Volunteer Central Board

Use this board to post volunteer substitute requests, happy tails, ideas, needs, notifications, warm fuzzies, etc.


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  • Login using Google or create a user name by clicking on the key icon.
  • Single-click on a message to view a full post with attached photos, links, or who posted.  Use arrows to scroll through each post on the wall.
  • Double click on an empty space on the wall to create your own listing.
  • Enter your name and subject on the top of your posting so it appears in red.
  • Attach links, photos, documents using the tools on the bottom of your post.
  • Click or hover on your post to edit or update (pencil), or delete (garbage can).

  • Allow urgent updates and requests room at the top.
  • Remove your posting when questions or needs are answered.
  • Please help us keep our shared space neat and useful.
  • Post positively and assertively when using the board for problem-solving.
  • No airing of grievances in this space.  Please contact us privately with complaints or concerns.