Volunteer Weekly Newsletter

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Hey guys,
It’s 5 days into 2015.  Raise of hands… how many of you guys have already failed at your new years  resolutions? It’s a really good thing  we can’t actually  see who is raising their hands. I hope you all have a fun filled, happy, and prosperous new year. Let’s start it off with another edition of the weekly news!
Kimmi[toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]Please remember not to hang around the volunteer room or the dog walker desk or my office with a dog in tow. As you know there are dog walkers coming out of the dog hallway at regular intervals and you don’t want to cause a backup or have dogs meet on leash who aren’t so skilled at polite on leash greets.
The shelter is closed to the public on MLK day on 1/19/15, we will be having a sort of in-service day for staff and volunteers. The dog walk shifts and playgroup that day will not be impacted by the activities; it will be volunteering as normal.
Please remember to put the locks back onto the kennel doors and if appropriate, lock them as well. Recently, during open hours, there were multiple kennels in A dogs without any locks through the kennel door and were not locked. This means customers can get into kennels, which they are not allowed to do and it also means the big boisterous jumpers could potentially open their kennel doors and run amok! It is the responsibility of everyone to work together and make sure that everyone is safe! Thanks for being mindful![/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Just a reminder that unless you have received Canine Ambassador Training you are not allowed to show customers dogs! If they request to see a dog, find a staff member.
Shelter will be closed on MLK day 1/19/15. Our cat hospitality shifts will run as usual. Cat Adoption Ambassadors will get the day off as we won’t have any members of the public to show cats too.[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout outs”]Kim, during these times of harsh weather conditions, I’m amazed how the dog walkers are always here to walk our dogs. I was thinking how, if I were to volunteer here, I could not walk dogs. Not that I don’t love them or that they don’t deserve it, but the weather would make me reluctant to walk the dogs. I thank the volunteers whenever I see them, but I feel they should be commended for their dedication to walking dogs in these cold, wet, and icy conditions. Please pass this on to them, they need to know.
– Maria,
Adoption Specialist
I had a great interaction with a volunteer by the name of Hannah Duell. She is incredibly gifted and sweet. She donated a large bag of handmade cat toys that she made herself. She
was so kind to take the time to make these for our WHS cats. Just wanted to give her an AWESOME VOLUNTEER SHOUT OUT!
AWT Supervisor
Thank you to Walt Lockett and Janine Catalino for bringing some of our shelter pets to our Pints for Paws event at Santiam Brewery. You guys were great and the crowd loved our furry friends as company. Thank you so much!
Volunteer Manager[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]Moogly, the Bengal cat, doing some rad tricks. Enjoy!

Let your friends and family and customers know that the chew treats and toys in the buckets outside of Davenport’s Den are all 10% off for the month of January. Shop and save a life![/toggle][toggle title=”Job Opening”]The following positions are currently open at WHS!
-Intake Specialist Full Time
You can check out the job descriptions and find applications for these positions here:
https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]MLK DAY! :
On January the 19th the shelter will be closed to the public but the staff will still be here getting educated!! We are so excited to spend some time with strategic visioning (planning where we want to see the shelter going in the future), with workshops about writing, photography, making cots for our cats, and possibly a stress management or self-care workshop too. We are extending the invitation to you guys as well. What better way to build the relationship between staff and volunteers than to learn together and to get on the same page about things. We hope that you will be able to attend. The day goes from 9 am to 4:30 pm with brunch and a break provided! Even if you just want to attend the first part where you help us to plan how to get from good to great we would love to have you.
Anita Northcutt and Rose Barker are hosting a fundraiser for WHS. Please join them on January 20th, from 6:15 to 7:30pm at Broadway Coffee house, 1300 Broadway St. NE, Suite 100. Enjoy some coffee and treats and some great company and learn more about Harvard Risk Management. If you have questions please call 503-851-4885.
Join us in the education hall on January 6th, for a Soul Collage workshop. It will be from 6-8:30 pm & the fee for volunteers and staff is $10-$30. Anything above the minimum $10 fee will be donated to WHS. This is a great artistic workshop harnessing the power of images. You won’t be disappointed. All supplies are provided by Soul Collage workshop. We hope to see you there!!![/toggle][toggle title=”Happy Tails”]Update: Buddy the elf
“It has been great having buddy be part of our family. The first few minutes Buddy was in the house, I grew concerned because he desperately tried to get my cockatiel, Lucky! But after those first few minutes, there have been no problems. Once in a while Buddy looks at her intently, but I just say, “No Buddy, Lucky is part of our family.” He seems to understand, and leaves her alone. And buddy is getting along great with Casey and Dakota, our other dogs.
I needed to go to Gladstone on Monday, and I did not yet know how Buddy would be staying at home, so I took him with me. My mom and Dad doted on Buddy the whole day. He is a huge hit with my parents! Buddy also got along great with their dog, ruby.
The next day I had some appointments, and needed to do some shopping. I left the 3 dogs and 1 bird home alone for about an hour the first time. Everything was fine. Then I left to go shopping and was gone about 3 hours, and everything was fine. Whew!!
He loves to eat. He is still very skinny, but he won’t be for long!
My nephew (20 years old) has been staying over the last couple of nights and he loves Buddy so much. We go camping together about 3 times during the summer. We are looking forward to going with Buddy this year, too!
I want you and everyone at WHS to that buddy now has a forever home, where lives inside with us. I haven’t gone on many walks with him yet, but once the holidays are over, we will go at least 2 to 3 times a week.
Thank you again for posting his picture. I am so happy to have buddy in my family.
Isn’t it precious the way he crosses his legs? :-)”
buddy the elf 1buddy the elf[/toggle]