A Big Dog Finds a Happy Family

This wonderful review came to our Facebook page, and we couldn’t wait to share it with a wider audience. Here’s what this pup’s family had to say about him:

“When we brought this little guy home from Willamette Humane Society, we knew he would grow to be big. He had giant giant paws, and of course, the smart shelter people warned us as well.

We assured them that we have 53 acres and a big dog was perfect for us. We had no old idea how big this gentle giant would be!! 🙂 He is bulletproof with babies, and even rambunctious little boys.

He weighs 130 pounds now and we couldn’t be happier. We are so thankful for the great people at the Humane Society that helped us to get just the right dog for our family and our rural life ❤️❤️.”