Weekly Volunteer Newsletter

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Hello all,
This has been a very very long week.  This is my last task before a much needed 3 day weekend.  I am so thankful that this week was full of laughter, learning ( oh so much learning),  and loving.   We loved our  opportunity to expand on programs to help our dogs, we loved working with each other, we loved spending time together for a common  passion.   You guys impress me on a daily basis.  I swear I must be the luckiest volunteer manager ever!! Here is your weekly dose of information.  Have a fantastic weekend  everyone!
– Kimmi
[toggle title=”Dog People”]Content here…Thank you to those volunteers who already signed up to walk on Labor Day, I love the enthusiasm.
We are closed on Monday 9/1/14 for Labor Day. We would appreciate if you would sign up to walk dogs that day . The available shifts are 8-10 am and 4-6pm. The doors will not be open during any other hours. Our staff needs to leave promptly at 10am and 6pm. You will find the sign up sheet on desk next to the log in monitor in the volunteer room.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat People”]
We are closed on Monday 9/1/14 for Labor Day. We would appreciate if you would sign up to help our tiny little holiday staff with some cat kennel cleaning. We are so excited to get an extra day off from work (as this place never slows down really). Consider signing up for a short cleaning shift with our staff from either 8-10 am or 4-6 pm. The doors will not be open during any other hours and our staff needs to leave promptly at 10am and at 6pm. You will find the sign up sheet on the desk next to the log in monitor in the volunteer room.
[/toggle][toggle title=”The Best Compliment Ever”]
I heard from our very own BJ Andersen that we got the most lovely compliment from Aimee Sadler. As it came third party I cannot quote it but basically Aimee said that of all the shelters she has toured ( 70+) that ours was one of the ones she has had the most fun! If that wasn’t awesome enough she also said that WHS has the best working dynamic between the staff and volunteers that she has seen anywhere. I want to personally give us all a huge standing ovation for this. We ( volunteers and staff alike) have worked really hard to practice our core value of Positive Service to All. We have all taken the time to help each other, to realize how important each and every one of us are in our own way, and to appreciate what we all do for the organization and the animals. All this work we put in has been noticed. To have someone who has had that much experience in so many shelters notice that we have an excellent working relationship with each other is impressive. This also means that everything we learned will stick, and positive changes are coming because of this and because we will encourage each other and work together. I get teary eyed hearing these kinds of things. WHS is the biggest family I have ever been a part of and I wouldn’t change it for the world!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Foster and Outreach Opportunities”]1ST SATURDAY
3 volunteers, cats and dogs (need table, chairs, outreach bin, donation doghouse, trap & stuffed cat)
Hey everyone, The first Saturday of the month is coming up again, which means the Salem Saturday Market!  Please let me know if you would be interested in attending to talk about TNR, volunteering, fostering, the spay and neuter clinic, and our adoptable animals!  We will have adoptable cats at this event, and possibly an adoptable dog.  This event will be on 9/6.  Setup is at 8am and it opens to the public at 9.  Take down is at 2pm.  We will have an AM shift and a PM shift, but you are welcome to stay for the whole event if you are up to it!
So, here’s what we need:
AM Shift (8-11)
Someone to bring supplies, table, chairs, etc. (you will need a truck or SUV, etc. to fit the table) – _______________
Someone to bring cats – _______________
Someone to bring a dog – ______________
Someone to man the booth (answer questions, etc. this is a separate role from bringing animals, since I want those people to focus on the animals and answering questions about them, etc.) – ____________
PM Shift (11-2)
Someone to bring the supplies, etc. back to WHS – ____________
Someone to bring the cats back to WHS – _____________
Someone to bring a dog – _______________
Someone to man the booth (see above) – ________________
Again, you are welcome to stay for the whole event if you feel up to it (and take breaks and walk around and check out the market!).
Please let Alix know if you are able to help with this fun event!
Hey everyone.  We have an outreach coming up on Sunday 9/7 from 12-4.  It is the Salem Sunday Streets event and we’ve done it before and it was really fun.  We need:
Someone to bring a dog
Someone to bring cats
Someone to man the booth
Someone to bring a table and chairs and canopy and the supplies
Please let Alix know if you are able to help!
Alix Womack
Foster and Rescue Coordinator
Willamette Humane Society
503-585-5900 ext. 303
[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteer Opportunities”] • Keizer Petco has some open shifts if you have time we could use the help out there.
• The clinic has shifts available to help in the back with clean up, prepping for the next day, and closing duties.
• Intake support is a brand new position open and it is gaining popularity. If you are looking for some really good hands on animal experience this is the spot for you.
• Cleaning intake/customer service desk needs someone to come in once a week and clean up behind our intake desk. It is sweeping and dusting and organizing. This will make a more pleasant space for our intake staff who have one of the hardest jobs in the building.
• We need more volunteers to help out with cleaning cat kennels. If your schedule changes and you have some time each week to come in one morning and help spruce up our kitty kennels we would be very appreciative.
• We need some people to stuff envelopes for Bowsers Boo Bash invitations. Either in the last week of August or first week of September . A group of 4 or 5 people would work wonderfully. We should be getting the invites back from the printer on 2nd and 3rd of September and we would like to get those stuffed and sent out ASAP. Call your friends.. Get some lunch then come stuff envelopes while chit chatting about how wonderful WHS is.
• If there is anyone waiting to be a dog walker please let me know. I have open shifts now and I also have a wait list set up (thank you Jolene J. for pointing that out to me)
• 12-2 walk shifts are hurting with the school year starting a bunch of people moved off of those shifts. Tell your friends to come to orientation and get signed up to walk some dogs!
• Playgroups!!! Now that we know even more about the benefits of playgroup (Thank you Aimee Sadler) we are quickly getting group leaders set up and we will need runners. We are looking for Yellow tags who just need a little bit more to get to red tag and some of our red tag walkers who want that little bit extra!! Please let me know if you would be interested in joining us in some serious fun!
• FAMILY REUNION PLAYGROUP HELP NEEDED! We are looking to bring together Coco and her 13 puppies in a playgroup on Monday the 15th from 6 to about 7:30pm. I am looking for about 3 volunteers who are trained for playgroup to come out and supervise. If you would like to be a part of this super cute reunion please let me know!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Job Opportunities”]There are a few job opportunities available right now, please check our website or contact me for full details on the job descriptions. You can find the application and instructions to apply on our website as well.
Adoption specialist on call
Animal Welfare Specialist part time and on call
Animal Welfare Technician- Part time
[/toggle][toggle title=”News and Info”]Aimee Sadler has been a HUGE success. We have learned so many skills on how to handle dogs here. Ways to make the unbearable dogs a joy to work with. It’s almost like we were partially blind but now we can see lol. Keep your eyes peeled down the line as this information we gathered, soaked up, and are going to live every moment, will be passed on to you. STAY TUNED!!!
Project fence is moving along. We have had some really great help with getting posts up ( you have probably seen them). We have had some great help from some volunteers from Fences for Fido! They are showing us the ropes and really digging deep to get things going. We should have the fencing up in the first week of September for the turnouts by the employee parking lot… that means some much needed off leash meandering for our back of house pooches who deserve all the same luxuries as the rest of our furry friends. Keep up the good work guys, share with friends and family that we are still a chunk of money away from fencing us in the rest of the way but if we all have a friend give a little bit here and there ( if they have anything left after donating to the ALS fund that is) then it will happen in no time.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”]September 29th is yet another 5th Monday Party!!! I love these. What a great way for us to get to hang out. Its potluck style bring food. Hang out with me and some of your other fellow pet loving volunteer peers. Visit with the staff as they rush in to stuff their faces. Then meet us all out at Santiam Brewery for Bark and Brew that benefits WHS!
There is another Yappy Hour coming up on September 12th. We are looking to spice things up a bit this time around. Come on out and see what’s new!! If you loved Jimmi Rigged Catering last time ( I know I did) then you should come out again . I know my dogs had a blast so if nothing else I am going for them but the beer is a bonus. So save the date and the time will be 5pm. We will be getting together by the playgroup turn outs.
Also on September 12th and 13th our Thriftstore is having their Halloween Kickoff event!!
BOWSERS BOO BASH!!!!! Saturday October 25th. 5-9 pm at the Salem conference center. Save the date!! Invites are going out in the next couple of weeks keep your eyes peeled and start thinking about your costumer… or if you are me… start making your costumes!!
[/toggle][toggle title=”10 Reasons to Take the CPDT Class Through Chemeketa”]Did you hear that WHS is hosting a new Professional Dog Trainer Certification Preparation course through Chemeketa Community College? Woo-hoo! It’s true! If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a CPDT-KA or if you’d just like to be a highly-skilled, knowledgeable amateur, this course is for you! Each week in the newsletter, we’re going to countdown the top ten reasons you should sign up – watch this space to learn more about this exciting opportunity that benefits WHS, our shelter sweethearts and our community!
Reason # 4 Why YOU should register for the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course at WHS: When you shop at the WHS Thrift Store, you’ll find yourself wondering how you can include that skateboard and that sombrero into the puppy socialization classes you’ll be designing in the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Prep course !   Chemeketa’s Fall Community Education Guide is coming soon – Bring your sombrero and ride your skateboard to registration (or, maybe not)!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]Dine in the Mid-Valley cards can be purchased in Davenport’s Den.  They are issued through the Chamber of Commerce.  The cost to purchase the card is $20.   Fifteen dollars of that will go towards Project Fence.
The card gives you discounts any participating area restaurants:   https://www.dineinmidvalley.com/restaurants
Remember to share project fence fundraising site with your friends and family and co workers. Hugo wants all his WHS pals to have a safe place to stay while they wait for their forever homes and sharing this site is an easy way to help! https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/project-fence-do-fence-me-in/215182
September’s special in Davenport’s Den is 10% of all crates and carriers. Let your friends and family members as well as potential adopters that this sweet deal is available all month long.
Here is a piece of the Dogs Playing for Life magic that we experienced this week. This is videos from other shelters but its all amazing stuff. I can’t stop talking about it!! https://dogsplayingforlife.com/videos/
Did you know that you can get a memorial brick engraved and it will be displayed in the Lila Kay Peace Garden here at whs. We have two brick sizes available a 4″X 8″ brick is $100 and a 8″ X 8″ brick is $250. if this is something that you would like to have done to memorialize a friend, a family member, a pet, and help out WHS please contact is at Development@whs4pets.org. The order is going out soon, don’t miss out. This is a great way to keep a memory alive while supporting an excellent cause.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Shout Outs”]”I wanted to give a shout-out to Nancy Sanchez. She came and asked me details about our huck towels we asked for. She volunteers at the hospital and has connections with doctors clinics. She did her research, asking everyone about their vendors and ended up calling the wholesale distributor herself and ordering an entire case of new blue surgery towels! She also brought us yards of soft fleece for blankets. I told her she is amazing, but wanted you all to know too.”
“Shout out to Marion who stayed four extra hours(!) after her shift was over to help! On 8/28/14
She is really great!”
Kirsten Straus
Intake Team Lead
All the volunteers who showed up for the Aimee Sadler, Playing for Life Workshops this week. I saw the turn out and I was impressed and excited. Thank you to those who were runners on Tuesday ( I know that wasn’t planned). Thank you for making our guests from other shelters and Aimee herself feel welcomed and appreciated. Thank you guys for your enthusiasm for learning and excitement to move WHS from good to great!! With your guys new knowledge we get to implement these techniques shelter wide!! I am stoked about the information we received and even more so that this was provided to us at no charge by the Animal Farm Foundation ( shameless plug … check them out here… https://animalfarmfoundation.org/) Thanks for making it worth every penny of theirs!!