Weekly Volunteer Newsletter for 10-18-14

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This is a juicy version of the newsletter.  Read,  re-read,   then volunteer to help us out tomorrow for the pumpkin patch at Rogue and  to help out at the end of the week for Bowser’s Boo Bash!!  So much fun stuff is happening this week!!
Thanks guys,
Kimmi[toggle title=”Shout Outs”]Laurel Hines thank you so much for donating a dozen plus more leashes with the good kind of
clips on them. We really appreciate the extra tools to keep doing what we do! Thank you as well
for showing up for your whole shift and helping out wherever you can even though you are unable
to walk the dogs themselves!
So I know I already did a shout out for Judy but the girl deserves another shout out!! As of right
now Judy is the only volunteer I have to cover the clinic reception between 11am and 1pm. She is
now covering all five days of the week until we get a new person in on Monday and my Friday
person (Bob who is also awesome) returns from vacation. Not only is she covering all five days
but when I had a meeting on Thursday she came in early to cover for that too!!
Judy is awesome! She is always happy to help whenever she can and is so great at holding down
the fort when I am on lunch or need coverage. I honestly don’t know what we would do without
such amazing volunteers like Judy. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have such
amazing people willing to help and be so kind. Thank you Judy!!!!
Thank you,
Marion is such a great cat volunteer, she is always willing to stay a little bit later to make sure the
kitties and the customers needs are met and to be able to pass them off onto the next volunteer
shift while keeping things under control! Thank you so much Marion for being such a big help
and for being so reliable!
-Anita Northcut and Kimmi Berg
I just wanted to pass along a note of thanks to the Humane-a-Teens for their work organizing the
Pitties for Peace Rally. I saw the photos on the WHS Facebook page, but I don’t use Facebook.
Our dog, Ruby, is a pittie mix (adopted from WHS in 2011). We work really hard to help her be the
best ambassador for the breed she can be, and she has changed the minds of a couple of our
neighbors who were hesitant about her. Despite not being able to attend the rally, I wanted to
give the Teens some kudos for doing something so visible and constructive about an important
topic. I hope it went well for them. Maybe it can be the start of an annual gathering with more
pittie-lovers getting involved in the future. I’d appreciate it if you would give them my thanks and
Talk to you soon!
-Tracy Crandall[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]This month in Davenport’s Den we have all of our litter, litter boxes, and litter scoops at 10% off.
Please let the customers know when you are talking about the new kitty they are getting.
There is still time to take part in our Partylite fundraiser where the shelter gets 50% of every
candle sold. If you would like to get a sales sheet and get started you could still win some
fabulous prizes if you sell, sell, sell! Take the sheet out to friends and family, maybe church or
work, your kid’s soccer team and your dentist’s office. Let them know that this money is going to
help with improvements like upgrading our dog kennels!!
Here is a super cute video to waste some time and put a smile on your face!

[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteers Needed”]We are still in need of some help for Bowser’s Boo Bash on Saturday the 25th of
October. This year is going to be a doozy!! We need help with the assignments listed
below. I sent out e-mail with a document attachment that describes each of these in
detail including dates and times we need help. If you have any questions please let
me know!
I will be volunteering that night as a golden ticket girl as well as staff member
Kirsten. We are all getting into the groove of this giving thing. Won’t you consider
doing the same?
Item Transport
Wall of Wine Preparation
Event Staging/Set Up
Silent Auction Crew
Golden Ticket Sellers
Item Check out Crew/Runners
Check In/Data Entry
Beer pickup
Live Auction Recorder & Runner
Dog Greeters
Clean up crew (for night of event)
Live Auction Spotters
Coco Sitter
Night at the Museum
Looking for volunteers to redeem bottles and cans for Dig fund. Let me know if you
have done it before and if you want to do it again. If you haven’t done it but want
to let me know and I can get you started.
Playgroup help needed. We are currently seeking
At least a yellow tag to run dogs out to playgroup on the following days for and times
Monday 9:30-11:30am
Tuesday 2-4pm
Wednesday 8-10 am
Thursday 9:30-11:30am
Friday 9:30-11:30am[/toggle][toggle title=”Flowers to Save Shelter Pets”]Support WHS while adding a little beauty to your life. By clicking
pets, you can view and purchase the lovely work of Salem,
Oregon flower photographer and long-time WHS volunteer Richard
Wasserman. Both prints and digital downloads are available, and
20 percent of net proceeds will come to Willamette Humane
Society to support the care and re-homing of dogs and cats in our
community.[/toggle][toggle title=”Foster and Outreach”]Rogue Farms would once again like to collect donations for WHS at their farm day open house.
Free pumpkins will be given to all families who attend and pumpkin pie eating contests will take
place throughout the day, with WHS volunteers picking the winners! Please let me know if you
would be interested in attending to talk about TNR, volunteering, fostering, the spay and neuter
clinic, and our adoptable animals! We will have two adoptable dogs at this event. This event will
be on 10/19. Setup is at 11:30am and it opens to the public at noon. Take down is at 5:00pm. We
will have an AM shift and a PM shift, but you are welcome to stay for the whole event if you are
up to it! So, here’s what I need:
Early Shift (11:30 – 2:30)
-Someone to bring supplies, and dog
-Someone to man the booth
-Someone to bring the dog back to WHS
Evening Shift (2:30-5)
-Someone to bring the dog to the event
-Someone to man the booth
-Someone to bring the supplies, and dog back to WHS
Again, you are welcome to stay for the whole event if you feel up to it (and take breaks and walk
around and check out the farm!). Please let me know if you are able to help with this fun event!
Ashleigh Lathrop
Foster and Rescue Coordinator
503-585-5900 ext 303[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Volunteers”]Just a couple of facts for your brains here: Cats who are in the middle row of kennels (at eye
level) are visited with more by customers and generally get adopted quicker. Cats with toys in
their kennels are better received by customers as well also helping them to get adopted
faster. Cats whom receive some sort of positive reinforcement (like petting, getting to come out of
the kennel for lap time, or treats) or coming to the front of the kennel will most likely come back
out front more and more, this will also help them to get adopted quicker. If there is a kennel in the
middle that is clean and open you can ask a staff member if that cat can be moved. If there are
not any toys in a cat’s kennel, make sure they have a couple different types, and if you have a
shy cat that likes hiding see if you can lure them up front and really build up their self-confidence.
You guys are the kitty’s advocates and best friends! Let’s help them meet their new families as
fast as possible![/toggle][toggle title=”Dog Volunteers”]We are excited about some upgrades coming to the kennels in A dogs this Saturday. The first two
kennels in each row will be joined. We will be able to house large bonded pairs or any other pairs
or groups that would benefit from the extra space and a roommate. I just want to let you all know
that this will not change the fact that we need dog walkers on Saturday. All the shifts will remain
the same. There will not be any dogs in A dogs so we can spare them from dealing with the
noise. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in taking a dog on respite from Friday
night to Sunday morning this weekend. There will be dogs still in the building and we are working
on putting them in the stray kennels so that the public can still view them. If you have any
questions or concerns please let me know!! Hooray for improving the experiences of our dogs
while they stay here!!
Another Saturday note: You may have heard that our beloved Gerri Ball is stepping down from
being our Saturday dog walking team captain. She has given us many wonderful years. I know
personally I will miss working so closely with her. She will still come in and walk dogs so
thankfully we don’t have to say goodbye. We are very fortunate to already have found someone
to take over after Saturday the 25th. Please everyone Welcome Kim Adamson as our new
Saturday team Captain. Over the next couple of weeks Gerri will be getting her familiar with the
lay of the land. Please take the time to thank Gerri for all she has done for WHS and Saturday
walkers and congratulate Kim on her new role and thank her for stepping us to help keep thins
running smoothly.[/toggle]