Weekly Volunteer Newsletter

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Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend after the first week of school ( for most of you guys).  This is a light and easy issue of the weekly newsletter I hope you all enjoy it!
[toggle title=”Cat People”]Have you guys seen the new photos??? We have a new volunteer who is taking some amazing photos of our kitties. I am so happy to have someone highlight our pets in such a fashion. Its amazing how true it is that a picture speaks a thousand words. Sometimes all it takes is that one picture to draw that person in to come adopt. They just can’t stay away. Go to our blog on our website and check them out. Between all the volunteers we have taking pictures of our cats we are moving in the right direction to show off all the quality pets that we have here!! Thank you to all the cat photographers and bloggers!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog People”] I know that the playgroups going on during the morning shifts can cause a bit of confusion so I want to clear up a little bit for you guys. First of all, play groups in the mornings are not by any means going to replace our essential morning walk shifts. We need every single one of the people who are walking dogs to keep walking dogs. Not all dogs can go to playgroup and those dogs that can’t deserve just as much time and attention and socialization as the ones who can go to group. Also not all dogs stay in group for very long and would still greatly benefit from a walk. Think about the dogs who were in group and you get them out after that… well you have the best time to work in training. The dogs who have been tired out a little and had some dog to dog socialization will focus on you more making your training and walking time even more beneficial to their behavioral development. So please, stay for your full walk shift, give the dogs your time, be patient with the playgroups as we are all on the same team serving the dogs just in different ways. Lets support each other the best we can. If you have any concerns or ideas please feel free to share with me!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Playgroups”]
I just want to say think you to all those volunteers who jumped up and took charge on getting playgroups going. We are already at 5 groups a week and looking at getting a 6th started. The best part about this is we are already seeing where we can improve. This is a transition, I just want you all to know that I am watching and listening to how things are going so that we can make this as smooth as possible and learn from the not so smooth parts. There is fine tuning and I am open to ideas and concerns so if you have any please don’t bite your tongue… tell me about it. Keep up the good work everyone lets keep our dogs social and tired!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”10 Reasons to take the CPDT classes through Chemeketa”]Did you hear that WHS is hosting a new Professional Dog Trainer Certification Preparation course through Chemeketa Community College? Woo-hoo! It’s true! If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a CPDT-KA or if you’d just like to be a highly-skilled, knowledgeable amateur, this course is for you! Each week in the newsletter, we’re going to countdown the top ten reasons you should sign up – watch this space to learn more about this exciting opportunity that benefits WHS, our shelter sweethearts and our community!
Reason # 3 Why YOU should register for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course at WHS: After pooper scooper, Kong-stuffer and WHS kennel buddy, one day you can add “CPDT-KA!” to your resume! Watch for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course in Chemeketa Community Education’s Fall Program Guide –registration is coming soon!
Are you considering the CPDT Prep course but would like a little more information? Join us for an informal gathering, 7-8pm Wed. Sept 17th in the Education room.  Meet the course instructor, Catherine Comden, see the books required, learn a more about the program and bring your questions!
We’re getting excited for this course which starts Friday, October 3rd!  Registration is now open! If you register before Sept 26th, you get all the textbooks included… that’s $160 value!  Here’s the link to the Chemeketa class program, if you’ve already decided to bring your passion training dogs to the next level. See pages 22-24. https://www.chemeketa.edu/classes/documents/ChemeketaCEFall.pdf
[/toggle][toggle title=”Upcoming Events”]Yappy Hour is on Friday September the 12th. That’s only a week away… I am SOOOOOOO excited for this. There is going to be great food from Jimmy Rigged Catering and Liquor Outlet will be there with Dawg Grog https://dawggrog.com/ Samples!! Of course there is going to be some great playgroups going for the social pups and plenty of time to chit chat and enjoy each others company! I mean what more can you ask for from a Friday night? Dogs, friends, food, Drinks, and helping a cause that is near and dear to all of us. I hope to see you guys there it start at 5pm and it will be out by the play group turn outs!! Come out and see me, Favorite would like to say hi as well.
The Thriftstore is having its Halloween Kick off event Friday and Saturday the 12th and 13th of September!!! Get an early start on your decorations and you costumes. Get in before the rush of customers and get to the good stuff and great deals first. The deals you find there will be downright scary!! I know I am on the look out for my Bowser’s costume!
5th Monday party!! Join us for Mews and Brews at Santiam Brewery on Monday September the 29th . Buy a beer to help all of Willamette’s Pets and enjoy some excellent company. Me included!!
Bowser’s Boo Bash is on Saturday October the 25th. Invites should be going out soon. Count Dogula hopes to see you all there dressed to impress or to scare to death either way. There will be delicious food and great items for auction. There are vacation items and handmade gifts and so much more . Don’t miss out on a spooky night of philanthropy and fun.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Sponsors”]Here’s an easy way to thank our sponsors! Go out to eat!
The following restaurants are just a few places that have donated to Bowser’s Boo Bash this year. If you dine with them, please tell them you’re doing so because of their support.
McGrath’s Fish House
The Crooked House Bistro
Table Five08
Heading to Portland?
Pastinia Pastaria
Por Que No
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout outs”]
Richard, Laurel and Kelsie!!! Being on top of it today 9-4-14. I was the only person in Davenports and all three of you were on TOP of helping me out – trying to find those two puppies, helping the customer who wanted to see them, and checking in with me to see if there’s anything I could do. I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for ALL of your support, and your understanding!! Thank you!
Nancy (a volunteer on Tuesday nights dog walking shift) to sweep up the hallway and the volunteer room! Thank you!
Thank you to Kim Angle for coming in and helping with meds while we were short staffed the last 2 weeks! -Alix
Thank you to Randy Mills for always being able to transport animals when we ask him to, even on short notice!  -Alix
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]Dine in the Mid-Valley cards can be purchased in Davenport’s Den.  They are issued through the Chamber of Commerce.  The cost to purchase the card is $20.   Fifteen dollars of that will go towards Project Fence.
The card gives you discounts any participating area restaurants:   https://www.dineinmidvalley.com/restaurants
Remember to share project fence fundraising site with your friends and family and co workers. Hugo wants all his WHS pals to have a safe place to stay while they wait for their forever homes and sharing this site is an easy way to help! https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/project-fence-do-fence-me-in/215182
September’s special in Davenport’s Den is 10% of all crates and carriers. Let your friends and family members as well as potential adopters that this sweet deal is available all month long.
End your week with Hoote the really smart shelter cat…. See what you can train a cat to do … don’t tell Favorite but I think this cat may know more than she does.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Job Opportunities”]There are a few job opportunities available right now, please check our website or contact me for full details on the job descriptions. You can find the application and instructions to apply on our website as well.
Adoption specialist – on call
Animal Welfare Specialist – part time and on call
Animal Welfare Technician- Part time
Foster and Rescue Coordinator – Full Time
[/toggle][toggle title=”Happy Tails”] Did you guys hear??? Dirk went out to a rescue group who is going to work with him to be a drug detection dog. Can you believe it? He is going to love all the structure and games and work that comes out of a program like that. Its right up his alley!! Thanks to all of you guys for helping to keep him sane during his stay and thanks to you Dirk for helping us learn an immense amount during our Aimee Sadler playgroups!!