Weekly Volunteer Newsletter Halloween Edition

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Hello and Happy Halloween to you all!  I hope you all have a spooky safe evening planned! I know I will be going out for some candy and fun myself!  Here a fun little Halloween poem that I found.  Also hop over to the WHS
facebook page to  see a cute  video about dogs in costume!  Talk to you guys next week!
- Kimmi
Mr. Macklin takes his knife
And carves the yellow pumpkin face:
Three holes bring eyes and nose to life,
The mouth has thirteen teeth in place.
Then Mr. Macklin just for fun
Transfers the corn-cob pipe from his
Wry mouth to Jack's, and everyone
Dies laughing! O what fun it is
Till Mr. Macklin draws the shade
And lights the candle in Jack's skull.
Then all the inside dark is made
As spooky and as horrorful
As Halloween, and creepy crawl
The shadows on the tool-house floor,
With Jack's face dancing on the wall.
O Mr. Macklin! where's the door?
-David McCord
[toggle title="Dog Volunteers"]Just a reminder that when you have a dog in a turn out or run outside that
you do need to manage its behavior at the fence. Letting a dog fence
run isn't a healthy way for them to exercise. It causes an adrenaline
rush that takes a very long time for them to come down from
and it reinforces the behavior if we let it go on. If this means that you leave
the leash on the dog and let them drag it around so that you can step on
the leash or grab the leash to stop them from fence running then do that. If
you can distract the dog with treats or toys to focus on you instead, do
that. IF the dog is not responding well to redirection take the dog back in[toggle title="Flowers to Save Shelter Pets"]Support WHS while adding a little beauty to your life.
By clicking https://www.flowerportraitgallery.com/portfolio/
flowers-to-save-shelter-pets , you can view and
purchase the lovely work of Salem, Oregon flower
photographer and long-time WHS volunteer Richard
Wasserman. Both prints and digital downloads are
available, and 20 percent of net proceeds will come to
Willamette Humane Society to support the care and
rehoming of dogs and cats in our community.[/toggle][toggle title="Volunteers Needed"]To walk the catwalk!!
Are you ready to walk the catwalk? Are you a Chico’s fan?
Chico’s at Salem Center is hosting a WHS fashion show. We’re looking for 6 to 8
ladies to head to the store a few days before the show for a fitting and then to
walk the catwalk on Wednesday, November 19th. The event is from 6 to 8 p.m. Is
your dog good in public? She or he can strut too! If you don’t have a dog, we’ll try
to pair you with a shelter dog.
Get gussied up in fun new clothes and be the star of the WHS fashion. Please
contact Meredith Kuhl at 503-585-5900 ext. 304 or Meredith.kuhl@whs4pets.org
to participate.
If you aren’t comfortable with all eyes on you….come and be in the audience.
We are looking for a red tag walker to take over on Wednesday evening from 4-6
pm. If this is a shift that will work for you and you are red or are close to getting
your red tag please let me know![/toggle][toggle title="Bowser's News"]Bowser’s Boo Bash was a resounding success! Thank you for
attending, volunteering, donating, and shopping. Your
participation raised over $131,000 for the shelter. You can see
all the fun that was had at: https://
We were thrilled to showcase an amazing WHS story. Did you
miss it? Grab a tissue and spend three minutes enjoying the
generosity of your fellow volunteers and seeing how your time
makes a difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?
v=oriUl6LCW3I[/toggle][toggle title="Updates from Davenport's Den"]!"10%"off""on"People"Clothing""for"customers""for"the"month"of"November
food,"every"dollar"you"spend"in"our"stores"comes"back"to"help"our"shelter"pets![/toggle][toggle title="Job Opportunities"]There is a Part Time Veterinary Assistant opening at the spay and neuter clinic. If you
are interested please visit our website at www.whs4pets.org and go to the get involved
page and select employment.[/toggle][toggle title="Shout Outs"]“Shout out to Marion Brandt, Thanks so much for taking the time to properly clean litter
boxes. You noticed that we were out and took the initiative to get tons of them cleaned
and ready to be used. Thanks as well to the rest of our Thursday volunteers, it’s such a
crazy day, you guys make it so much better. “
– Samantha/Adoptions Specialist
"I wanted to give a shout out to Nancy one of the dog walkers , she brought us three big
bags of brand new towels for our feral kitties to get all wrapped up in to go home. We
appreciate this so much (and so do the kitties)!!"
-Jessica clinic receptionist[/toggle]
and kennel buddy with it instead or take it back out for another walk but
letting it fence run and bark and lunge is also not good for the dog in the
pen or for the dogs on the other side of the fence trying to walk. It also
makes it more difficult for your fellow dog walkers when they have
something so intense to compete/contend with. If you would like more
information on fence running and fighting and the impact it has on our dogs
there is a handout in the volunteer room. Thank you guys for your
understanding and for having the dogs best interests at heart!
It’s that time of year where it gets dark earlier. We will need to start using
the light in the back of the building. Many of you do not know where that
light switch is. It is on the outside of the building next to the red door at the
top of the steps. This light is great for the turnouts out back and for getting
back into the building. If you are outside and its dark please do everyone a
favor and turn it on if it isn't already. Thanks guys for being safe![/toggle][toggle title="Cat Volunteers"]I want to send out a reminder that we need to be sanitizing our hands in
between each kitty; when cleaning the kennel please do the same thing.
Remember to politely ask our customers to do the same thing to ensure we
maintain the healthiest cat population we can, since healthy cats go home
much faster than our sick kitties do. Also I am looking at clarifying the cleaning
procedure for cat kennels so that all the staff and the volunteers are on the
same page so keep an eye out for another email and an updated cleaning
procedure. Thank you so much guys for taking care of our furry friends!
We also need to remember to check tab bands on litters of kittens to make sure
that we don’t accidentally show someone the wrong kitten and have them fall in
love with one that has already been claimed. Thank you guys for all you do![/toggle]