a little extra space and a little extra time to help these sweeties out.
Hey everyone!  I have very exciting news!  We will be participating in the Oregon Fair this year!  We will be there on 8/28 from 10-5 J  I need two shifts of people, the first shift will be 9-1 and the second shift will be 1-5.  I have 8 fair passes – 4 for each shift, so if you attend you can enjoy the fair before or after your shift starts J  Parking will cost $5 per vehicle.  The fair is held at 2330 17th St NE, Salem, OR 97303.
We need:
AM Shift 9am-1pm:
-1 person to bring supplies (table, chairs, canopy, etc.) and stay for the event
-1 person to bring a dog (and stay for the event)
-1 person to bring cats (and stay for the event)
-1 person to man the booth
PM Shift 1pm-5pm:
-1 person to stay for the event and then bring the supplies back to WHS (table, chairs, canopy, etc.)
-1 person to bring a dog (and stay for the event)
-1 person to bring cats (and stay for the event)
-1 person to man the booth
Please let Alix  know if you are able to help with this event!!
Hey everyone.  We are going to be participating in the Lifesource Pet Appreciation Day again this year!  It is 8/16 from 10-2
I need:
-someone to bring supplies (table, chairs, etc.)
-2 people to bring dogs
-Someone to bring cats (and stay for the event)
-Someone to man the booth
Please let Alix  know if you are able to help with this event!
Hey everyone!  We will be participating in the Walk-n-wag again this year!  It will be 8/23 from 9-12.  Alix needs:
-Someone to bring supplies (table, chairs, etc.) and stay for the event
-Someone to man the booth
And then if anyone wants to participate in the event and bring one of our adoptable dogs wearing an “adopt me” vest, please let Alix  know and I would be happy to arrange that!
Alix Womack
Foster and Rescue Coordinator
Willamette Humane Society
503-585-5900 ext. 303
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Keizer Petco has several shifts open on different days of the week that need  some  help.  They only have 4 cats their usually and you can work in pairs making it easy and fun.
Petco South Commercial also has some shifts open  even some on the weekends for those of you with school schedules who want something close to home consider this option.
The Clinic is still looking for help  for the following shifts,  remember if you cannot  take on any more shifts see if your friends or family would like to get involved 🙂
Tuesday 10-1 Clinic   Surgery side
Friday 10-1 Clinic  Surgery side
Friday 1 or 2-5 pm Closing Surgery side
Monday 7:15-10:00 Surgery side
Wednesday 7:15-10:00 Surgery side
Thursday 12-2 surgery side
Intake support
We are still looking for more  Exam Support help.   This assignment gives you a lot of hands on behind the scenes   experience.  You will get to learn  all that we do for each of the animals as they come in to our  care. Its very fast paced and exciting.
Customer service desk Housekeeping.
Our intake team would like a little help with housekeeping.  If you have 1-2 hours a week that you would be willing to share  it would mean the world to them to come to a tidy workspace.  Talk about a way to improve the mental health of staff . Happy staff = Happy animals 🙂
Cat hospitality
We have a good group of volunteers going.  I am trying to build up this force in order to lighten the load for the hard working volunteers on these shifts so that they can enjoy the socialization  of the cats more and more.  Right now they are taking on a huge part of the cleaning to help out our animal welfare team and the more we have the merrier it is.  Makes the cleaning speed by  and it’s a great way to make a friend by pairing up to clean rooms together quickly.
[toggle title=”Urgent Help Needed”]
Hey everyone I am putting out a special plea for help. We have a very hectic and difficult  time coming up for the staff over the next two weeks. We are down a staff member at intake and more than one in Animal Welfare,  we are short a staff member in adoptions  as well.  Going into  the weekend of the 22nd this will be even worse as we have some staff who wont be able to come in for a couple days.  Then the following week we have our wonderful Playing for Life Seminars.  During this time we will be sending staff out for continued education but that is putting a huge strain on our already short staffed teams to meet the day to day shelters needs.  During this time I ask and encourage anyone who has any training to help with cleaning to come in and support us.  We will also need help  showing dogs, help  with showing cats would be huge to alleviate the stress on the poor staff.  We are in the interview process right now and have some great candidates to fill in these spots but before they  are brought in we want to get through these couple weeks in one piece and  you guys can help us do that.  Below are the dates and times of what  we would like help with.  Help me to help my team  get out of this month without exceeding their stress levels, and without feeling panicked and overwhelmed.  You guys may help out the animals directly but by doing so you are giving the staff some much needed piece of mind.
Please let me know if you are trained to and willing to help with the following:
Cleaning dog kennels
Friday the 22nd @ 7 am
Saturday the 23rd @ 7 am
Tuesday the 26th @ 7 am
Wednesday the 27th @ 7 am
Thursday the 28th  @ 7 am
Friday the 29th @ 7 am
Showing cats-  Cat Adoption Ambassadors
Friday the 22nd   any 2 hour shift during open hours
Saturday the 23rd any 2 hour shift during open hours
Sunday the 24th any 2 hour shift during open hours
Thursday the 28th  any 2 hour shift during open hours
Friday the 29th any 2 hour shift during open hours
K-9Adoption Ambassadors
Friday the 22nd any 2 hour shift during open hours
Sunday the 24th any 2 hour shift during open hours
Monday the 25th any 2 hour shift during open hours
Thursday the 28th 5-7pm
Friday the 29th any 2 hour shift during open hours
Cat hospitality team members
Friday the 22nd @ 7-8 am
Saturday the 23rd @ 7-8 am
Sunday  the 24th @ 7-8 am
Monday the 25th @ 7-8 am
Tuesday the 26th @ 7-8 am
Wednesday the 27th @ 7-8 am
Thursday the 28th  @ 7-8 am
Friday the 29th @ 7-8 am
[toggle title=”10 Reasons toTtake CPDT Classes Through Chemeketa”]

Did you hear that WHS is hosting a new Professional Dog Trainer Certification Preparation course through Chemeketa Community College? Woo-hoo! It’s true! If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a CPDT-KA or if you’d just like to be a highly-skilled, knowledgeable amateur, this course is for you! Each week in the newsletter, we’re going to countdown the top ten reasons you should sign up – watch this space to learn more about this exciting opportunity that benefits WHS, our shelter sweethearts and our community!

Reason # 6 Why YOU should register for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course at WHS:  Because you’ll be the best! You’ll receive the knowledge base you need to pass the Certified Professional Dog Trainer-KA exam and join the very short list of CPDT-KAs in the Willamette Valley! Just sign up for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course through Chemeketa Community Education’s Fall Program Guide as soon as it becomes available.
[toggle title=”Shout Outs”]
Shout outs for volunteers from Animal Welfare Team member Taya  on 8/12/14
For being so willing to keep up with the laundry today! Thank you for deep cleaning A and B cat exams and mopped the exam area without being asked! Thank you for all that you do for us. You’re a rock star!
Jolene Foster-
Thank you for weighing a bunch of dogs and entering them into the computer for me and stayed later! Thank you!
Heaven Cook-
Thank you for weighing a bunch of cats! You were great even without your trainer! Great job today!! ”

This week Alix  would like to thank:

“Aimee Ronnow for jumping in to fostering and taking hissy spitty kittens for her very first foster project J

 and Pamela McVey for always taking animals when I need her to, even if they have lice or are unsocial, etc. etc.  The time and dedication you and your family have to your kittens is obvious by how socialized and handleable they are when they come back to WHS for adoption J”

“Shout out to Betty Emerson and Lee Nichols for coming in and doing medications!!  I wouldn’t have been able to do this week with out them.”


[toggle title=”Events”]
Yappy Hour
If you missed yappy hour on 7/26 then you missed all the fun of July.  It was warm  out and the beer was cold and food was delicious.  The only thing better than the beer and the food was the company.  Think  about it… volunteers,  WHS alumni, and staff all in one place this is  the best type of social hour in history.  Its like having built in best friends.  Its one of the only events where no one has to be a wallflower!  The best news is that  there is going to be another  one  on Friday, September 12th.   Bring your appetite, your thirst, and your best dog friends along for the fun.
5th Monday Party
Monday Sept 29th 5th Monday party and Bark and Brew@ santiam brewery
It may be a ways off but if you know about it now then there is no reason for you to miss it… save the date! Lets get together! Come and say hi to me I will be there.   Socializing with each other is just as good for you as socializing with cats and dogs.  Plus what a great avenue to swap shelter stories of the heartwarming and goofy
annual western show 2014
[toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]

  • Davenport’s Den has a sale on Cat toys for all of August.  Make sure to tell the customers all cat toys will be 10% off  all month long.
  • August adoption special “Wheel of Adoptions” Customers will get to  spin the wheel to see what their discount is .  Cats and dogs even some puppies and kittens will be included ( some restrictions apply)  See the posters that will be around the shelter.
  • Dine in the Mid-Valley cards can be purchased in Davenport’s Den.  They are issued through the Chamber of Commerce.  The cost to purchase the card is $20.   Fifteen dollars of that will go towards Project Fence. The card gives you discounts any participating area restaurants:   https://www.dineinmidvalley.com/restaurants

Featured this month in Davenport’s Den:

Kong Cat Toys!

What is a Kong Cat Toy good for?

  • The Kong Cat Toy is wonderful for promoting exercise and helping your cat lose weight!


  • It can be used for providing mental stimulation (cats can go stir crazy, too!). What is mental stimulation? Cats need daily “mental exercise”. All that means is that cats need to see something new every day or do something that challenges their brains in order to obtain optimal mental health and to prevent boredom and unwanted behavior.


  • It is true that some textures of certain toys are irresistible to certain cats and they become occupied for hours on end, leaving you to watch your favorite show, cook your favorite meal, or to simply sit back and enjoy the silly cat’s play-time!


  • Some Kong Cat Toys contain catnip, which is an irresistible herb that causes some cats to either go wild and crazy or to mellow way out – feel free to test out catnip on your personal cat and see how it affects them. You might be surprised!

[toggle title=”News and Info”]
Project Fence Update
Our excellent team of volunteers have  been out working back by the employee parking lot to put up posts for the turn outs.  ITS REALLY HAPPENING!!  This is going to be great for our pups who are staying back of house.   Fundraising seems to be going well too  🙂  Thank you to Kate Hagar who set up this crowdfunding site to get some more donations to help out https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/project-fence-do-fence-me-in/215182. Feel free to put in a few bucks of your own or share it all over your social media  sites, like Facebook, to get a little more support for the safety of our beloved pups.    Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more updates.


BJ Martinez  is doing an online Scentsy Fundraiser to help raise funds for Hugo’s Fence Me In project. This is a great chance to get some great decorative warmers and fragrances for the home, gifts for friends and family, help keep the camper trailer smelling yummy, and we can’t forget our cars, all while helping raise money for Hugo’s fence. Be sure to click the “My Open Parties” on her website and select “WHS Fence Me in Fundraiser”. BJ is donating 100% of the commission towards this project. Here’s the link: https://bj-talkscents.scentsy.us/
BJ’s goal is to have a $2000 fundraiser for the fence project!
Catalogs will be placed in the volunteer room. Just ask and a party can be done at WHS, in your home, in addition to online. Testers are available to smell the fragrances. BJ’s goal is to have a $2000 fundraiser for the fence project! Feel free to contact BJ at 503-949-9772 for additional info or other questions on Hugo’s Fence Fundraiser.
[toggle title=”Job Opportunities”]
The following positions are available  for employment. Please review the job descriptions  as well as how to apply from the website  https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/
Adoption specialist – On call
Intake Specialist – Full time
Animal welfare  specialist -Part time and on call
[toggle title=”Happy Tails”]
I turned in Sheeba’s paperwork earlier this week. Wanted to make sure you knew that the 2 checks were for.
First, they didn’t pay the ½ price special for Sheeba, they paid the full price of $50. THEN, they paid another $50 for a donation to WHS. What a wonderful, sweet thing.

Sheeba was adopted on Laura’s shift (Aug 2). Laura spent a lot of time making sure they understood Sheeba, her temperament, what she likes to play with, everything. Laura even found an envelope that I didn’t see, that was stapled to the back of the adoption packet. It read as if she had an abused or less than desirable care by previous owners; just made me sad. There was a 6 page letter from the person that ended up getting Sheeba from the previous owners, keeping her for a bit but had a jealous cat and that wasn’t an ideal situation either, and then she took Sheeba to WHS for adoption. I hope and pray that Sheeba has a happy, safe life with this couple.


New owners have 1 VERY overweight cat that is now on vet weight watchers. He’s 5 years old, declawed, and very laid back. Hopefully Sheeba won’t have to worry about over-bearing or dominate cats anymore trying to beat her up and owners that will truly let her be a cat and love her for who she is. They understand that there will be an adjustment period and that it could take weeks but it sounded like they were up for the task. Yay!!

BJ Martinez

sheeba 1 Sheeba 2