Celebrate Happy Endings During Week of Wonder

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Every year, you help thousands of animals find a forever family. It’s easy to say you truly make their lives wonderful. That’s why we are excited to celebrate the fourth year of Willamette Humane Society’s Week of Wonder. This annual week of storytelling celebrates the life-saving work of our community, as well as helps support that mission in the new year. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by midnight on December 31, 2019, providing a wonderful start for shelter pets in 2020.

How do your donations help? Check back every day from December 25-31 to read the stories of real animals our donors saved this past year. If the pet’s photo has lit up in color, it means that story is ready to read below—just scroll down! Or click here to make your donation now.

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Day 1: Heathcliff

We’re kicking off Week of Wonder 2019 with a sweet kitty who’s still looking for his forever home. Meet handsome, happy Heathcliff. Why is he so happy, you ask? Because he’s now safe and warm here at Willamette Humane Society, thanks to our supporters.

Before arriving at the shelter, Heathcliff lived a difficult life. At nine-years-old, he is ancient in stray cat years, but a kitten at heart. At some point during his life, our vets believe Heathcliff was exposed to toxoplasmosis. He began to suffer seizures, alone, out on the streets.

Once he was brought to the shelter, he recovered with help from our donor-funded medical team, but one quirk remains. From time to time, those seizures can come back. They don’t affect him for long, but he needs a family that is aware of this and prepared to help him when the episodes hit.

Despite his illness, Heathcliff is a sweet and affectionate cat. He kneads with delight when he meets people, and he adores to be petted and cuddled.

If this stately gentleman stole your heart, join us with a donation today in his honor. Your support during this Week of Wonder goes towards providing safe places for cats like Heathcliff to land during their times of need. Thank you!

Day Two: Fennec

Meet Fennec. This lovable goofball came to the shelter in May, with a debilitating condition. He limped and was unable to put much, if any, weight on his right hind leg. 

We didn’t know if it was an injury or genetic condition, but he had very little muscle mass.  So, we put him on pain medication right away and took x-rays. They showed an old injury that was never set and had healed out of place. 

For a shelter animal, any costly medical care or treatment plans can be a deterrent for adoption and a hardship on resource-lacking organizations. But thanks to you, and Fennec’s infectious personality, neither were true in his case.

Day 3: Boo

When Boo arrived at Willamette Humane Society in September, our staff knew just by looking at her that she needed immediate medical attention. Her entire body was covered in scabs, she had blood blisters, and the hair on her white coat was thin and missing in many places. But most serious of all, she had multiple tumors.

It was clear that Boo had been through a lot before being brought to the shelter, and many people might have given up on her. But this gentle seven-year-old dog showed the staff what they see on a daily basis…dogs like Boo unconditionally trust these humans are going to love and care for them.

Though the treatment was extensive, the WHS medical team went right to work, performing surgery to remove the tumors and blood blisters. Boo was also started on antibiotics and ointments for her irritating skin conditions.

While our shelter medical team can’t be a100% sure if the tumors or lesions will return, they do know she may develop more skin allergies, and could need on-going treatment. They also recommended Boo wear a coat whenever she goes outside to protect her skin from sun damage. A good reminder for us humans as well!

Thanks to the support from donors like you, Boo was given a second chance, as well as all the time she needed to heal. Once Boo was ready for adoption, she waited patiently to find the right family who would take extra care of her special needs. Fortunately, that didn’t take long, and Boo is now in a home for the holidays. Will you make a gift to give other dogs like Boo a second chance?

Day Four: Blue Pearl

This pretty, two-year-old lady is Blue Pearl. Her story is an interesting one, and she has surprised both our medical team and her foster mom with her ability to overcome a very unique injury.

Blue Pearl was found trapped in a woodpile. Her hind leg was crushed between two heavy logs and she was pinned, slowly starving to death. By the time she was found, her torn flesh had begun to deteriorate and rot. 

Willamette Humane Society’s donor-funded medical team went to work fast and our shelter surgeon was brought in to remove the areas of damaged muscle. Our surgeon had never seen muscles react to injury the way Blue Pearl’s did. They’d become mushy and sinuous. Our surgeon was unsure of the future prognosis. How did you help Blue Pearl heal?

Day Five: James Bond

This frightened young cat was found hiding in the bushes along a busy street. The good neighbor who saw him noticed he was barely breathing or moving, so rushed him to the shelter. No one had any idea how long he had been suffering under those bushes.

Our medical team immediately went to work, and started treatment for a significant and advanced cold. This 3.7-pound cat was so sick, the team wasn’t sure he was going to make it. But they quickly gave him fluids, antibiotics, warming discs, syringe feeding and more — desperately trying to save his life.

And it worked. He pulled through. While his recovery was long and extensive, including 14 days of medications, time in isolation for an upper respiratory condition, a neuter surgery and a bad case of fleas, this young cat who came to the shelter clinging for life (now named James Bond), has made a full recovery.

With such a rough start in life, you can imagine that James Bond is a little shy. But our dedicated staff and volunteers are helping him learn to be more trusting of people. One volunteer noted that once he’s in your lap, he will stay there for hours just purring and purring.

James Bond wouldn’t know safety, love and kindness without the support of donors like you who make dreams come true for shelter pets, and the people who adopt them. And just in time for Week of Wonder, James Bond found his own loving home, leaving his difficult past far behind as we head into the new year.

Day Six: Trooper

Trooper arrived at Willamette Humane Society in need of some serious TLC. This handsome boy appeared in a Ring doorbell video, wandering onto a stranger’s porch in search of food. 

He was found emaciated and dehydrated, walking around on torn-up paws.  

Our shelter medical team got straight to work to put Trooper on the road to recovery. He went on a strict feeding schedule to help him gain weight quickly and safely.  How do your support, passion, and gifts support Trooper’s recovery?

Day Seven: Fetty

Sometimes, you have to travel a long way to find your friends. Fetty came to us from Alabama when his hometown was struck by tragic tornadoes. 

When he arrived, he was very shy and fearful. It took him about 10 minutes (and a lot of treats) to even come to the front of his kennel to say hello to a human. 

He was also shy around other dogs.The first time Fetty went to doggie playgroup, he wouldn’t even enter the pen. When he did socialize, he got overwhelmed very easily which caused him to growl and snap. 

But we knew that with some positive experiences, Fetty would come to learn the world wasn’t such a scary place. How did this sweet boy learn to thrive with your support?