Willamette Humane Society Golden Anniversary Week

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Mayor Anna M. Peterson and the Salem City Council Declare November 1-7, 2015 to be Willamette Humane Society Golden Anniversary Week

Executive Director BJ Andersen and Mayor Anna Peterson
Executive Director BJ Andersen and Mayor Anna Peterson

In celebration of Willamette Humane Society’s Golden Anniversary on November 7, 2015, Mayor Anna Peterson met with Executive Director BJ Andersen at the Salem City Council Meeting on October 26th, and declared November 1-7 to be Willamette Humane Society Golden Anniversary Week.
Executive Director BJ Andersen (left) and Mayor Anna Peterson (right)

The mayor issued the following Proclamation:

WHEREAS, the Willamette Humane Society has been serving the pets and people of Salem since 1965; and
WHEREAS, the Willamette Humane Society shelters and rehomes pets in need; and
WHEREAS, the Willamette Humane Society currently provides shelter, medical care and spay and neuter services to over 5,000 owner surrendered and stray dogs and cats annually; and
WHEREAS, the Willamette Humane Society completes families and individuals with wonderful, adoptable companion animals; and
WHEREAS, the Willamette Humane Society Spay and Neuter Clinic provides residents with access to low cost, high quality spay and neuter services; and
WHEREAS, the Willamette Humane Society has been teaching responsible pet care and dog safety to generations of children through education programs in schools, and
WHEREAS, the Willamette Humane Society has continuously evolved its services to meet the needs of the community, building and reinforcing the bond between pets and people with positive-based behavior and training classes and consultations; and
WHEREAS, animal lovers and supporters are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Willamette Humane Society.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Anna M. Peterson, Mayor of the City of Salem, do hereby proclaim November 1-7, 2015 to be WILLAMETTE HUMANE SOCIETY GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY WEEK.
And encourage all residents this week and every week to visit the Willamette Humane Society and “Meet your number one fan.”
PRESENTED this 26th day of October, 2015.
-Anna M. Peterson, Mayor

Willamette Humane Society invites the community to participate in its 50th Anniversary Celebration in several ways.

Attend Our 50th Anniversary Party, presented by Valley Credit Union, on Saturday, November 7th, from 2-5 pm. 
If you adopted from Willamette Humane Society, volunteered, or attended past events, or if you shared in any part of Willamette Humane Society’s history and legacy, you’re invited to attend for an oral history recording during the event.  Tell your adoption story or how you’ve been involved with WHS during the First Fifty Years.
Willamette Humane Society will provide activities for kids, a coffee bar, pet photos, and tours of the shelter and spay and neuter clinic.  Catherine Comden, CPDT-KA will be onsite to answer questions about dog training and behavior.
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Shop at the Willamette Humane Society Thrift Store’s Holiday Bazaar on November 6th and 7th from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm.
Discover great deals on all kinds of new and gently used seasonal trinkets and treasures, including decorations, cards, clothing, jewelry, collectibles and gift items. All proceeds from sales benefit the animals at the shelter.
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Attend BOTH the Holiday Bazaar and the 50th Anniversary Party to be entered in a drawing for a one night stay in Cannon Beach at the Hallmark Resort & Spa.  More details at whs4pets.org!
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Thank you to our community for seeing Willamette Humane Society through The First Fifty Years!  Join us during Willamette Humane Society Golden Anniversary week to celebrate success in shelter growth, increased capacity and resources to serve the community, and the lives saved.  Your continuing support enables Willamette Humane Society to shape what The Next Fifty Years looks like for the pets of our community.
Willamette Humane Society (WHS) was founded in 1965 by local civic leaders to serve Marion and Polk Counties, Oregon. In 2014-2015, Willamette Humane Society provided compassionate services to 8,255 pets and 65,417 people.  WHS offers pet adoption services, shelters surrendered or homeless cats and dogs, teaches responsible pet care, behavior and training — and reduces pet overpopulation through its low-cost Spay and Neuter Clinic. WHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donor support and fees to accomplish its mission. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and includes a 37 FTE member staff, and 1,100+ volunteers. For more information about Willamette Humane Society, visit whs4pets.org.