10 Texas Dogs Come to Oregon

Heavy rains and swollen rivers have placed Texas communities at risk. Shelters already full with animals waiting for their forever homes were under pressure. They needed to take in displaced animals and hold them safely until their families could find them. And some just had no room.

We’re proud to be part of a team of problem solvers that stepped in to help..

On Thursday, we took in 10 dogs from a Texas transport. They ranged in size from the very tiny to the very large, and in age from puppy to adult. These were all animals waiting for their homes when the storm hit. We’re glad they’re here to find an Oregon happy ever after.

Some of these dogs went up for adoption on Saturday, and we’re thrilled to report that some have already gone home. Others are resting in foster families, and some need a bit of medical care before they’re ready to meet new families.

You can see the adoptable dogs available now on this page, including a few long-timer dogs that didn’t come from Texas but deserve happy endings too. 

We can’t make these happy stories possible without community support. If you’d like to be part of our sustaining circle of supporters, find out more about our Golden Hearts Club here