Weekly Volunteer Newsletter for September 13th

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Hello again… has another week passed already? Where is all the time going?  Well my mind has been on Halloween,  thinking of what costume to wear to Bowser’s Boo Bash!  I have a few ideas but if you really want to know  what I choose you will just have to come out to see for yourself!!  I hope you enjoy this weeks edition of your newsletter!
-Kimmi[toggle title=”Dog People”]Here’s another reason for regular walkers to continue to spend time with dogs even though they may have been out for play group during their shift: Some dogs don’t pee or poop while in play group nor on their way out to group or back from group because they are too excited. Maybe you can add that in any future notes about this issue.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat People”]When going through the cat rooms make sure that the cats have an appropriately sized hiding spot in each kennel, either the nice green raised beds, or the plastic stools, or a cardboard hideaway box. Bigger cats will fit better and be seen better under the raised green beds. Kittens and dainty cats will do fine under the stools. If you need to take a clean raised bed from another empty kennel to accommodate that is fine. You guys are the advocates for the cats comfort and happiness here. Let staff know if there is anything you need to help the kitties!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Opportunities”]We have a massive force of volunteers. A great big mixed bag of amazing people doing amazing work for WHS. I see you guys hustling and bustling throughout the shelter making things happen. Despite all the amazing work that happens day in and day out we still need and want more help!! Let your friends and family know that we have a lot of great opportunities for learning and fun. Here are a few of the things we are really needing some help with.
Morning dog walking shifts are a great way to start your day off with some dedicated people and some really loving pooches!
The spay and neuter clinic needs help with reception as well as in the back with prepping supplies, tidying up, and supporting the clinic staff.
Playgroups are up and running and we are looking for skilled dog handlers to come in and rise through our tag ranks and help us with running the dogs in and out and with supervising. Nothing is more fun than watching our shelter dogs de-stress and let loose.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]5th Monday party!! Join us for Mews and Brews at Santiam Brewery on Monday September the 29th . Buy a beer to help all of Willamette’s Pets and enjoy some excellent company. Me included!!
Fall is in the air which means Bowser’s Boo Bash is right around the corner. Our goal for this year is to have 500 guests! It’s a lofty goal, so we need your help. Please take a few posters from the volunteer room and put them around town.
Another easy way to help….share the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/693717104044700/
Better yet! Join us. If you haven’t been, Bowser’s is an absolute blast! https://willamettehumane.ejoinme.org/MyEvents/Home/PurchaseTickets/tabid/548822/Default.aspx
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]I want to announce our volunteer of the quarter for fall….. Drumrollllllllllll!!!!
Kristen began volunteering with her song Alexander in 2012 now her daughter Isabelle has joined the ranks as valued volunteer. This trifecta of customer service savvy, cat loving, reliable volunteers , take such good care of our cats, our customers and our staff on Friday nights. They help us with closing duties so the staff can get home to their families on time, they are sensitive to the needs of our customers and make excellent matches, they are here consistently and reliably! Kristen recently took on the task of training incoming volunteers as Cat Adoption Ambassadors and we got the perfect person for the job. Thank you Kristen, Alexander, and Isabelle for being superstars, WHS is so lucky to have you here to help out!
So I wanted to give a few shout outs to my lunch coverage volunteers here at the clinic reception desk. Judy is ALWAYS willing to help out and I am so excited to have her here an extra day every week! Thank you Judy!! Bob is always friendly and is very helpful and reliable. A big thank you for lending me your editing skills for free on the clinic volunteer handbook. And thank you to Michelle, even though she will be leaving us shortly due to school, I have enjoyed working with her so much! She will be greatly missed and I wanted to wish her luck in school!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]What are crates & carriers good for?
· Transportation! If you want to take your cat to the vet’s office,
there are multiple reasons you would want to stick him or her in a crate.
o First, it’s far more sanitary! Animal’s immune systems are much weaker than ours, especially when they are only exposed to the insides of our homes. Vets offices are full of germs from all of the animals that come in and out all day, putting your kitty in a crate can only benefit her.
o Secondly, it is far less stressful when transporting cats in crates! Cats do not always like cars as dogs do, and confining them in a crate while you drive can not only keep you safe from their fearful cuddling (which is distracting!) and possible scratching, but keep them from nervously wandering around and becoming overwhelmed.
· Crate-training is a great way to house-train your dogs. Dogs are naturally den animals, and the crate is used to simulate the den where dogs do not like to go potty. When you are not able to supervise Fido, stick him in the crate and when he has held in his bladder, take him directly outside to relieve himself!
Crates are 10% off in Davenports for the month of September. Tell your friends and family.
Here is some useful dog par information from the City of Salem
Did you know that Salem Hospital has a volunteer who brings in his therapy cats? Read about it here
[/toggle][toggle title=”10 Reasons You Should Take the CPDT Prep Course Through Chemeketa”]Did you hear that WHS is hosting a new Professional Dog Trainer Certification Preparation course through Chemeketa Community College? Woo-hoo! It’s true! If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a CPDT-KA or if you’d just like to be a highly-skilled, knowledgeable amateur, this course is for you! Each week in the newsletter, we’re going to countdown the top ten reasons you should sign up – watch this space to learn more about this exciting opportunity that benefits WHS, our shelter sweethearts and our community!
Reason # 2 Why YOU should register for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course at WHS:  We want to see a long list of Certified Professional Dog Trainers in Salem and we want to help YOU be at the top of that list!  (Note: You have to pass your CPDT-KA exam and your last name has to start with A,B,C, D, E, F, G or H because Annie Ingersoll is already on there. ) Register today for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course through Chemeketa Community Education’s Fall Program Guide.
Are you considering the CPDT Prep course but would like a little more information? Join us for an informal gathering, 7-8pm Wed. Sept 17th in the Education room.  Meet the course instructor, Catherine Comden, see the books required, learn a more about the program and bring your questions!
We’re getting excited for this course which starts Friday, October 3rd!  Registration is now open! If you register before Sept 26th, you get all the textbooks included… that’s $160 value!  Here’s the link to the Chemeketa class program, if you’ve already decided to bring your passion training dogs to the next level. See pages 22-24. https://www.chemeketa.edu/classes/documents/ChemeketaCEFall.pdf
[/toggle][toggle title=”Are You Curious About the CPDT Prep Course Through Chemeketa”]Curious about the new Chemeketa Professional Dog Trainer course here at WHS this fall? We thought you might be! So, you are invited to join us for an informal Q&A meeting on Wednesday, September 17th from 7-8pm in the Ed Hall. Meet the instructor, Catherine Comden, CPDT-KA, see the books and materials the course will include and bring your questions!
Don’t worry if you’ve never had a desire to pass the CPDT-KA exam – this 10-week course is much more comprehensive and will prepare you to be a top-notch dog trainer. Come to this meeting and check it out!
As an additional incentive, there will be free tickets for attendees, with door prizes!
You don’t want to miss this opportunity – and feel free to bring a friend. Who do YOU know who might want to learn how to become a professional dog trainer?
See you this Wednesday night!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Job Opportunities”]There are a few job opportunities available right now, please check our website or contact me for full details on the job descriptions. You can find the application and instructions to apply on our website as well.
Adoption specialist – on call
Animal Welfare Specialist – part time and on call
Animal Welfare Technician- Part time
Foster and Rescue Coordinator – Full Time
Behavior and Training Manager
[/toggle][toggle title=”Sponsors”]Did you know VanDuzer Vineyards is donating the wine for Bowser’s Boo Bash? Another great WHS sponsor (and great wine for the Bash!)
[/toggle][toggle title=”Happy Tails”]Just to let you know….
I adopted Magnolia on Aug 31st and she has adapted well to my household! She is indeed 14 years old but so
full of spunk! She loves to play ball even though her legs don’t always follow her nose. She’s never been allowed to get on the furniture in the past but now she gets to snuggle on the bed for an hour or so before bedtime. She’s been an outdoor dog but now loves to be inside and is afraid to go out in fear she won’t be allowed back in! She absolutely loves the dog park – total freedom off-leash to do as she pleases. The squirrels tease her because she doesn’t realize that they run up the tree while she is running around the base of the tree looking for them! She is such a sweet dog. I wish she had been in our family always. Even Buddy, my 3 year old red heeler, has decided that she can have his bone anytime and shares the space on the bed! I love her dearly. Thank you for letting her come live with us. Everyone she meets thinks she’s just great!
Elaine Elsea
I wanted to let you know the good news I just got this afternoon.  I went out to Hope’s Haven to take a dog that needed to be there instead of at the shelter, and found out that HUGO has been ADOPTED!!!!!  Marsha told me that he was in foster, but was very popular and had a couple of holds on him.  The foster was a husband and wife, but the husband wasn’t real excited about having a dog at first.  But when it  finally came time to bring Hugo back to be adopted, it was the husband that said _ “No, I don’t want him to leave!”  So Hugo has found a wonderful home with a family that has taken care of him, and fallen in love with him.  Isn’t that terrific?  I just had to let you all know that our poster boy now has a family that truly loves him, and he is VERY happy.  Marsha said she was going to contact the lady and see if she will call me, and also send me some pictures.
I also found out that Pancho, who was another dog that came from WHS, also was adopted just a little while ago.  That is so wonderful.  I love happy home endings.