Volunteer Weekly Newsletter August 8th, 2014

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Welcome to August everyone! Where did July go? Time flies when you are having fun, and that’s all we do here in the volunteer department is have fun.   Here is your weekly dose of information.  I hope you find this an easier way to get the information you need and want!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about what you see in this newsletter! Have a great week guys!

“Service is a smile.  It is an acknowledging wave, a reaching handshake, a friendly wink, and a warm hug.   It’s these simple acts that matter most, because the greatest service to a human soul has always been the kindness of recognition.” 
― Richelle E. Goodrich,


Remember to thank and recognize each other for a job well done and feel free to send me  any thoughts you have about fellow volunteers who deserve a shout out!! 

Thanks so much guys!!Kimmi Transparent


Kimmi Transparent

[toggle title=”Dog People”]I am sure you have all heard about how bad fast food is for us. Well its no good for the dogs here either. In fact it could be worse for them. Our digestive tracts are such that we can handle a wide variety of foods and still process them ok but dogs tracts are not. They should have a consistent and balanced diet. We have recently seen people giving dogs fast food and lunch meat etc. I know that you want to give our pets the best love and attention that you can. To spoil them a little in a place they aren’t getting as spoiled as in a home. However they wont feel that spoiled later when they have a tummy ache or an allergic reaction. Please stick to the hot dog treats that most of the volunteers use or you can bring kibbles or use the kibble the dog has on the front of their kennel. This way we don’t have to do like we did last time and say no treats for anyone for what felt like forever . Loose stool is also a symptom of many other issues some of those very serious and if we see several dogs with loose stool we may be concerned of something scarier than an outbreak of lunch meat sharing. Please be kind to the dogs tummies. We are working on a list of treats that are and aren’t allowed. Stay tuned.

Just a quick announcement that I should have made in the last newsletter but unfortunately I didn’t. JOAN FRASER is our new Tuesday team captain. She is taking over for Ralph Geiling. Let’s all welcome Joan and take it easy on her Tuesday people we want to keep her around for a good long time 🙂 When in the building dogs are to be short leash at all times. Dog should not have full length of the leash as that prevents you from managing it when its environment is ever-changing. You never know what kind of person or child, dog or cat even could come around the next corner or the closest door and the only way to be prepared for this is to have the leash short. Our rooms and halls are only so wide and when you add a few people and a dog in that space it becomes very over stimulating to dogs as well . This over stimulation makes them less likely to mind their manners or even be able to focus on you so short leash is imperative to avoid the dog from making a poor choice with its energy and to avoid any potentially dangerous situations. Thank you guys for your understanding and cooperation. Please help remind each other of this kindly! [/toggle][toggle title=”Cat People”] Ring ring ring…..buzz buzz buzz… Hello…. Hi this is Kimmi your friendly volunteer manager just reminding you to keep your phones put away during your shift. It is ok to have them on you for emergency purposes but if you have them out it is extremely likely that you are not paying attention to the task at hand. This means you could be missing important cues from the cats, missing steps in your cleaning process, or not addressing customers needs. We want to be safe and attentive. If you are snapping a quick picture to post on Facebook or share with friends after your shift please do but let’s not use Facebook or make phone calls or do any text messaging during your shift. If it is a call you have to take or a message you need to send please do so in the volunteer room. The kitties, customers, and staff appreciate your dedication to a job well done.[/toggle][toggle title=”What is Kimmi up to?”]Ok my schedule has changed yet again. I am going to be taking Tuesday the 12th off . I will not have the opportunity to work a weekend day that week due to other engagements. I am sorry if this an inconvenience I will be back on Wednesday as normal and can attend to anything you guys need at that time … with a smile on my face of course!! [/toggle][toggle title=”Foster and Outreach Opportunities”]We are looking for medical fosters for medium-sized dogs. Medical fostering is usually from 2-8 weeks and can include fostering an animal while it recovers from surgery, or while a wound or break heals, etc. Sometimes this kind of fostering means the dog being on strict crate rest, with short leashed potty breaks only. In those situations the dog will usually be on a sedative of some kind. Someone fostering a medical dog will need a quiet, separate space to keep them in, away from kids and other pets.
Hey everyone. We will be attending an adoption event at the capital geared towards their staff . Our goals will be to recruit some new volunteers, and get some adoptions It’s 8/12 from 10-1 We need: -1-2 people to bring dogs -1 person to bring cats -1 person to man the booth Please let me know if you can help with this event! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun Alix Womack Foster/Outreach Coordinator 503-585-5900 ext 303 foster@whs4pets.org [/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Opportunities”] Intake and Exam Room Clean up. We need two volunteers to come in for 1-2 hours a week and clean up behind our intake desk and clean up the rooms we use to process cats. This would be a huge relief for our staff knowing they come to a tidy and organized work space. You would be helping lower the stress of staff and make the processing of our pets much more comfortable and efficient. These shifts are flexible on days and somewhat on times. We prefer that they take place when we are not open to the public so mornings are great or on a Tuesday or Wednesday would be also be ideal. If you crave order and a tidy workspace this is gonna be the best spot for you and our Intake Staff would just love you to pieces for making their home away from home a comfy and clean place to spend their valuable time. Please contact me if you would like to help us out here.
The Clinic has a few openings that we need to fill ASAP!! They really want some help. We are looking for individuals who will make it to their shift reliably each week and who can handle a lot of bending and stooping and some lifting. Who isn’t afraid of a little bit of laundry and who is a great team player and a self-starter. If this sounds like you please contact me and let me know! Tuesday 10-1 pm Clinic Surgery side Monday 7:15-10:00 am Surgery side Wednesday 7:15-10:00am Surgery side Cat Hospitality on Sunday and Monday Mornings. Our Animal welfare team is working their tails off to keep this place clean and shiny. They are working themselves to the bone. We are hoping to get some help in our cat areas in the morning on Sundays. If we can get two volunteers per room the cleaning goes very quickly ( and its more fun when you use the buddy system) and then the rest of your shift is all about socializing, cuddling, grooming, etc! Pick a friend or a family member and let me know you want to come help us out we really appreciate it. We do need help other mornings as well Sunday and Monday just happen to be where the strongest need is right now. Exam Support is a brand new position that works directly with our intake crew to process animals as they come in. you would be in the exam area helping prep supplies for processing, holding animals for medical procedures, setting up kennels, possibly entering data, helping keep the dishes and laundry under control. It’s an excellent form of experience for those of you looking to work in the veterinary field. Please let me know if this is up your alley and we can see if it’s a right fit for you. The Thrift store is still looking for another volunteer or two to look up merchandise and books on the computer to help with figuring out the value of all the treasures that get donated on a daily basis. If you are a looking for a fun little side job with a whole lot of meaning and appreciation then this is the one for you. Plus you will love the crew at the thrift store they are a lovely bunch who will put a great smile on your face! Contact Kit or Carrie at the thrift store if you are interested. Phone: 503-362-6892 E-mail: Thrifstore@whs4pets.org. For those of you looking to get to RED TAG status you need to have a head halti class under you belt! There are two of them coming up. Drop in and get some skills and understanding to better help our pooches and who knows maybe even your own!! the 16th @ 10:00am and 22nd @ 5:30pm Training Classes Offered to Learn the Art of Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Are you concerned about what’s being done to humanely control the overpopulation of free-roaming cats in our community and want to help? We need volunteers to help with Trap Neuter Return (TNR). A hands-on trainings will be taught by experienced TNR trappers this summer at WHS: Thursday, August 14, 5 pm Willamette Humane Society Education Hall 4246 Turner Rd SE, Salem Please come and bring a friend! If you happen to be an experienced trapper and would be willing to help train others, please arrive at the meetings a half hour early for instruction, and we’ll set you up as a TNR teacher. For more information about the program, or volunteering, please e-mail mpccp2014@gmail.comor call 503-364-1542. [/toggle][toggle title=”10 Reasons to take CPDT classes through Chemeketa”]Did you hear that WHS is hosting a new Professional Dog Trainer Certification Preparation course through Chemeketa Community College? Woo-hoo! It’s true! If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a CPDT-KA or if you’d just like to be a highly-skilled, knowledgeable amateur, this course is for you! Each week in the newsletter, we’re going to countdown the top ten reasons you should sign up – watch this space to learn more about this exciting opportunity that benefits WHS, our shelter sweethearts and our community!
Reason # 7 Why YOU should register for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course at WHS: You missed out on the mullet hair-style or the rainbow knee-high toe-socks in high school? Here’s your next big chance to be a trendsetter! This is the first time a comprehensive, community-college level professional dog trainer’s course has been offered in Oregon and you can participate in the INAUGURAL group of students that register for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course through Chemeketa Community Education’s Fall Program –coming soon! [/toggle][toggle title=”SHOUT OUTS!!”]So we received a very random donation through Dogs & Cats Stranded on the Streets – an organization based out of California. After looking into this random donation we found that on their website you can nominate a shelter to receive funds to help with programs. They sent us $1,500!!! We would like to know who it was that nominated us they deserve a huge thank you. We just want to give credit where credit is due. Its gifts like this that make our day-to-day more meaningful and the extraordinary more achievable! www.unwantedanimals.org
From our Foster Coordinator Alix- “Kim Angle and Mandy Boyer and Ben Davidson for being patient and hanging on to their at weight foster kittens for a little bit of extra time while they waited for room for them to come back to the shelter.” “Barb Cash for volunteering for WHS every day this last week, with transporting cats to C.A.T. and cats to Petco Lancaster and a dog up to a rescue in Portland and her regular dog walking shifts. You are a rock star Barb!!!” Thank you to Delphina and Alice for coming in to kick tail for our kitties!! You guys did a great job getting things cleaned up on Monday 8/4. You are a huge help to our animal welfare team. We couldn’t have made it through the morning as smoothly as we did, without you. Thanks a whole bunch! Everyone really appreciated your hard work! -Kimmi and the Animal Welfare Team! [/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]If you missed yappy hour on 7/26 then you missed all the fun of July. It was warm out and the beer was cold and food was delicious. The only thing better than the beer and the food was the company. Think about it… volunteers, WHS alumni, and staff all in one place this is the best type of social hour in history. Its like having built in best friends. Its one of the only events where no one has to be a wallflower! The best news is that there is going to be another one on Friday, September 12th. Bring your appetite, your thirst, and your best dog friends along for the fun.
Monday Sept 29th 5th Monday party and Bark and Brew@ Santiam Brewery It may be a ways off but if you know about it now then there is no reason for you to miss it… save the date! Lets get together! Come and say hi to me I will be there. Socializing with each other is just as good for you as socializing with cats and dogs. Plus what a great avenue to swap shelter stories of the heartwarming and goofy variety. [/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]• The Thrift store is having a “Back to School” Sale Friday and Saturday, August 8th and 9th. • Davenport’s Den has a sale on Cat toys for all of August. Make sure to tell the customers all cat toys will be 10% off all month long. •  Neat dog video, 5 Awesome Dog Facts — Thought Glass #4 • August adoption special “Wheel of Adoptions” Customers will get to spin the wheel to see what their discount is . Cats and dogs even some puppies and kittens will be included ( some restrictions apply) See the posters that will be around the shelter. • Dine in the Mid-Valley cards can be purchased in Davenport’s Den. They are issued through the Chamber of Commerce. The cost to purchase the card is $20. Fifteen dollars of that will go towards Project Fence. The card gives you discounts any participating area restaurants: https://www.dineinmidvalley.com/restaurants[/toggle][toggle title=”News and Info”]There has been change to the dress code for volunteers. Tank tops will no longer be acceptable for any animal handlers. I have sent out the revised handbook to everyone in a separate e-mail please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I know its hot outside and I am sorry guys but I would rather you be slightly warmer wearing even short sleeves than see anyone get hurt. We also would like to be presentable to the public as we are often the first line of contact and we represent this organization in the publics eyes. So we want to remain as professional as possible. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. If you do show up in a tank top I am sure that your fellow volunteers will help you find a smock to wear ( I promise they are nowhere near as cute as something you could have picked out yourself and they are even hotter than a regular shirt usually).
Aimee Sadler’s Playing for Life Workshop is this month, registration is due by the 10th. It is free. Come to one workshop or come to all. It will help advance you in your abilities as a volunteer here. With this newly acquired information and skills you will even more multifaceted and valuable!! We are looking at expanding to 5 playgroups a week and we will need to have the volunteers help to make this happen!! Doesn’t matter what color tag you are now we want everyone who can come to be there. You wont regret it at all. Play group has been one of my favorite things to do as staff. You really get to see the goofy side of dogs. Some of them you get to see the serious side. I have learned more about dog body language and behavior from being in playgroup than from any book or video I have ever watched. Its fascinating and fun! You do have to be at the lecture on Monday night August, 25th at the Red Lion here in Salem at 5:30pm to participate in any of the other workshops. The other dates we have for workshops are August 27th, 28th, and 29th. Registration forms are on the desk right next to the computer you log in at, and they are due by the 10th. Pin them to my board or slide them under my door either way works for me. Save those dates. Put in your time off requests at work, cancel your plans to go to a movie, find a sitter, and come learn about how we keep the dogs happy and healthy and you can help. Willamette Valley Hospice is hosting a Walk-n-Wag event at Minto Brown Park on August 23rd from 9 am to 12pm. They are raising money to help keep pets and families together during hospice care. There will be low cost vaccines and other treats there as well. Registration is $10 per person and can be completed at wvh.org/pets. A great way to spend a few buck and a few hours on a lovely Saturday morning. [/toggle][toggle title=”A Word from our Sponsors”]Please remember our sponsors when you head out shopping this weekend. Just a few…. Capitol Subaru Liquor Outlet Nature’s Pet Market Chem Dry Envoy Mortgage Valley Credit Union Tell them you’re shopping because they support WHS! [/toggle][toggle title=”Job Opportunities”]We are looking for a Full Time Intake Specialist at this time. This position does come with benefits! If you are ready to take your passion for our mission to the next level here is your opportunity. This team processes the animals as they come in to the shelter and provides compassionate service to customers on a daily basis. You will love working with the ladies on this team!
We are also looking for a Part Time Animal Welfare Specialist. This is a strong team that is an integral part of the day-to-day here. They provide support to other departments and ensure the comfort, cleanliness, and safety of the animals environment is up to snuff! Please check the website for full job descriptions and the instructions on how to apply. https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/ [/toggle][toggle title=”Happy Tails”]For those of you that didn’t hear… Drumroll please………… CHEVY GOT ADOPTED!!! Chevy lived the first several years of his life on a chain in a yard with very little interaction with anyone or anything. They fed him and left him. He came to us with a great need for some TLC and patience. He had some hard moments and then he had a fantastic turn around. Thanks to the staff who all supported him and thanks to the volunteers on the training team that worked with him, thank you to Linda Crosby who took him to classes as well. You all played a big part in his rehabilitation and ability to become adoptable. Lets all think positive thoughts for his transition to his new home!! Here is one of the happiest adoption pictures I have ever seen! chevy2