Wet Food, Towels, and Fleece Needed

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Wet Food Needed

Please share that WHS is in need of high quality wet dog and cat food at the shelter! Your donations are appreciated! Wet food is essential for our senior pets, pets undergoing dental cleanings, to entice fearful pets, and to administer medication. We receive dry food through our partnership with Science Diet, but our wet food is in short supply!

Towels and Fleece Needed

Please share that the WHS Spay & Neuter Clinic is in need of large quantities of anti-pill fleece in solid colors, and used bath or hand sized towels.
Fleece is used to keep pets warm and comfortable while they come out of anesthesia.  Towels are used during and after surgery for stray/feral cats.
If you receive coupons from fabric stores, please consider using them to purchase large lengths of anti-pill fleece or even an entire bolt to donate! We can cut fleece to size.
Donations are accepted at the shelter on Turner Rd, or at Willamette Humane Society Thrift Store downtown.

Thank you for your support!