We need You!

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Hey community!
I’m sure you’ve heard us gush about our wonderful fosters and how they save lives every day!
But we are currently outgrowing our current foster base and need even more willing homes to foster for us!
Commitments can be short term (1-2 weeks) or longer term (3-8 weeks) for kittens, cats and dogs!
Some are more intensive such as bottle feeding unweaned kittens,
and some are pretty easy, like taking on a mama and kittens
(she does ALL the work! and you just get to play with them!)
and slightly older kittens in need of socialization (read: cuddling and playing daily!)
Foster6kitten   Foster1
Foster2 Foster4Foster6socialization
Sometimes we need help with dogs, to give them a break from the shelter and see what they are like outside of a kennel in a home environment or to recover from surgery/medical treatment.
Foster5socialization   Foster7Anx
We could use help for all of our critters. all you need is a willing family, a private space away from other pets for kittens, and a space for dogs as well. We provide EVERYTHING you need! Vaccines, litter, litter boxes, wet food, kitten formula, kibble, medical treatment including medications and surgeries, etc!
Last year we had nearly 2,000 animals that required foster care, and we couldn’t do it without folks like you!
If you want to be part of our lifesaving mission to provide compassionate services to pets and people,
email Ashleigh, our foster coordinator, as foster@whs4pets.org
If you can’t, perhaps consider sharing this post (you never know if your friend might be looking for something JUST like this), or purchasing an item or two off of our foster wishlist on Amazon!
Thanks for all of your continued support!