Willamette Humane Society Volunteer Newsletter 3-21-2016

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It is springtime at WHS!  That means new projects and opportunities!  We’re coming up on kitten season, and we have a lot of new programs being unleashed!

[toggle title=”Successful Lifers Club Meeting!”]Thank you to all those who attended our latest prison event! It was quite a hit! HUGE thanks to Outreach Coordinator Cassie Pierce for taking the lead and getting everyone there! The prison sent us some beautiful thank you cards which are in the volunteer room! They also emailed us “Wow! What a great night, the men are still talking about it! I will pass along info to other departments and tell them of the good times shared.” Thank you so much for offering your time to improve the lives of this group! We hope these events are always enjoyed and well attended!
[/toggle][toggle title=”WE WILL BE OPEN ON March 27 (Easter Sunday)”]If you have a shift, you will be expected so please let someone know if you’re going to have to miss your shift!
[/toggle][toggle title=”New Training Online for Open Paw!”]Did you know we have Partnered with Open Paw to get you the best dog handling training yet? It is true! All incoming dog walkers will be trained in this new online module, before being mentored through a first shift! This will speed up the process of bringing in new volunteers, and allow us to let in more new walkers and kennel buddies than ever!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Order your own volunteer apron!”]Have you been wanting your own apron? Email volunteer@whs4pets.org to order your very own! All orders must be paid by March 28th!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat Behavior Problems: Solved!”]3 Most Common Cat Behavior Problems Solved! Click Here!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Pampered Chef Party!”]Jenny Hudson, one of our board members, is hosting a fundraising event for WHS through Pampered Chef.  It’s on Thursday March 24 at 6:00 p.m. and it will be at her office at AKT, 680 Hawthorne Ave SE, Suite 140.  They are on the same side of the street as Costco in the Creekside Business Park.  It’s the corner building with the Caffé 680 sign out front.
Here’s a link to the party to RSVP or share.  We encourage you to come, bring a friend, or post it on Facebook.  www.pamperedchef.com/go/whs4pets
[/toggle][toggle title=”Yummy Tum-Tum Recipes!”]Take some Yummy Tum Tum Pumpkin/Apple/Cranberry and make treats for the shelter pups!
Basic chewy treat:
1 pouch, 1-1/2 c flour, 1-1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 egg
Mix well, pat onto a baking sheet, bake at 350F for 40 minutes or until firm.  Cut into squares and store in airtight container in plastic baggies in the freezer/fridge.
Variations: add a drained can of meat (chicken, beef, tuna) packed in water. Add fresh fruit or steamed veggies; use oats or rice in place of some of the flour.  The resulting treats usually tear into tiny training pieces easily but aren’t too crumbly to use as larger pieces in food toys!
Yummy Pupsicles:
1 pouch, 1/4 c water, Optional cooked meats, fruits, veggies, yogurt
Dilute and mix puree and water; add small, cut up pieces of extras foods if desired.  Pour into empty yogurt cups, 3oz paper cups, or a muffin tin sheet.  Freeze.  You can pop them out of the containers and store together in a plastic bag.
Variations: Fill larger food containers for a longer lasting treat.  The pups will especially appreciate these come warmer weather!
1 pouch, 3/4 c flour, 1 egg, 1/2 tsp baking powder, ~1 c coconut milk (low fat, check against artificial sweeteners, esp caution: xylitol), Olive oil
Mix first four ingredients well, then add enough coconut milk to create a batter consistency.  Heat skillet on medium heat with light coating of olive oil, pour batter in thin layer, flip when bubbles stop forming, and cook to golden brown on both sides.  Store in fridge or freezer in airtight container or baggies.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Class cancelled 3/26″]No Shelter Dog/Foster Puppy Class on 3/26! Chelsea will be out of town.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Red Tag Classes Open!”]Red Tag and Shelter Dog classes are open to all dog volunteers and fosters, regardless of tag color!  Come review your Head Halter skills, learn how to teach a dog to say please with sitting, get a head start on handling reactive dogs, and more!  Join us!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Chemeketa Community College/ WHS Professional Dog Trainer Certification Preparation Course!”]Registration is almost here for the Chemeketa Community College/ WHS Professional Dog Trainer Certification Preparation Course!
Who do you know who wants to “go pro” or maybe just get more knowledge and skills with dogs?
THIS SATURDAY – 2:30pm in the Education Hall – there is an informational meeting about the course. View the materials, ask questions, meet the instructor.
**Please bring a bag of dog treats for the shelter dogs.
For more information and class descriptions – please check out pg 21-22 of the Chemeketa Community Education Guide:
Let me know if you have any questions! Please share this info with a friend!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Pet Tech FIRST AID Certification and Training program “]Nature’s Pet Market is offering Pet Tech FIRST AID Certification and Training program to Pet Care Professionals and Pet Parents. The class will be held Saturday, April 2, in Salem, OR. The course will run from 8 am to 5 pm and the fee is $125.
The course is designed for shelter employees, rescue personnel, kennel staff, groomers, obedience trainers and pet sitters and for concerned pet parents too. Attendees will learn the ABC’s of pet first aid, CPR, rescue breathing, choking management, bleeding protocols, poisoning, restraint, muzzling, heat injuries, injury assessment, senior care, dental care and much more. The classes include hands-on instruction and are taught in a fun, entertaining and educational way by Suzanne Brean, a Pet Tech certified instructor and professional dog trainer.
You can register online by following this link: www.pettech.net/schedule/regclass.php?classid=5007 or by going to the Pet Tech website and looking for the course being offered in Salem, OR (www.pettech.net). Space is limited and registration is required.
Bring your own lunch on the day of the course. Snacks and drinks will be provided. For more information, call Suzanne Brean at 541-974-0324 or mylittledogtrainingbiz@yahoo.com
[/toggle][toggle title=”Humaneitarian Awards on Wednesday, April 13th”]Do you have a few hours to help with the Humaneitarian Awards on Wednesday, April 13th? We need help setting up chairs and the rest of the room at Pringle Hall (606 Church St) at 6 p.m. After the awards, at approximately 8 p.m., we need to put the chairs away and do a little light cleaning. During the awards, please enjoy the ceremony and grab a bite to eat at the reception after.
Please contact Meredith at meredith.kuhl@whs4pets.org or 503-585-5900 ext. 304 to volunteer. Thank you!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Desperately need playgroup runners!”]Desperately need playgroup runners for
Sunday 8-10 am and
Wednesday 10-12am
Advantages: Getting to watch the dogs be dogs with other dogs! Getting to reduce shelter stress for the dogs! Getting to learn canine body language and handling skills. Getting to learn how and when to diffuse aggression before it escalates.
Disadvantages: none.
All tag levels needed.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Start/finish arch for WillaMutt Strut”]We need a start/finish arch for WillaMutt Strut! Something portable, easy to store yet tall and steady enough for runners/walkers to see and be safe. We have some design ideas but are open to others. Are you a handy DIYer who can help? Please contact Meredith at meredith.kuhl@whs4pets.org or 503-585-5900 ext. 304
[/toggle][toggle title=”Outreach Volunteers Needed!”]Do you like to talk about how great WHS is? We have a hearty band of volunteers who go to fun outreach activities like parades, dog walks, and pet stores. Sometimes they take adoptable animals, but they ALWAYS talk about all the great things here at WHS. Want to be a part of this fun group? Dates and times vary, so it’s easy to fit into your schedule and is not a regular commitment. Please contact Outreach Volunteer Cassie Pierce @ clpierce73@gmail.com to get started!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Red Tag Update”]Behavior & Training is in the process of moving Red Tag sign ups to an online form.  In the meantime, paper sign up sheets are still being posted in Volunteer Central.  There are weekday and weekend options available for both classes, as well as sign ups.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dispawsal!”]Are you tired of scooping poop in the rain? Do you wish magical fairies would come to your house and clean your back yard? Wish no longer! Willamette Humane Society’s newest sponsor does the dirty work for you. Presenting Dispawsal! https://www.dispawsal.com/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Employment Opportunities!”]A number of our staff are previous volunteers! We frequently hire from your ranks. If you or anyone you know are looking for work in the animal industry, or retail , there are a few new job openings at WHS! Check out the opportunities at https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/employment/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Nominate a Humaneitarian!”]The tenth annual Humaneitarian Awards are just around the corner. Do you know someone in the community who does outstanding work with animals in our community? Would you like to see them honored? Nominate them!
Four awards will be presented on Wednesday, April 13th at Pringle Hall in downtown Salem. The ceremony starts at 7 p.m. The Humaneitarian Awards is open to the public.–Meredith Kuhl
[/toggle][toggle title=”Become an Open Paw Mentor!”]You may not know this, but our Open Paw Green Tag Dog Training is now open to all volunteers! It is being hosted by eliademy.com and is invitation only. What we are needing from RED tag volunteers is a group of mentors who are willing to do a “first walk” training with our new volunteers. If you are available to do this during your walk shift (or any other available time!) you will need to take the course yourself, and receive a training guideline from the Behavior and training team! Pretty simple! If you’re interested PLEASE email volunteer@whs4pets.org ASAP!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Respite needed!”]Board member and volunteer Shannon Priem is needing a volunteer to bring a dog to a speaking engagement she will be at on April 11 at 7:00PM. If you would like to take a dog on this quick respite we’d love it! Just email volunteer@whs4pets.org
[/toggle][toggle title=”Kudos!”]Rey: Thank you for helping with Julius!-Sue
Carol B: Thank you for bringing tasty treats for the dogs!-Sarah
Leslie: Thank you for spending such quality time with our cats and matching them with adopters-Sarah
Kristen: Thank you for coming in with your children and being such a big help to the public, staff, and most of all the cats!-Sarah