Your Local Pet Resource Center

Oregon Humane Society is more than just a shelter for unowned animals. We’re a resource center for pets and their people. We recognize the value of the human-animal bond, and whenever possible provide resources that help keep pets and people together. And when an animal does find itself in transition, we are there to provide care and a safe place to land until they find their new home. 

Our services include an in-house spay & neuter clinic, compassionate end-of-life services for owned animals, community cat care programs, and Pet Resource Specialists who help pet owners find and access community resources to keep pets in homes. 

Do you need information or help accessing community resources? Please contact us at or at 503-585-5900 for help.

Our Community Programs


OHS Salem Campus Spay and Neuter Clinic

Oregon Humane Society is dedicated to ending shelter overpopulation by providing accessible, high-quality sterilization services to our community’s companion animals. Our on-site Spay & Neuter Clinic serves owned cats, as well as adoptable pets at OHS Salem Campus. We also provide spay and neuter for community cats, also known as “unowned” or “feral” cats, with a network of community partners who trap and release cats from these colonies.

End-of-Life Services

Oregon Humane Society is a resource for animal owners throughout their pet’s life—including through their final days. We offer affordable access to peaceful and humane end-of-life services for owned animals when the pet’s quality of life has declined to the point where this is the most humane option. We also offer affordable, respectful cremation services, including private cremation and onsite memorial options for your animals. 

Community Cat Resources

Our shelter believes in providing high-quality preventative medical care for animals throughout our region. This includes spay and neuter and basic preventative care for community cats, also called “unowned” or “community” cats through TNR programs. We’re thankful to work with community members and partners across our service area, who transport these cats to us for care then return them to their communities.