Weekly Volunteer Newsletter for October 4th, 2014

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What a beautiful day  for a newsletter,  don’t you think? I also think it is a lovely day for a nap and cold glass of lemonade, not necessarily in that order however.  Please enjoy  every word and the rest of your weekend.
Ki,mmi [toggle title=”Dog People”]Just a reminder about the colored dot stickers that are on the kennel cards of our dogs. We have Red dogs with a R on them that means they are reactive dogs and you should take care on where you walk them and whom you walk them past. Green dots with a JM on them mean that that dog is Jumpy and Mouthy so you should be careful not to put yourself in a position to get bit during your interaction with this dog. Also you should be able to work with it on its jumpy behavior. If it has a yellow dot with an F on it this means the dog is fearful and you should go slow with this dog and make its interaction with you very calm and positive. If it has a blue sticker with an XP on it this means the dog is an extreme puller so you should consider if you are physically able to handle this dog safely. If at any time you are concerned about how to handle any of these dogs please see a red or blue tag dog walker on your shift for assistance or you can come find me or any staff member. Also remember that you only have to walk the dogs that you are comfortable walking.
Yellow, red, and Blue tags, If you guys are walking through and you notice there is a dog in a kennel without a sign on it saying which color tag can walk it or saying do not walk you will need to find a member of the intake staff in order to get the correct sign for that dog to put on the front of its kennel even if that is a do not walk or staff only sign. Once that sign has gone up you will need to make sure that the dog is on the walk list appropriately as well so that your fellow walkers do not get confused. This is effective immediately. The previous way of doing things was to just not walk dogs without signs but for those dogs who only don’t have one because staff was busy or something that puts off much needed walks so we want to get the dogs out as fast as possible and this is a great way to get everyone on the same page about a dogs status. Thanks in advance for helping our dogs get the care they need and deserve! All dogs should have a sign on the kennel if they are not in A dogs or puppy room.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat People”]Thank you so much to all of you guys for taking such good care of our kitties. I just want to reinforce our habits of cleanliness especially during a time of a quarantine. I have had reports that feces has been found under the sink in the cabinet in A cats today and on a previous occasion. Please make sure you are putting the dirty litter boxes in exam in the yellow rolling cart labeled for litter boxes so that they do not contaminate anything else. Used litter boxes should not be set on counters, the ground, the top of the trash can, the top of the litter bin, or anything. They get dumped and put back in the kennel without any stops in between or they go from the kennel to be dumped then to the dirty litter box cart. If you see feces somewhere please clean it up no matter where it is. Thank you so much guys for paying attention to detail and following through our cats will appreciate your help to keep them healthy and get them home faster.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]Al Bessol thank you so much for going through the training for dog walking just to be a sub! You really are multitalented and an asset to have around here. We really appreciate you! – Kimmi
[/toggle][toggle title=”Foster and Outreach”]We need one more dog volunteer for one of our two outreach events that will happen on Thursday, October 9.
The first event is from 9  – 11 at the Oregon Youth Authority, 530 Center St. NE, Suite 200, Salem, OR 97301
The second event is from 12  – 1 (possibly a little longer)  a group of state commissions and boards at 3218 Pringle Rd, SE Salem.
Both groups definitely want a dog and we can take either the same dog, same dog handler, or assign two different dogs and dog handlers.
Please let me know if you are interested in helping. [/toggle][toggle title=”Head Halti Class “]Class will be held on 10/18 at 2pm meet Linda at the volunteer room to get started there is no need to pre register.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteers Needed for Bowser’s Boo Bash”]Hey everyone Bowser’s Boo Bash is fast approaching. This is one of those events where many hands make light work. So we are looking for those many hands! There are a lot of tasks that we will need help with so if there is something you are interested in helping out with please contact Meredith and let her know how you want to help. This is our biggest event of the year and we can use all the help we can get to make it a huge success. Here is a list of the things that we will need help with the times and even dates can vary on these so please contact us for details. I will be sending out an e mail with the details of all of these including dates and times you would be needed and how many volunteers we will need for each assignment. Thanks in advance for your time helping us make this an amazing event.
Item transport , wall of wine preparation, event staging/set up, silent auction crew, Golden ticket sellers, item check out crew/runners, check in/data entry, beer pick up, live auction recorder and runner, dog greeters, clean up crew, live auction spotters, a baby sitter for alumni dog Coco while her parents enjoy dinner and auction, and a sales type job talking up our night at the museum package.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]It’s raffle time!!! Two tickets to Bowser’s Boo Bash are available via raffle. The raffle tickets are $5 each or five for $20. The drawing will be October 13th, so you’ll still have time to purchase the early bird tickets to Bowser’s if you don’t win. You’ll also get a $5 discount on a full price purchase if you don’t win.
Purchase tickets from the development department in administration: Susan Carey, Meredith Kuhl and Sara Masser. A few staff members around the building also have tickets.
The month of October is usually our busiest month for cat adoptions. We like to encourage that by sweetening the deal a bit. For the whole month all adult cats are $20 and all kit-tens under 1 year of age are $30. Tell your friends!
Also Davenport’s Den wants to sweeten that deal as well and all of the litter, litter scoopers, and litter boxes are 10% off for our customers. So get a discounted kitten or cat and get their supplies on the cheap all while helping to save more lives. If this isn’t worth talking about I don’t know what is!
WHS Has been chosen to be the recipient of a Partylite fundraiser but we need your help. We are selling two different sized candles in many different scents. This fundraiser is just like the ones you did in school selling wrapping paper or other products. You go door to door or ask your friends and family members. If you sell 10 candles you will be entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate for 25$ in Partylite products. There are prizes for selling the most candles as well. Please come and see me for a sales sheet and more information. This is a unique fundraiser as we get half of all of the sales. Most fundraisers only give a small percentage but we get half and we get it immediately. So go sell some holiday gifts while giving back to WHS.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Flowers for shelter pets”]You can view and purchase the extraordinary work of Salem Oregon flower photographer Richard Wasserman and 20 percent of net proceeds will come to Willamette Humane to support the care and rehoming of dogs and cats in our community.
Richard is not only an outstanding photographer, his volunteer support of Willamette Humane began more than six years ago as a board member, K-9 team member and K-9 masseuse, videographer, customer service support, and retail support in our pet supply store and thrift store.
Frame your purchased work with a promotion through Elsinore Framing and Fine Art Galley (put in link here to Doggy Dollars or Kitty Kash).  Kitty Kash and Doggy Dollars certificates cost you $5 each, which goes directly to Willamette Humane Society. They are worth $20 at Elsinore Framing, and you can use them for up to 50% off your next professional framing project!  Purchase them online https://www.flowerportraitgallery.com/portfolio/flowers-to-save-shelter-pets
[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]Bowser’s Boo Bash
The excitement continues guys. I am looking into costumes and planning and plotting for an evening full of fun and philanthropy. Its going to be exciting and exhilarating and you wont want to miss out on this. Imagine yourself as the one person around the water cooler without an opinion on how Bowser’s was this year…. You can prevent this awkward situation by purchasing tickets online and putting it in your calendar. Count Dogula can’t wait to see you there!
Can’t make Bowser’s but want to support your favorite Humane Society? We’re looking for 22 ounce beers with a  minimum value of $5. Liquor Outlet at 5107 Commercial St. is the Bowser’s Brew sponsor. Please consider buying from them. In fact, we’re having an outreach event at Liquor Outlet on Saturday, October 11th from noon until 4 p.m. Stop by, learn a bit about beer from Adam the guru, buy a few 22 ouncers, visit with a couple animals and fellow volunteers. Heck, pick up a beer for yourself too! Raffle tickets to Bowser’s will be able during the event.
Pitties for peace Rally will be held on October the 13th from 10 am to 3pm. It will be at the capitol steps 900 Court St Ne. This will be a way for anyone who wants to speak out against breed specific legislation and dog fighting. This is a dog friendly event for friendly dogs who are good with other dogs and people of all ages. Bring a lunch, come and listen to positive stories of pits and other bully breeds. This is the first event organized by our very own Humane-a- Teens so please take a little bit of your time to go out and show them your support and encourage many more like this!
Trap and Treat
Honoring national feral cat day on October 16th we will be opening 40 appointments for free spay/neuter surgery on cats in traps. We will be taking walk ins until 10am. Community cats coming for this must arrive in humane traps, not carriers, and will receive the feral cat package of spay/neuter, vaccines, parasite treatments, and an ear tip. The treat you get when you bring in a cat is a free can of cat food or potentially a free bag of food for colony care takers (limited quantity) If you have any questions regarding this event please contact the clinic at 503-480-7729.
We are looking for volunteers to help out with this event as well so if you have already been trained to help out in the clinic please let me know if you would like to take an extra shift on this day to help us out! Trap N Treat Slider
[/toggle][toggle title=”Happy Tails”]BJ Martinez from our WHS /Petco-Keizer location has some WONDERFUL news to share. Guess who was adopted this evening? Lilly!!!! She’s been a long time resident of WHS since May—nearly 5 long months waiting for that right home. This girl’s had a long road, but she’s a fighter.
After the first month in the kennel, Lilly was starting to get depressed, so she was sent to Foster care to get a break from the shelter. She perked up immediately as soon as she was back in a home environment. Later she was transported to Petco-Keizer but little did we know, she was getting an eye infection and ended up going into WHS isolation. BJ stopped by to visit and play with her several times and to talk with  her, a familiar face, to keep her motivated.
Now that Lilly was healthy, BJ transported her back to Petco-Keizer. Then Thursday evening, this sweet gal (Hannah) came in just as I was showing up for my volunteer shift. She pointed to Lilly and said “I want her”. I spoke to her at length, covered all the adoption details and Petco coupon booklet, and made sure she knew about Lilly’s demure personality. I asked if she had any pets–no, what kind of home environment—calm, quiet place, where’s the litter box going to be, grooming tips, adjustment to a new place, etc. Everything just seemed to fall into place. Lilly will be kept indoors where she’ll be free to be a total love bug to her new mommy, have the run of the place, no stress, any toy she wants, mini massages, combing sessions to keep her shiny black fur in great condition, and lots of lap time for continuous love and attention. It just doesn’t get any better than that.
Here’s a picture of Lilly with her new mommy, Hannah. Lilly was nervous and squirmy coming out of the kennel. I’m definitely going to follow-up to see how she’s doing in about a week. I almost forgot to mention that while Lilly was being adopted out, another family came by interested in her. It was definitely Lilly’s day!
Lilly and mom